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Fire and Rescue Solutions

Mission-Critical Radio, Security, Fleet, and Data Solutions for Fire and Rescue Agencies

When firefighters and rescue workers are called to the scene of an emergency, every second they can shave off their response time counts. It is literally a matter of life and death. At MCA, we have collaborated with fire departments across the country to provide them with the life-saving technological solutions they need to thrive.

Modern fire and rescue operations rely on technology to furnish them with the intelligence they need from the firehouse to the scene of an emergency. Connecting firefighters in the field with other public safety agencies and central command is critically important to their success.

Technological Trends in Fire and Rescue

Many first responders have already deployed solutions such as ruggedized laptops and tablets to communicate with central command and other public safety agencies. What’s next on the horizon for your fire and rescue teams? 

In the years to come, mission-critical data from IoT-enabled devices will play an increasingly prominent role in fire and rescue operations. Triggering the automatic opening of a firehouse’s bay doors when an emergency call comes in is one example of how IoT is producing greater efficiencies in fire and rescue. But what about cars that send distress signals to 911 following an accident without human intervention?

Whatever technologies emerge for fire and rescue, MCA will always be on the cutting edge of the most innovative trends in the field.

Your Fire and Rescue Solutions Expert

MCA’s solutions for fire and rescue operations are designed to withstand the most hazardous conditions. From radios purpose-built for mission-critical operations to the best in-vehicle routers for use on dedicated public safety networks such as AT&T FirstNet™ and Verizon Frontline™, collaborating with fire and rescue operations on solutions that make sense for your agency is more than a job to us—it’s a calling.

Radio Solutions

Our mission-critical radio solutions for fire and rescue operations include ruggedized laptops, P25 two-way radios for interoperability between agencies, the best-in-class dispatch systems, and much more.



Our full line of APX25 two-way digital radios from Motorola Solutions are APCO P25 compatible and ensure your fire and rescue operation will enjoy complete interoperability with other agencies with the loudest, clearest radios on the market.



MCA’s Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) solutions offer a unified platform for all dispatches. With Avtec Scout you can streamline your dispatch operations on a single platform to become a more efficient and flexible fire and rescue operation.



Rugged Panasonic Toughbooks and Toughpads, available from MCA, give your fire and rescue operations the tools to communicate mission-critical information in the most hazardous of environments and under the most extreme of conditions.



The last thing you want when you arrive at the scene of an incident in a building is a lack of knowledge of what is happening inside. With our Public Safety DAS solutions, your fire and rescue teams can communicate both inside the building and out.

Security Solutions

Protecting the critical assets in your firehouse and your people is essential for fire and rescue agencies. Prevent unwanted guests on your property and guard what is most important with MCA security solutions.



With our AI, self-learning video cameras and surveillance systems, you can do more than simply monitor your firehouse. MCA enables you to proactively respond to incidents captured on our cameras with 24/7 live monitoring.



Determine who has access to your firehouse with our state-of-the-art access control systems. We offer a variety of access control options from card readers to biometric analysis for your firehouse and facilities.



Intrusion detection is a must-have for the modern firehouse. When your equipment and assets are not protected, this jeopardizes the success of your rescue operations. Protect your property with MCA.



Possessing high-quality video surveillance and access control systems is important, but you need to integrate all your firehouse security functions in order to optimize their ability to protect your people.

Data Solutions

From routers built to operate on dedicated public safety networks (AT&T FirstNet™ and Verizon Frontline™) to automated IoT-enabled firehouses, MCA has the data solutions to bring your fire and rescue agency into the 21st century.



Respond faster to emergencies with MCA’s SCADA solutions for firehouses. From automated bay doors that open when the sirens go off to instant appliance shutoff, MCA will transform your firehouse into a member of the team.



Fiber optical networks deliver faster broadband speeds with lower latencies. If you need to transmit data quicker, MCA can replace your outdated copper lines with fiber optics for better transmission.



Achieve 99.999% uptime at your station with our enterprise-grade routers for use on dedicated public safety networks. Avoid the congestion of public carrier networks with MCA devices.



Our Siren and Mass Notification Systems alerts your firehouse staff and first responders of potential hazards in your community and coming deployments. Keep your people informed with MCA’s mass notification solutions.

Fleet Solutions

With MCA’s vehicle and fleet  solutions, you can ensure that your fire and rescue teams can communicate to and at the scene of emergencies. Always-on vehicle connectivity and communication is essential to your agency’s life-saving work.



With our vehicle intercom systems, you can ensure that rescue workers in the front and back cabs of your emergency vehicles can communicate without missing a beat. Increase situational awareness with MCA’s in-vehicle intercom systems.



Vehicle camera systems and body cams enable real-time POV streaming at the scene of emergencies. Keep a record of all historical footage for training purposes and more effective responses.



MCA’s dual radio configuration 5G routers enable real-time communication between rescue workers in the field and central command. Vehicle networks also allow you to assess the health of your fleet



Upfit your ambulances and firetrucks with MCA’s extensive inventory of light bars, sirens, and speakers from Whelen. Make sure your emergency vehicles are road ready with vehicle upfitting from MCA.

Service Offerings

At MCA, we are much more than just a seller of top-tier equipment and devices for fire and rescue operations. Our service-first approach with our clients means we offer continued maintenance and support long after the installation of your solution.


Professional Services

Our engineers and designers work to create detailed plans for your public safety project. MCA’s team deploys and offers support throughout the lifecycle of your solution.


Installation Services

MCA’s expert installers implement your project solution and train your workers. We have a thorough testing procedure to ensure quality control for all projects.

Solution Support

MCA’s expert installers implement your project solution and train your workers. We have a thorough testing procedure to ensure quality control for all projects.

Radio Rentals

MCA’s expert installers implement your project solution and train your workers. We have a thorough testing procedure to ensure quality control for all projects.

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For decades now, MCA has collaborated with fire and rescue agencies to provision, install, and maintain mission-critical communication solutions.

We deliver the highest-quality products and solutions through our premier channel partners such as Motorola Solutions, Panasonic, Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, Whelen, and many more.

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