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Safeguarding and Improving Agricultural Production with MCA

Between farmers in the field and teams in the office and the warehouse and shipping facilities, the work day of a farmer requires constant, uninterrupted communication. Whether they’re dealing with routing supplies out to the field, remediating issues identified by smart farming reports, or getting agricultural products packed up and shipped out, the entire operation hinges on the ability to get goods to market at the optimal time.

MCA provides communication solutions that are rugged and durable enough to withstand harsh agricultural environments. Our devices offer clear audio despite high levels of noise and operate in areas with little to no cell phone reception. Meanwhile, IoT devices help farmers gain crystal-clear insight into the status of their crops, properties, and equipment that may be spread across hundreds of acres… all managed from a central location.

Increasing Productivity for Smart Farms

Designed to drive productivity and simplify management by opening clear lines of communication, our various radio, networking, and surveillance selections are guaranteed to provide your agricultural operation with the right fit.

An infrastructure powered by Motorola Nitro™ PLTE allows your team to transmit and receive communications privately and securely across your entire property, and MCA’s video surveillance and access control systems protect your critical facilities and fixed assets from unwanted intrusion. Our rugged and extremely durable laptops and handhelds keep you connected and productive in any weather and circumstance, while customizable two-way radio solutions ensure that your farm hands are constantly and reliably connected with just a push of a button. 

Radio Solutions

For farmers who need to be constantly connected, two-way push-to-talk (PTT) is the best option for operations-critical communications. Customizable two-way radio solutions ensure that your team is constantly and reliably connected with just a touch of a button.


From the fields to the office, communicate across the entire operation with rugged handheld radios built to withstand any environment and customizable systems designed to meet your specific needs and coverage area.


Ensure clear communication with the right PTX and MotoTRBO accessories – including headsets featuring noise cancellation and improved audio – to ensure you can still hear important communications over loud equipment.


Our easy-to-use and personalized rental service meets the unique needs of your communications requirements. Short-term programs, ideal for seasonal staff, ensure you only have equipment for as long as you need it.


Leverage computer-aided dispatch (CAD), geographic information system (GIS), and automatic vehicle location (AVL) from WAVE PTX, OnCloud’s dispatching solution, to help you deploy, monitor, and locate your team with pinpoint accuracy.

Security Solutions

The security systems on your properties must ensure the safe management of your facilities, crops and livestock, equipment, and team. MCA’s best-in-class advanced video surveillance systems and detection offer security solutions purpose-built to your precise needs.


Keep your eyes on your fields, greenhouses, and equipment with industry-leading intelligent video cameras with integrated software possessing advanced AI search capabilities.


MCA’s detection systems monitor your fields and properties for a wide range of situations – from wild animals destroying crops to livestock escaping their enclosures.


With MCA’s access control solution, you have complete oversight into who has access to your property. We install state-of-the-art access control systems with card readers, RFID scanners, and biometrics.


MCA can integrate all of your security and radio systems seamlessly for easy operation, powered by Orchestrate.

Data Solutions

Powered by Motorola Nitro™ PLTE from MCA, your entire team can transmit and receive communications privately and securely across your entire property.


Our industrial-grade cellular router and antenna portfolio, combined with our seasonal data plans allow you to provide connectivity to key systems including grain dryers and other connected assets.


MCA can provide agri-businesses with the cellular wireless backhaul solutions their indoor facilities and outdoor growing environments need to monitor and control their surveillance systems.


MCA will build the infrastructure your security agency needs to transmit and receive  secure voice, data, and video communications throughout the facilities you protect with Motorola Nitro™.


In the event of an emergency, MCA’s Mass Notification Systems help ensure your clients and team throughout the facilities you secure, are informed, alerted, and directed to safety.

Personnel & Fleet Solutions

MCA has networking solutions to cover your entire farm and property. We provide the best in-vehicle and mobile networking solutions to keep your farmers and vehicles connected, improving safety and operational efficiency.


Our purpose-built 5G vehicle routers enable real-time communications to mobile manual and autonomous farming equipment – including location tracking as well as power on/off monitoring.


With Ally, you can streamline and manage end-to-end incident reports and records, including injuries from machinery or stolen equipment, from any web-enabled device with solutions from MCA.


Whether it’s an issue in the storage facilities or a problem in the fields, you need to make sure work orders get sent to the right departments, and communications remain clear across your facility.


Panasonic Toughpads are the perfect solution for farming environments. Ruggedly designed to withstand fast-paced, outdoor conditions, splashes, and spills with embedded smart technology.

Service Offerings

At MCA, we pride ourselves on our service-first approach to providing solutions to our partners in logistics and warehousing. We deliver full-service support from design and installation to post-sale servicing and maintenance.


Professional Services

We offer engineering services, project managers, system managers, and FCC Licensing to provide you with a full-service team for the successful design, deployment, and life-cycle support of your project.


Installation Services

From radio site development, staging and testing, and system development to installing aftermarket and OEM equipment to fleet vehicles, MCA has a devoted certified technical staff to meet your needs.

Solution Support

Our team provides full-service maintenance, repair, and managed solutions services. Our dedicated support staff can manage your custom solutions — allowing you more time to focus on your business.

Radio Rentals

Many of our products are available via customer-friendly short and long-term rental programs. Our easy-to-use and personalized rental service meets your changing communications and technology requirements.

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For over 30 years now, MCA has implemented the solutions above to increase revenue and operational efficiency for businesses throughout the agricultural industry. Whether you have thousands of acres of fields, dozens of greenhouses, or a combination of both, MCA delivers the communication, security, and data solutions that keep your properties, facilities, equipment, and team safe, secure, and operating at peak performance.

We offer the highest quality equipment and devices through our premier channel partners, such as Motorola Solutions, Fiplex, Panasonic, Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, and more.

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