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Data and Cellular Solutions

MW, LTE, 5G, PLTE, CBRS, DAS, SCADA, and MNS Communications

We know that our clients expect unrivaled expertise when it comes to solutions for transmitting data, voice, and video seamlessly across the scope of their operations. For business communication and organizations with mission-critical communications projects, MCA offers connectivity solutions tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs.

Our connectivity solutions utilize radio, cellular networks, MPLS, optical networks, and microwave backhaul technologies, giving you and your people a constant connection wherever and whenever you need. We make it possible for you to securely and reliably send and receive data critical to your business operations at your permanent facilities, pop-up sites, and across your mobile assets in both urban and rural environments. Our extensive catalog of the latest in data communications technologies will help your organization become more efficient and productive—ultimately increasing your bottom line.

Our Data and Cellular Solution Offerings

SCADA control

SCADA Systems

Public and private utilities (power, oil, gas, and water), automated manufacturing facilities, and traffic management agencies rely on SCADA systems to gather real-time data from machine sensors. With SCADA, you can take action in addressing machine performance without having to manually visit every device in the field. Our RTU and PLC devices greatly enhance SCADA system execution.

DAS Solutions for New Construction Projects

DAS Solutions

Cellular and radio signals consistently experience poor performance inside of buildings. Our DAS solutions give your building the coverage enhancements they require. We make it so your customers and employees can easily connect to public cellular networks, clearly communicate over two-way radios, and we ensure your buildings comply with federal and local fire codes by boosting public safety radio coverage for first responders.

Wiring and circuit board

Cellular Gateways

Through our acquisition of USAT, MCA offers the best-in-class cellular branch, vehicle, and IoT routers and antenna kits for fixed and mobile communications. We specialize in creating customized, flexible, and secure LTE, PLTE, and 5G communication networks that pass data wirelessly between key systems — linking your remote personnel and machine assets. We provide industry targeted connectivity solutions to fit our clients’ exacting needs.

Microwave tower


If your organization transmits and receives a high volume of secure data, MCA provides enterprise-grade connectivity solutions with our Microwave, MPLS, and IP networks, minimizing latency and expanding available bandwidth. Our networking solutions give you a more flexible, dynamic, integrated, and secure connection for optimal performance from your organization’s core to its outermost edge.

Private LTE signal tour

Private LTE

If your organization requires a completely secure and lightning-fast private broadband platform, MCA is a preferred vendor of Motorola Nitro PLTE. Our engineers will build the infrastructure on which you transmit your private voice, data, and video communications across the scope of your operations. With a MCA-installed private LTE platform, you are in complete control of your organization’s data.

Outdoor sirens

Mass Notification Systems

In noisy and large geographic environments, informing people of emergencies or potentially dangerous situations can be impossible without key notification systems in place. Keep your employees and the public safe through text, siren, voice, and other alerts with MCA’s Mass Notification Systems. We offer automated emergency mass notification systems to greatly reduce the risk to your people.

The Industries MCA Data Solutions Serve

  • Agriculture
  • Branch Operations
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Internet Providers
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Safety
  • Retail
  • Security
  • Telecom Services
  • Transportation
  • Utilities

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