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Technology for Law Enforcement

Mission-Critical Radio, Security, Fleet, and Data Solutions for Policing Agencies

“To protect and serve.” This has been the motto of law enforcement agencies since the LAPD adopted it as its official slogan in the 1960s. At MCA, we give law enforcement officers, including federal marshals, state police, local sheriff’s departments, and other agencies, the tools they need to perform their vital, peace keeping and life-saving work.

Law enforcement officers rely on technology to stay connected in the field, improve their situational awareness with real-time data on their devices, and keep their facilities safe from outside threats, among other critical applications and functions.

For our clients in law enforcement, MCA offers top-of-the-line technology solutions to keep your people, and the communities, they serve safe.

Reshaping Law Enforcement Through Technology

Technological innovations have changed the face of law enforcement agencies in the 21st century. From body cams to automatic vehicle location, advances in the technology used by police officers and other law enforcement officials are enhancing public safety at breakneck speed.

Across the country, agencies are embracing advanced communication networks and equipment; such as in-vehicle 5G connectivity to improve emergency response times, dash cams that can instantly scan and identify license plates, among many others. Law enforcement agencies need technology that helps them better fulfill their often dangerous life-saving work.

Your Law Enforcement Technology Experts

At MCA, our law enforcement solutions provide your agency and officers with mission-critical two-way radios, rugged laptops and portable computers, the best-in-class vehicle routers specially designed for use on dedicated public safety networks (AT&T FirstNet™ and Verizon Frontline™), private wireless networking, and much else. Our solutions were designed with your agency and officers in mind.

Radio Solutions

Our purpose-built two-way radios and communication systems for law enforcement were created to achieve always-on communication between officers in the field, police command centers, and the public.



With APX P25 two-way digital handheld radios, base stations, and dispatch systems, your officers in the field will have the best voice communication. Radios in the P25 series are rugged, reliable, and deliver one of the clearest signals on the market.



Motorola’s CommandCentral from MCA allows law enforcement command operators to gather, document, and review incoming data from an emergency quickly and efficiently. Discover the benefits of cloud-based, centralized dispatch.


MCA offers Panasonic’s complete portfolio of rugged handhelds and laptops. Panasonic Toughbooks gives law enforcement agencies the ability to simplify their computing needs—handling all your computing from the convenience of a single, rugged laptop.


The last thing you want when you’re an officer approaching a building where a critical incident has taken place is a lack of communication inside. MCA’s Public Safety DAS solutions allow officers to quickly and clearly relay information while inside buildings.

Security Solutions

MCA’s security solutions give you the peace of mind of knowing that your offices, facilities, and other law enforcement buildings are safe from outside threats.


MCA offers 24/7 video surveillance and monitoring of all police stations and correctional facilities, protecting your officers’, inmates, and critical assets. Our thermal cameras give you a view of your station and buildings at night, while advanced AI helps identify threats in real-time.


With electronic locking hardware, visitor management systems, and credentialing management, MCA has access control systems for your law enforcement agency. Keep the staff and officers at your station or buildings protected with our access control solutions.


MCA’s state-of-the-art detection systems and advanced detection solutions enable law enforcement agencies across the country to do such things as identify and respond to cyberattacks, detect concealed weapons coming in and out of their buildings, automate watchlists with facial recognition, and more.


Having the top surveillance cameras, access control systems, and intruder detection alerts is one thing. But when you’re an organization with staff to protect, MCA is here to help you integrate all your security features on a single pane.

Data Solutions

Whether your law enforcement operates on a dedicated first responder network, such as AT&T FirstNet™ or Verizon Frontline™, or a public carrier, MCA has you covered with our best-in-class data networking solutions.



Due to our longstanding partnerships with major cellular carriers, MCA offers routers and gateways purpose-built for operation on first responder networks. When your law enforcement agency needs a better connection, look no further than MCA.


If your law enforcement agency still relies on outdated copper cabling for hardline broadband, you might want to consider rewiring for fiber. Optical networks deliver far faster speeds with lower latencies, keeping your agency up with the speed of crimes, and with current data technologies.



Is the network through which your agency’s sensitive data passes secure? Private wireless networks from MCA secure all the data on your network, making sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Private wireless also delivers better speeds and greater coverage than standard Wi-Fi.



Depending on the location of your law enforcement agency and the reliability of your signals in your building, you might want to consider microwave or cellular backhaul for your agency. Backhaul from MCA gives you the broadband reliability you need for mission-critical communications.

Fleet Solutions

From strategically connected mobile command vehicles to hi-tech body cams and dash cams, MCA offers your law enforcement group the best and latest in fleet video, voice, and data from premier industry partners.



Arriving on the scene of a critical incident, law enforcement officials need to take command quickly. Whether a manmade or natural disaster, MCA has expertise in the design and outfitting of mobile command centers so you and your officers have the information gathering and disseminating technologies they need.



All the equipment in your law enforcement vehicles relies upon strong and reliable connectivity to function. Laptops need to connect to databases, cameras need to stream video, and dispatchers need to locate and direct officers to emergency events. Our mobile 5G connectivity solutions make all that, and more, possible.



MCA has a special partnership with Stalker Radar. With a number of the most advanced radars (weatherproof radar handhelds, dash radars with moving motion speed testing, motorcycle radar, and much more) MCA will outfit your police officers and fleet vehicles with best-in-class Stalker radars.



With state-of-the-art mobile dash cameras, in-vehicle cams, and easy-to-wear HD body cams, MCA has everything you need to outfit your fleet with the latest in advanced video for law enforcement. These cameras protect your officers and the public they serve and collect admissible video evidence in the process.

Service Offerings

Known for our service-first approach in providing the solutions offered above, MCA will see your project through from beginning to end. We work closely with local law enforcement agencies to provide the best devices and equipment, maintaining professional and friendly ties long after installation and final testing.


Professional Services

The engineers and designers at MCA develop detailed plans for your law enforcement project and support you through your solution’s lifecycle.


Installation Services

Our expert installation and implementation teams utilize thorough testing procedures to ensure the highest QC for all mission-critical projects.

Solution Support

Gain a lifelong support network for your project. When it comes to ongoing maintenance and support, we are here to exceed your expectations.

Radio Rentals

Renting two-way radios gives your departmens the ability to test new technologies before buying, allowing you to scale your inventory as budgets allow.

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With over three decades under our belt providing solutions to our partners in law enforcement, MCA takes pride in the services and top-shelf equipment we offer.

Collaborating with hundreds of law enforcement agencies over the years, we continue to deliver the highest-quality products and solutions through our premier channel partners such as Motorola Solutions, Panasonic, Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, and more.

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