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Improving Retail Customer Safety and Satisfaction

Operating in a non-stop, revolving door of customers and staff requires reliable and effective technology solutions. Whether you’re operating a retail clothing store in a large shopping mall, a single branch of a multi-location financial institution, or even a location of a well-loved fast food chain, you can connect your teams on any device – anywhere, any time – with added intelligence to help them make faster and more informed decisions.

We possess an extensive portfolio of communication and security products and services, from video surveillance systems to cellular networking solutions, to ensure the safety, security, and connectivity of your customers, staff, and business systems.

Retail Solutions Safety & Security

Annual Retail By The Numbers (2022)


Trillion in Sales


Billion Losses Due to Theft


Acts of In-Store Violence


Fatalities from Workplace Accidents

The retail industry is one of the largest in the country, employing over 52 million people (25% of the US population over age 18) and bringing in trillions of dollars per year.  It’s also one of the hardest hit by theft, with the country’s largest retailer reporting that they lose an estimated $3 billion per year due to merchandise theft.

Interestingly retail is also an industry riff with employee injuries. It has been reported that for retail workers who sustained an injury at work, more than half of them missed at least one day due to slips, falls, or injury from contact or equipment.

Radio Solutions

Retail workers need to be in constant communication while on the job to ensure they’re able to provide their customers with the absolute best shopping experiences possible.


From the cash register to the stockroom, communicate across your entire store with handheld radios designed for non-stop retail environments and customizable systems designed to meet your specific needs and coverage area.


Ensure clear communication with the right PTX and MotoTRBO accessories – including headsets featuring noise cancellation and improved audio and reception – to ensure you can still hear important communications in busy stores.


Our easy-to-use and personalized rental service meets the unique needs of your communications requirements. Short-term programs, ideal for seasonal staff, ensure you only have equipment for as long as you need it.


In the event of an emergency, every second counts. Ensure your customers can call for help and that first responders are able to coordinate their response efficiently with Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

Security Solutions

Robust security systems in retail environments ensure that the valuable assets on site – ranging from inventory on the floor to cash in the registered or vaults – are kept under a watchful eye while also ensuring worker and customer safety.


Keep your eyes on your showroom floor, merchandise, and registers with industry-leading intelligent video cameras with integrated  advanced AI search capabilities.


MCA’s detection systems monitor your stores and warehouses for a wide range of situations – from shoplifting and break-ins to altercations and safety incidents.


MCA’s access control solutions provide oversight into who has access to your facilities with  including card readers, RFID scanners, and biometric capabilities.


Using MCA solutions, you can integrate all of your business’s security and radio systems seamlessly for easy operation, powered by Orchestrate.

Data Solutions

Your entire team can transmit and receive communications privately and securely across your entire property using data solutions powered by MCA.


We offer a range of high-performance cellular routers and gateways capable of operation on public networks to provide failover continuity and easy remote digital signage management.


Ensure your customers and staff can reliably connect to public cellular networks throughout your retail space, even in  hallways, stairwells, and parking garages notorious for poor reception.


MCA will build the infrastructure your store needs to maintain robust security systems while also enabling simple, secure connectivity to EPOS systems for card processing with Motorola Nitro™.


In the event of an emergency, MCA’s Mass Notification Systems ensure everyone on the premises has the information they need to get to safety while simultaneously alerting local authorities.

Personnel & Fleet Solutions

MCA solutions provide incident reporting and workforce management solutions and more to keep your team connected while improving safety and operational efficiency.


Body-worn cameras protect your staff from undue harassment by customers by recording interactions for digital evidence collection and future training purposes.


With Ally, you can streamline and manage end-to-end incident reports and records, including theft, breakages, employee confrontations, and more, from any web-enabled device.


Whether it’s an issue in the supply room or a problem at the registers, you need to make sure work orders get sent to the right departments and communications remain clear across your facility.


Panasonic Toughpads are the perfect solution for fast-paced, ever-changing retail environments. Ruggedly designed to withstand drops and spills with embedded smart technology.

Service Offerings

We offer engineering services, project managers, system managers, and FCC Licensing to provide you with a full-service team for the successful design, deployment, and life-cycle support of your project.


Professional Services

We offer engineering services, project managers, system managers, and FCC Licensing to provide you with a full-service team for the successful design, deployment, and life-cycle support of your project.


Installation Services

From radio site development, staging and testing, and system development to installing aftermarket and OEM equipment to fleet vehicles, MCA has a devoted certified technical staff to meet your needs.

Solution Support

Our team provides full-service maintenance, repair, and managed solutions services. Our dedicated support staff can manage your custom solutions — allowing you more time to focus on your business.

Radio Rentals

Many of our products are available via customer-friendly short and long-term rental programs. Our easy-to-use and personalized rental service meets your changing communications and technology requirements.

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For over 30 years now, MCA has implemented the solutions above to increase revenue and operational efficiency for businesses throughout the retail industry. Whether you have a single location or a chain with dozens to hundreds of branch locations, MCA delivers the communication, security, and data solutions that keep your properties, facilities, equipment, and team safe, secure, and operating at peak performance.

We offer the highest quality equipment and devices through our premier channel partners, such as Motorola Solutions, Fiplex, Panasonic, Cradlepoint, Avigilon, and more.

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