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Private Security Firms

Improving Private Security Operations with MCA

Private security firms in the United States are big business. While there was a slight dip in private security service expenditures during the coronavirus pandemic (due to building closures and limited travel), the industry has roared back to life and continued its robust growth and expansion.

MCA possesses an extensive portfolio of communication and security products and services, from video surveillance systems to cellular networking solutions, to help ensure the safety, security, and connectivity of your clients and staff.

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Solutions for Private Security Firms

Designed to withstand fast-paced conditions and ever-changing environments, MCA’s mission-critical two-way radios, best-in-class vehicle routers, private wireless networks, and more, provide your agency with what it needs to successfully improve coordination efforts, reduce response times, and protect your clients.

MCA’s two-way radios give your guards, drivers, and dispatch teams the best in mission-critical communication, while state-of-the-art access control systems with card readers, RFID scanners, and biometric capabilities keep your client’s facilities – including vaults and stock rooms – safe. Private LTE creates a secure network for surveillance systems and security devices – including integrated software possessing advanced AI search capabilities and detection systems – that operate independently of public networks and provides cellular failover to ensure the facility is always connected.

Radio Solutions

For security professionals who need to be constantly connected, two-way push-to-talk (PTT) is the best option for operations-critical communications. Customizable two-way radio solutions ensure that your team is constantly and reliably connected with just a touch of a button.


Connect instantly from dispatch to vehicles with radios ranging from simple communications to customizable systems designed to meet your specific needs and coverage area.


The right accessories, including remote speaker microphones, earpieces, and headsets featuring noise cancellation and improved audio and reception, will help ensure your team is communicating clearly.


Leverage computer-aided dispatch (CAD), geographic information system (GIS), and automatic vehicle location (AVL) from WAVE PTX, OnCloud’s dispatching solution, to help you deploy, monitor, and locate your team with pinpoint accuracy.

Personnel & Fleet Solutions

MCA has networking solutions for your agency, wherever you’re operating. We provide the best in-vehicle and mobile networking solutions to keep your guards and vehicles connected, improving safety and operational efficiency.



MCA’s purpose-built single and dual radio 5G cellular routers enable real-time communication between security vehicles and central command to ensure your team is connected when it matters most.


Smart cameras and analytics systems from MCA will provide safety, security, and a second set of eyes for monitoring behavior and providing video records of incidents.


Manage end-to-end incident reports and records from any web-enabled device with solutions from MCA, powered by Ally.

Data Solutions

Powered by Motorola Nitro™ PLTE from MCA, your team can transmit and receive communications privately and securely throughout the entire facility.


MCA can provide security companies with cellular wireless backhaul solutions that the facilities they cover need for primary and backup connectivity.


MCA will build the infrastructure your security agency needs to transmit and receive private and secure voice, data, and video communications throughout the facilities you protect with Motorola Nitro™.


In the event of an emergency, MCA’s Mass Notification Systems help ensure your clients and team throughout the facilities you secure, are informed, alerted, and directed to safety.

Security Solutions

The security systems at the facilities you protect must ensure the safe management of your clients, their critical assets, and your team. MCA’s best-in-class advanced video surveillance systems and detection offer security solutions purpose-built to your precise needs.



With MCA’s robust surveillance offering, your clients and their facilities are never left unattended. Protect your clients, team, and vehicles with IP-based video surveillance systems with the latest in self-learning and automated intelligence software for optimal security.


MCA’s detection systems protect and monitor your clients’ facilities and vehicles for break-ins, trespassers, access to restricted areas, and concealed weapons.


Control who has access to the facilities and fleet you protect with MCA’s access control solution. We install state-of-the-art access control systems with card readers, RFID scanners, and biometric capabilities to keep your clients, their assets, and your team safe.

Service Offerings

At MCA, we pride ourselves on our service-first approach to providing solutions to our partners in logistics and warehousing. We deliver full-service support from design and installation to post-sale servicing and maintenance.


Professional Services

Our seasoned team of designers and engineers create detailed blueprints and plans for your private security solution. Enjoy our continued support throughout the entire lifecycle of your project.


Installation Services

MCA’s expert installers ensure that our solutions meet your exact requirements through rigorous testing protocols and standards. We also train your employees so that they understand how to use your new solution.

Solution Support

After your solution has been designed, installed, and tested, we continue to offer support when it comes to maintenance and upgrades. When you work with MCA, you gain a lifelong partner dedicated to your success.

Radio Rentals

Many of our products are available via customer-friendly short and long-term rental programs. Our easy-to-use and personalized rental service meets your changing communications and technology requirements.

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