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Video Surveillance

What is a Video Surveillance System?

MCA can customize video surveillance solutions to fit your specific needs. Our team of professionals assess your property and design a solution for you, from installing cameras on your property to setting you up with a security command center to manage it all.

Industries ranging from education to manufacturing rely on video surveillance solutions from MCA to protect their property and everyone on it. Trust MCA to do the same for you. And as your security systems integrator, we can integrate a video surveillance system that works with your existing security systems.

The Best Security Camera Systems for Small Business


The best commercial security cameras provide video surveillance that helps businesses and organizations protect their assets and even improve their productivity. At MCA, we partner with leading manufacturers of business security cameras to secure a range of businesses and organizations.

Technician installing security camera
Facial scans of business visitors


How do you store all of the video that’s continuously being recorded to protect your property? Trust MCA’s video surveillance expert technicians to provide cloud video storage you’ll need to keep your property and everyone on it secure.

Software and Video Analytics

An effective video surveillance solution is only as good as the software behind it. MCA uses the most advanced facial recognition software and video analytics to help your security team identify those who may threaten the safety on your property.

Security camera with AI
Security on two way radio

Command Center

A security command center helps your security team manage the video surveillance on your property. When you partner with MCA, you receive a fully integrated system for video surveillance and monitoring that you can easily manage to keep your property secure.

Cloud-based Video Surveillance
as a Service (VSaaS)

MCA specializes in providing cloud-based video surveillance as a service. Being a trusted VSaaS provider means making sure you’re equipped with remote secure monitoring that meets your needs.

Security camera on construction site

Industries Our Video Surveillance Systems Serve


When you’re designing a new building or facility, implementing an emergency lighting system during construction saves you money, as well as the hassle of dealing with inspectors down the road.

MCA works with general contractors and subcontractors to ensure that your construction project successfully meets IBC and NFPA guidelines when it comes to a building’s safety features.

Factory machinery


If you own and operate a manufacturing plant or facility, you want to invest in emergency lighting beacons for your employees. Communicate non-verbally with your workforce above noisy machines.

Lighting beacons of different types and colors can send a variety of important messages to your employees. From evacuation notices to machine breakdowns, lighting beacons allow you to automatically and efficiently “speak” to your workforce.

Public Safety

Lighting beacons play a critically important role among the devices that public safety agencies use to alert the community of potential hazards nearby. You need to choose the right beacons to send the appropriate message.

MCA partners with public safety officials to determine their needs when it comes to communicating with the general public through lighting alerts. We have the expertise and experience to determine how many beacons you will need to maximize cost savings.

Security on two way radio


Healthcare facilities need to clear a high bar when it comes to a number of building codes and guidelines. Emergency lighting in the case of a power outage, fire, or other emergency is no exception.

NFPA 99 lays out the compliance guidelines for buildings in the healthcare industry. MCA has years of experience helping building managers, administrators, and healthcare executives better protect their patients, doctors, and staff.


Whether you run a hotel, resort, or theme park, keeping your guests and employees safe in the event of an emergency is one of your most important tasks. Ensure all the exits in your venue are well-marked and illuminated.

MCA has a number of emergency lighting solutions to help guests in your venue quickly and easily find the exits in the event of an emergency. We will walk through your building or venue and identify any areas of improvement and concern.

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To request a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable security professionals, please fill out our contact form, and a representative will be assigned to help fulfill your needs.

To quickly and easily revisit a top-level overview of our video surveillance solutions, please download the pdf below.

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