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Mass Notification Systems from MCA

What is a Mass Notification System?

Mass Notification Systems (MNS) broadcast critical messages that inform your employees, students, clients, or the general public, of pertinent, need-to-know information. They are especially important during an emergency. These systems can deliver real-time alerts, sound alarms, and deliver instructions during manmade or natural disasters.

MCA designs, installs, and maintains alerting and mass notification solutions for both private enterprises and public organizations. Our fully integrated mass notification systems keep your people advised of events that occur while providing vital instructions for any actions they need to take. 

Mass notification incorporates many different methods of communicating critical information to your people. From audible sirens that direct workers’ attention to a critical event to indoor digital signage that tells your customers what to do and where to go, and more. Having a functioning mass notification system is essential to the success and safety of your organization. 

Optimized Siren Control Management

OptiWarn Smart Siren Control

When your organization has numerous sirens, you need a smart siren control management system. MCA can install, configure, and integrate Motorola OptiWarn for activating, deactivating, and managing all of your sirens and alerting systems. With its intuitive interface, OptiWarn improves your response and coordination to emergency events and critical incidents. It offers a mission-critical solution to keep your people and facilities safe.

Outdoor sirens in a storm

RapidWarn Automated Siren Management

RapidWarn automates your siren system for effective emergency response. As an authorized RapidWarn distributor, MCA offers emergency management agencies and private businesses a way to activate warning sirens with simple push-button controls. Running regular siren tests and diagnostics, and connecting your system to the National Weather Service (NWS) puts you in control of your sirens.

Emergency Alerting Devices

Audible Sirens

MCA partners with the world’s top manufacturers, like Whelen, to provide organizations with audible alarms that alert your people of important events. Signaling events such as shift changes and broadcasting urgent notifications, audible alarms are a critical component of your organization’s communication infrastructure. We can integrate sirens with your existing security, intercom, and fire alarm systems.

Warning siren speakers
Whelen VisuAlert™

Beacons and Lighting

From strobe lights to flash sirens, warning beacons play a vital role in and around schools, as signals to drivers in traffic, and elsewhere. As experts in the installation of warning beacons, MCA understands the importance of commanding the attention of your employees, customers, and the public. The safety of your organization depends on people’s awareness of potential dangers.

Indoor Digital Signage

Indoor Digital Signage serves many purposes. Digital signage can provide advertisements for your business and inform people of upcoming events and promotions. But, more importantly, digital signage can function as alert message boards that flash critical emergency notifications and instructions.  When it comes to alerting your people and customers with critical information, MCA has the indoor signage solutions you need.

Indoor digital sign with alert message

Industries Our Mass Notification Systems Serve

TRBOMAX MCA Education Solutions


A mass notification system for schools includes more than just sirens. As a school administrator you need to notify parents, teachers, staff, and the community with important messages. Our software siren systems enable you to send messages over multiple channels. Alert involved people over voice, text, email, social media, and multiple other customizable channels. 

Factory machinery


In a manufacturing plant or facility, loud working conditions and distractions makes notifying your workers difficult. With mass notification solutions from MCA, we design and implement systems that tie into your existing devices and infrastructure to alert workers when a critical incident occurs. Our systems direct your workers’ attention where it is most needed. 

Safe utility worker


For utilities, there are myriads of potential jobsite hazards that can result in emergency situations. MCA has customizable and scalable mass notification solutions to fit your needs and keep your employees safe. We can install in-building emergency communications systems, outdoor Giant Voice systems, and add layer upon layer until your MNS ecosystem is complete. As your security systems integrator, MCA can integrate a mass notification system that works with your current security systems.


For public and private security agencies and facilities with increased security needs, mass notification systems from MCA have the ability to broadcast real-time threat alerts, conveying information to a large number of people. The main purpose of your mass notification solution is to quickly apprise and respond to potential threats and hazards as they arise. We give you the tools to alert your security teams and the public.

Public Safety

In order to successfully and efficiently broadcast critical messages to large groups of people, emergency managers and public safety agencies need control of their notification and alert systems. With mass notification solutions from MCA, public safety managers can easily activate remote sirens, send alerts over multiple communication channels, among much else, in order to protect the public and reduce emergency response times.

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MCA provides service every step of the way—from device and software selection to the installation and continued maintenance of your alerting systems.

Partner with MCA as your turn-key provider of mass notification solutions to ensure staff, visitors, and other key stakeholders receive clear and concise emergency alerts in real-time.

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