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Vehicle Camera Solutions

Vehicle and Body Cameras to Monitor What Happens In and Around Your Vehicle

Fleet managers in the public safety and transportation sectors need the high-quality vehicle camera systems MCA has to offer to protect their people, their assets, and the public at large.

With dash cams, body cams, automated license plate readers (ALPRs), and other vehicle camera systems, public safety officials and fleet managers can monitor vehicle video footage in real-time, helping to guarantee the safety of their passengers and personnel. Enhanced features like automated video data dumps ensure that footage will be uploaded to the cloud and made accessible for later viewing.

Stored video can be used as evidence in court cases, for insurance claims, and to update safety protocols and procedures. Such video footage helps ensure drivers are on their best behavior, reduces insurance premiums, and lowers the risk of false claims against your people and mobile assets.

Watchguard Body Cameras, ALPRs, and Dash Cams

In-Vehicle Cameras

When it comes to investing in a police dash cam for your department, you need more than a simple camera. With WatchGuard 4RE, you will be able to access the complete picture with multiple camera angles, live streaming, secure data storage and uploads, V300 body-worn camera integration, and built-in automatic license plate recognition (ALPR).

Body Cameras

 The VISTA Wi-Fi body cam was designed specifically for law enforcement officers. With its durable, rugged, and weatherproof casing, it features an interface purpose-built for high-stress situations. Protect your officers with VISTA’s Wi-Fi and GPS tracking. It was built to seamlessly integrate with 4RE in-car video systems.

License Plate Readers

The L5M mobile LPR system raises the bar for image quality in low-light and high-speed conditions to capture more, accurate data. Combined with a new in-car user experience, officers can be more alert and productive while on patrol. A single mobile LPR system with one VLP processor can run up to four L5M license plate readers.

M500 In-Car Video System for Law Enforcement

For law enforcement agencies, MCA offers Motorola’s M500 In-Car Video System. As a complete and integrated in-vehicle camera system solution, M500 features the following:

The Core Processor

The center of your in-vehicle camera system, the M500 Core is a revolutionary video platform technology. Its state-of-the-art processor offers advanced analytical computing capabilities, while also allowing you to backup and store important video evidence.

  • Neural-net CPU
  • 1TB of Video Storage
  • High-Res Video Storage and Upload
  • Impact Detection Technology
  • Lockable USB Drive

M5F Front Camera for M500

The M5F front camera captures high-resolution video evidence in the most stressful situations and difficult conditions. With best-in-class video quality, the M5F delivers an accurate video stream to your systems core processing unit for better analysis.

  • 4-K Ultra-High-Def Resolution
  • Low-Light Performance
  • Wide Field of Vision Coverage
  • Rugged and Durable
  • Easy Installation

M5P Cabin Camera for M500

The M5P Cabin Camera features high-resolution daylight and infrared to capture video evidence of all interactions under any conditions. Its durability and audio capabilities make it the ideal camera to be mounted in the back of your department’s patrol cars.

  • Rugged and Tamperproof
  • Infrared for Night Video
  • Waterproof, Anti-Fog Lens
  • Windported Microphone
  • No Visible Recording Indicator

M5D Control Panel for M50

The M5D offers fast, error-free operations for officers who need to work quickly: no feature is more than 3 taps away. Make evidence recovery easy with the M5D’s multi-point touchscreen with an industrial-grade design for optimized performance.

  • Integrated Touch System Control
  • High-Resolution Display
  • Public Safety User Interface
  • Molded for Easy Grip
  • Ease of Installation

In-Vehicle Camera Systems By Organization

Law Enforcement

The benefits of in-car camera systems for law enforcement are numerous. Dash and body cameras enable officers to collect and store evidence against criminals. They have the added benefit of serving as a counter to complaints against officers. When a citizen levels a charge against one of your law enforcement officers, video evidence will exonerate and protect them from legal action.

Emergency Services

Public safety emergency vehicles rely on dash and in-vehicle cameras for a number of important functions. In the unfortunate event that your first responders have an accident driving to or at the scene of an emergency, you need video evidence of what occurred for insurance and liability purposes. At the same time, in-vehicle cameras make for great training material for new recruits to your agency.

Fire and Rescue

Camera systems are becoming a more common feature on fire trucks and other emergency vehicles. Dash and in-vehicle cameras protect both your personnel and the safety of those outside your fire trucks. Much like EMS agencies, fire departments also need video evidence from in-vehicle cameras in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong, as well as for new firefighter training.

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