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Security, Communication, and Data Solutions for Various Industries

MCA offers top-of-the-line security, communication, and data connectivity solutions  custom tailored to various business and mission-critical industry-specific applications. Whether you are operating a public or private agency, in government or non-government sectors, MCA has the solutions to meet your organizations’ exacting needs.

Industries We Serve

Educational Institutions

K-12 schools across the nation look to Mobile Communications America to protect their students, teachers, and staff. From video surveillance cameras that keep unwanted persons from gaining access to classrooms to two-way radio systems that enable security personnel and administrators to remain in constant contact with each other, MCA is doing their part to safeguard your most precious assets.

Utility Communications

MCA utilities’ solutions combine data, voice, and video across your field of operations to drive results. Our solutions enhance the safety and security of your mission-critical workers and infrastructure, assist you in leveraging your data for a greater ROI, and boost productivity by harnessing innovations in IoT in oil rigs, underground water pipes, electrical power substations, and more.

Manufacturing Safety​

Manufacturing Safety

Manufacturing facilities require clear communication, advanced cellular networking technologies, and smart surveillance to keep  workers safe and operations humming. MCA’s solutions for manufacturing are designed to increase productivity and protect employees. From devices for your SCADA system to our best-in-class two-way radios, your manufacturing plant is in good hands with MCA.

Healthcare Facilities

Operating in a workplace that is never predictable, healthcare facilities need reliable technology solutions to connect teams and help them make informed decisions with deliberation and speed. At MCA, our safety, communication, and networking solutions, private wireless networks, and access control systems, help you focus on what you do best—providing the best care for your patients.

Logistics Operations

As a fleet or inventory manager, you need to consistently track vehicles on the road, assess driver performance, and account for pallets headed in and out of your warehouses. With in-car radio systems, GPS devices, and MCA’s powerful cellular gateways and routers, you can rest assured that your vehicles will arrive on schedule, inventory will never be lost, and your drivers will be held accountable.

Construction worker on radio

Construction Companies

MCA’s rugged devices and communication solutions for construction are designed to withstand the rigors of the job site. With our ultra durable laptops, radio coverage networks, and video surveillance systems, we collaborate with contractors and subcontractors to provide communication and networking support to get the job done on time, on schedule, and under budget.

MCA Mobile Connectivity Solutions

Public Safety Departments

When seconds make the difference between life and death, you need an expert partner for security, communications, and connectivity technologies. At MCA, our solutions provide your emergency management operations the tools they need to succeed. Our mass notification and portable networking solutions enable you to effectively coordinate relief efforts in the field boosting the effectiveness of your life-saving work.

Police Officer vehicle network

Law Enforcement Agencies

Managing an endless flow of data presents a challenge to your law enforcement agency. MCA helps turn this information overload into actionable intelligence to assist officers in the field. With our state-of-the-art vehicle and body cams, police vehicle upfitting, and radio communications systems, we give law enforcement agencies the tools they need to protect themselves and the public.

Fire and Rescue Agencies

When firefighters and emergency medical technicians rush toward the scene of an accident, miscommunication is not an option. Body-worn cameras, radio systems, and vehicle upfitting and mobile networking from MCA offer fire and rescue operations the data and voice communications necessary for them to communicate mission-critical information with other first responders and central command.

Private Security

Security officers are held to high standards when it comes to communicating vital information to keep the public safe at schools, concert venues, government buildings, and other places where people congregate. MCA’s radio and surveillance solutions are a critical part of every security officer’s arsenal, giving them instant communication when crises arise.

Man using phone while shopping

Retail and Branch

Enhancing the customer retail experience is a great way to turn every interaction into a transaction, as well as build customer loyalty. MCA’s security solutions protect your retail customers and make them feel safe in your stores. Our wireless connectivity solutions and two-way radio communications make for an improved customer experience, increasing your business’s bottom line.

Hotel guest on cell phone

Hospitality Industry

Give your guests an experience that will make them want to return to your hotel, resort, or other venue. With MCA’s distributed antenna systems (DAS) you can provide end-to-end cellular connectivity for your guests. Two-way radio systems and security surveillance makes sure you satisfy your guests’ requests in a timely manner, and also ensure that they feel completely safe on your premises.

Green stadium seats

Transportation Industry

As the number of daily transit passengers in the United States continues to grow, the transportation industry needs reliable, secure solutions to keep passengers and staff safe, fleets maintained and running, resources connected and available, and routes and services on time. MCA solutions will help your team meet demanding schedules, track fleet assets, and maintain elevated security.


Farming and Agri-Businesses

Modern agriculture demands a well-designed and functioning system of communication to make sure you maximize crop yields. Our communication devices deliver clear audio signals over the noise of heavy farm machinery. With our rugged and durable two-way radios you can effectively manage your farm. Industrial IoT (IIoT) from MCA provides you with solutions for controlling your operations.

wooden church pews

Religious Institutions

Much more goes into Sunday service than attending sermons. Many of today’s modern houses of worship receive a tremendous amount of foot traffic. With MCA’s security and communications solutions, you can make sure your congregation feels safe and secure in their house of worship. As a service coordinator or childcare provider, you need an optimized security system in place.

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