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CommandCentral Streamlines Efficient Inter-Agency Collaboration

Our Suite of Applications from Motorola Solutions Increase Visibility, Communication, and Collaboration

In a world where every second counts, Motorola Solutions CommandCentral allows public safety personnel – from dispatchers and first responders to investigators and prosecutors and everyone in between – to gather, document, and review information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

From the moment an incident report is called into a dispatcher – or even filed via a non-emergency form, accurate data collection is imperative. Information flowing back and forth between on-the-ground responders, dispatchers, and members of the public must be accurate and easily accessible. 

Keeping it all together, organized, accessible, and secure is a monumental task.

Centralized Operations Is Essential to Success

Having a centralized, cloud-based operational unit is essential to success. 

Using intelligent correlation, CommandCentral collects and builds an accurate and complete case file as incidents unfold, providing a 360-degree view.

Multiple CommandCentral Applications Provide Maximum Visibility

With Motorola Solutions CommandCentral, your team will have access to up-to-the-second information. With nine (9) separate CommandCentral applications, agencies can work within a single application or leverage multiple apps to improve operations and inter-agency collaboration.

Some of these applications include:

CommandCentral Community

Easy to use tools to offer the public a greater role in community policing, including:

  • Link Forms to Incident Records: Allow non-emergency reports via online forms that are automatically attached to incident reports
  • Camera Registration: Allow the public to register their security cameras to provide assistance during investigations
  • Digital Evidence Collection: Transfer digital media from public sources to your agency, then share it with CommandCentral Evidence.

CommandCentral Call Handling

Secure, simplified, and standardized IT platform to reduce complexity and lower IT costs and maintenance. This application includes:

  • Advanced Integration and Data Sharing: The public can share multimedia messages (images, video) with PSAP, which can then be shared with first responders to provide assistance.
  • Call Handling From Any Location: PSAP are afforded the ability to easily and quickly take 9-1-1 calls from any location when a back-up location is required.
  • RapidSOS Accurate Caller Location: Device-based location information from enabled smartphones for more accurate location information

CommandCentral CAD

Streamline operations through an intuitive user interface that’s purpose-built to facilitate collaboration and includes features such as:

  • Visual Notifications: A streamlined, intuitive dispatch layout provides clear visual notifications on alerts, expired timers, new comments, and new incidents.
  • Type-Ahead Address Validation: Improve accuracy and save time with location recommendations and verification.
  • CommandCentral Reporting: Export, print, and analyze agency reports without expensive and time-consuming third-party software.

CommandCentral Aware

A complete, single operational view that strengthens responses with real-time situation awareness using:

  • Remote Incident and Response Monitoring: View all location-based data (including vehicles, radios, cameras) together in real-time and on a single map to provide a more coordinated and informed response to the situation on the ground.
  • Rules Engine: Automate workflows that associated related data for a comprehensive view of an incident or threat.
  • Live Streaming from Any Video Management System: Allow nearby agencies of all sizes to access real-time video feeds from within the consolidated map for greater situational understanding.

CommandCentral Responder

Intuitive, flexible field response tool with features that include:

  • In-Field Incident Reports: Incident reports can be initiated with a single touch to update event details, comments, and location
  • Dictated Narrative: Dictations are automatically transcribed to text and attached to the record in CommandCentral Records.
  • Assisted Narrative: Machine learning automatically links to people, vehicle, organization, or location records mentioned in the primary narrative.

For more information on Motorola Solutions CommandCentral, contact us.

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