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Technology to Streamline Logistics and Freight Operations

Discover MCA’s Security, Communications, Data, Personnel, and Equipment Solutions for Warehousing and Distribution

Logistics and warehousing enterprises have faced a difficult past two years. While supply chain snarls and ports congested with cargo ships that can’t dock will likely correct themselves, solving challenges such as rising freight costs, managing increasingly complex systems, and handling customer expectations are matters that will continue to plague the warehousing and logistics industry for years to come.

Challenges to Logistics by the Numbers

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The estimated loss in revenue that supply chain issues can cause a warehousing or logistics enterprise.

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The cumulative increase to costs associated with shipping cargo over the course of the past five years.

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The number of companies that have proactive supply chain solutions to adjust to changes in supply and demand.

Solutions for Warehousing and Logistics

Given the uncertain conditions that logistics companies now face, it is more important than ever that they ensure that their fleets are maintained, running efficiently, and can deliver goods on time. MCA has the solutions to help your teams meet deadlines, more effectively track mobile assets, and maintain the profitability of your logistics enterprise even in the face of today’s economic uncertainty. 

We work with warehouse facilities, ports, owners of marine vessels, railways, and ground transportation companies to offer better ways to connect your workers, protect your cargo and critical assets, and create networks that enhance the efficacy and revenue of logistics and warehousing concerns.

At MCA, we understand that logistics are what make the world go round.

Radio Solutions

Two-way push-to-talk (PTT) radio is the best option for operations-critical communications for the logistics industry, especially when it comes to your transportation fleet and warehouse operations. Our digital two-way radios offer an important lifeline for couriers, trucking fleets, warehouse employees, and more.

Radio - Connect-01


MOTOTRBO radios from Motorola Solutions deliver the best-in-class voice clarity and coverage for those in logistics and warehousing. Connect instantly across highways or the warehouse floor with customized or stock digital two-way radios and radio systems from MCA.

Radio - Respond-01


With Motorola WAVE OnCloud from MCA, your logistics operation can connect PTT radios with a number of other communication devices such as smartphones, computers, and tablets. OnCloud enables you to communicate with workers dispersed by geographic distances, connecting you over WiFi.

Radio - Dispatch-01


WAVE PTX, OnCloud’s dispatching solution, leverages computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and geographic information system (GIS) to help you deploy and monitor your fleet. With automatic vehicle location (AVL) you can pinpoint the precise location of vehicles in your fleet for enhanced management and tracking.

Security Solutions

The security systems at your logistics or warehousing enterprise must facilitate the safe management of your people, goods, and critical assets across the entire scope of your operation. From the best in advanced video surveillance systems to mass notification and detection, we offer security solutions purpose-built to your industry’s precise needs.

Security - Surveil


Our AI security cameras and camera systems offer you 24/7 surveillance of your warehouses and other facilities. Protect your workers, your cargo, and your critical assets with our industry-leading cameras with features such as thermal imaging, predictive intelligence, and more.


Having a robust detection system to cover your facilities prevents trespassers from accessing sensitive areas. MCA’s digital and physical detection systems offer protection from break-ins, cybercriminals seeking to access your vital data, and concealed weapons detection.


With our access control solutions, you can manage who has access to your facilities with electronic locking hardware, keycard and biometric access control systems, and credentialing software. Keep your facilities safe and secure with our advanced access control systems.


In the event of an emergency, MCA’s Mass Notification Systems (MNS) alert your workers, offering them passage to safety. Our MNS solutions deliver critical safety information through both tone and voice alerts, keeping your employees informed when it matters most.

Data Solutions

Our cutting-edge data solutions provide logistics and warehousing companies with enhanced cellular connectivity and IoT automation solutions to increase operational efficiency and your business’s bottom line. MCA’s data solutions provide you with what you need to keep your enterprise humming.

Data - Automate-01


SCADA requires consistent communication between the sensors in your facility’s machines. MCA delivers the networking infrastructure so that the robots, conveyor belts, and other machines in your warehouse can deliver real-time actionable intelligence to increase operational efficiency.


Protect your logistic and warehousing enterprises’ data with Motorola Nitro’s private wireless network (PLTE) from MCA. Capable of delivering lightning-fast broadband speeds, Nitro is the industry-leading private broadband platform for keeping your data completely secure.


When you operate a warehouse or manage a transportation fleet, you cannot afford to lose cellular connectivity. We offer a number of purpose-built branch routers capable of operating on T1 and cellular networks that offer redundant connectivity in the event that you lose your primary connection.


If your logistics or warehousing enterprise has an expansive footprint, microwave backhaul delivers last-mile coverage to your facility. Our microwave backhaul solutions increase the speed, capacity, coverage, and flexibility of your network connections for enterprise-grade communications.

Fleet Solutions

MCA has networking solutions for your fleet whether it travels by land or sea. For trucks and other cargo vehicles, railways, and marine vessels, MCA provides the best in-vehicle and mobile networking solutions to keep your drivers connected, improving safety and operational efficiency.

Fleet - Railways-01


With ruggedized routers from MCA, you can easily install and maintain Positive Train Control (PTC), which enables you to automatically stop a train in dangerous circumstances due to human error. Congress has mandated that many freight operators install PTC systems on their trains.


Typically marine vessels rely on satellites to maintain communications and connectivity with operations on the shore. MCA provides cost-effective LTE and 5G connectivity for the near-shore (up to 50 miles from coast) operation of marine vessels to supplement expensive satellite communications.


MCA’s purpose-built in-vehicle routers for your ground transportation fleet enable you to fully utilize your computer-aided dispatch (CAD), GPS, and automatic vehicle location (AVL) systems. Monitor driver behavior to ensure the safety and security of both your employees and your cargo.

Equipment Solutions

When you own or manage a logistics or warehousing enterprise, it is imperative that you know where your equipment and cargo are at all times. MCA solutions for tracking and monitoring your equipment and cargo prevent costly losses in revenue through our asset-tracking solutions.

Equipment - Assess-01


MCA offers cellular and LoRaWan® gateways and sensors to provide you with real-time data and intelligence when your equipment goes down. Assess the health of your critical equipment with low-power wide area networks (LoRa®) and cellular connections to proactively troubleshoot potential problems with equipment.


Track mobile assets from forklifts to platform trucks with mobile asset tracking solutions for the management of vehicles in your warehouse. Our cellular routers and radio IP tracking software give you the precise location of all your mobile equipment to protect your expensive assets.


Trace the exact location of expensive cargo as it moves through your warehouse from your trucks. Tracking your cargo is essential to avoid losses as goods travel from your transportation fleet through your warehouse. Our connectivity solutions for RFID and Wi-Fi-enabled asset tagging allow you to keep close tabs on your cargo.

Personnel Solutions

When you own or manage a logistics or warehousing enterprise, you have to worry about much more than simply keeping track of your expensive cargo.  In order to be effective, you need to make sure you have the right personnel solutions so your workers are successful in their jobs.

Personnel - Report-01


Ally solutions from MCA simplify end-to-end incident management reporting to make for a more safe, secure, and efficient workplace. Communicate instantly across devices to report and record critical incidents at your logistics enterprise or warehouse facility.


Effective work ticketing tells your warehouse workers and other employees at your logistics enterprise precisely where they need to be. You need to make sure the correct orders go to the right department. With MCA’s workforce management software and solutions, you can.


MCA carries Panasonic’s entire inventory of ruggedized laptops and tablets. Built to withstand the toughest and most hazardous conditions, these devices are perfect for managing inventory portside or on the warehouse floor. 

Service Offerings

At MCA, we pride ourselves on our service-first approach to providing solutions to our partners in logistics and warehousing. We deliver full-service support from design and installation to post-sale servicing and maintenance.


Professional Services

Our seasoned team of designers and engineers create detailed blueprints and plans for your entertainment and recreation solution. Enjoy our continued support throughout the entire lifecycle of your project.


Installation Services

MCA’s expert installers ensure that our solutions meet your exact requirements through rigorous testing protocols and standards. We also train your employees so that they understand how to use your new solution.

Solution Support

After your solution has been designed, installed, and tested, we continue to offer support when it comes to maintenance and upgrades. When you work with MCA, you gain a lifelong partner dedicated to your success.

Radio Rentals

For events that require day-of communication, or for entertainment and recreation facilities that want to test our radios before they buy, we offer the latest MOTOTRBO radios to rent.

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