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Public Safety Solutions

Mission-Critical Radio, Security, Fleet, and Data Solutions for Public Safety and Emergency Management Agencies

When every second counts, you need a technology, communications, and security expert on whom you can rely. For decades now, MCA has offered our partners in public safety the solutions they need to protect themselves and the public from harm.

Law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs, corrections officers, and other public safety officials, rely more than ever on technology to improve response times to emergencies, stay connected to enhance situational awareness at the scene of critical incidents, and protect their assets and people.

For our most vital workers, MCA offers our most vital solutions.

Transforming Public Safety Through Technology

Researchers have identified many ways that technology is transforming and advancing public safety. Public safety agencies have long recognized the need for interoperability and data sharing capabilities to coordinate their efforts in the field. They understand that outfitting their facilities and vehicles with reliable and secure cellular networking solutions to transmit voice, video, and data seamlessly over the cloud saves lives.

In order to make this possible, they need better, more transformative technological solutions that serve the public. They require durable and robust equipment and devices to withstand the hazardous conditions they find themselves every day that they suit up for work.

Your Public Safety Technology Solutions Expert

At MCA, our public safety solutions combine voice, video, data, and advanced analytics across a single communications ecosystem. Our turnkey solutions are purpose-built to assist those who spend their working days in hazardous, life-threatening situations.

Connecting public safety officers across a single pane, we deliver integrated solutions that will change the face of public safety now and into the future.

Radio Solutions

MCA’s mission-critical communication solutions for public safety includes ruggedized laptops, two-way radios designed with public safety officers in mind, in-building emergency radio coverage, and CAD systems, among much else.



MCA’s close partnership with Motorola Solutions gives us unique insight into provisioning two-way radios for public safety. The APX25 from Motorola is a radio purpose-built for those working in hazardous conditions.



Our CAD systems, such as Motorola CentralCommand, foster greater situational awareness for public safety officers in the field, and gives command the ability to better and more effectively direct resources.


With the full inventory of Panasonic’s rugged laptops and ToughBooks, MCA offers public safety agencies, such as police departments, the ability to simplify computing by using one device for multiple applications.


Comprehension is critical to the success of any rescue mission. With MCA’s in-building public safety DAS solutions, your first responders can clearly and concisely communicate with one another, improving in-building rescue op outcomes.

Security Solutions

Protecting your public safety agency’s critical assets and implementing the latest in cybersecurity measures is essential. Prevent bad actors from doing harm to your organization with MCA security solutions.


MCA’s 24/7 video monitoring solutions give your agency the ability to protect your expensive assets and people. Our self-learning, AI cameras feature a host of applications unique to public safety.


Our sophisticated and state-of-the-art access control systems will meet the security needs of your facilities. We offer cost effective card reader systems, as well as biometric systems for optimal access control.


Ensuring that your facilities are protected from break-ins and unwanted trespassers is a must for the modern public safety agency. MCA offers a number of break-in detection solutions.


Managing and controlling your sensitive data requires installing the latest in cybersecurity measures. At MCA, we will partner with your agency to protect you from ransomware attacks.

Data Solutions

Whether you’re operating on a dedicated public safety network such as AT&T FirstNet or Verizon Frontline or a public carrier network, MCA has the cellular networking solutions and devices you need for reliable, faster coverage.



Our high-performance gateways and cellular routers come pre-activated to operate on dedicated public safety networks such as Verizon Frontline and AT&T FirstNet.


Our mass notification systems allow you to alert, inform, and direct members of the communities you serve to safety in the event of current and impending large scale emergency events.



Private wireless networks from MCA give your public safety agency faster coverage. They also give you complete control when it comes to monitoring and securing your voice, video, and data.

Microwave Backhaul Systems


MCA’s wireless backhaul solutions can be deployed as either your primary (microwave) or backup (cellular) connectivity solution across each of your public safety agency’s facilities.

Fleet and Personnel Solutions

From mobile command centers to vehicle area networking, our fleet solutions for public safety keep your officers and emergency first responders in the field connected well en-route to, and on the scene of, critical incidents.



Establish command at the scene of emergencies and critical incidents with MCA’s mobile command center solutions. We provision and install cellular routers and antennas to transform your mobile command infrastructure.



Our dual configuration 5G routers enable real-time communication between first responder vehicles and central command. For always-on vehicle connectivity, you can rely on the experts at MCA.



With MCA’s rugged portable networking communications kits, your rescue operations can have up to 48 hours of 4G/5G connectivity from anywhere at the flip of a switch. Connect up to 100 people with one device.

Close-up of police body camera


Mounted vehicle camera systems and body-worn cams protect both your field personnel and the public. Keep a record of all interactions for the purposes of training, safety, and liability with MCA’s in-vehicle and body camera solutions.

Service Offerings

MCA does much more than sell the technology you need to maintain a modern public safety organization. We take a service-first approach in delivering services from initial consultation and installation to post-sale maintenance and support. Learn more about our services below.


Professional Services

Our engineers and designers work to create detailed plans for your public safety project. MCA’s team deploys and offers support throughout the lifecycle of your solution.


Installation Services

MCA’s expert installers implement your project solution and train your workers. We have a thorough testing procedure to ensure quality control for all projects.

Solution Support

When you partner with MCA, you gain a lifelong support network for your project. When it comes to maintenance and support, we are here to exceed your expectations.

Radio Rentals

Renting two-way radios presents our cost-conscious customers an alternative to ownership. MCA offers the same best-in-class radios as part of our rental program.

Request a Free Consultation

With decades of experience working with our partners in the public safety community to sell, install, and maintain communication, security, data, and fleet solutions, MCA prides itself on the services and top-tier equipment and devices we have to offer.

We have collaborated with hundreds of public safety agencies over the years, delivering the highest-quality products and solutions through our premier channel partners such as Motorola Solutions, Panasonic, Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, and more.

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