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SD WAN Providers for Branch Networks

The Complexities of Branch Networks

At branch locations across the globe, always-on connectivity demands are stretching traditional WAN to a breaking point. As IoT devices grow in number, as cloud computing applications increase, and as popup sites expand to serve ever larger customer bases, businesses and organizations are having a hard time keeping up.

At the same time, as branch sites need to be connected to the Internet immediately, companies face new security challenges. The Digital Transformation is driving branch locations in retail, banking, public safety, healthcare, education, and other sectors to build high-performance WANs in the place of their former single, low-speed networks.

Organizations with branch and popup sites need flexible and scalable Software-Defined (SD) WAN solutions that can adapt as their needs change. At MCA, we work with organizations of all sizes and complexity to devise branch network solutions that are the perfect fit for you.

Your Preferred SD-WAN Vendors

The SD-WAN Evolution

Traditional WANs with yesterday’s routers were not designed for today’s cloud computing technologies. With traditional WANs, all traffic needs to be backhauled from the cloud to a centralized data center for security purposes. This causes poor performance at branch locations, needless delays, and a poor user experience.

At MCA, our cloud-managed single-platform branch solutions lower costs and increase performance by offering WAN diversity, internet failover solutions, Wifi as WAN capabilities, Ethernet switching, PoE support, and advanced edge security.

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IT technician

Branch Networking Solutions

Connectivity on One Console

Enterprise-grade branch networking solutions enable organizations to consolidate network operations and management on a single platform. When your IT department has a clear view of what is occurring at data centers, popup sites, and branch offices across the scope of your organization, they have the ability to address security issues as they arise and boost internet performance.

Internet Failover Solutions

Whether you’re a retail store or restaurant, spotty internet coverage costs you valuable time and money. With internet failover solutions from MCA, you have a backup connection that protects your organization from single-connection failure. When your primary internet connection fails, MCA’s cellular failover provides a near instantaneous redundant connection automatically flipping the switch to keep your operations up and running again.

ATM digital signage

Indoor and Outdoor Digital Signage Displays

Digital Signage Communications

Your organization’s wireless kiosks, ATMs, vending machines, and digital advertising banners and signs help you both serve and inform your customers. In order for them to function properly you need reliable WAN connectivity with device management software. MCA has the solutions that allow you to make real-time updates to your digital signage from one central platform.

EPOS Terminals Connectivity Solutions

If your business handles sales transactions, you know that very few of your customers pay in cash. In fact, more than 75% of customers use debit and credit cards instead of cash to pay for purchases. If your EPOS terminals lose connectivity, even for a short time, your revenues can quickly plummet. MCA has the WAN networking solutions to ensure that you never lose money from a poor internet connection.

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Business connectivity

Private Wireless Networks for Optimal Connectivity

With a private wireless network from MCA, you can vastly increase your capacity and coverage. Never rely on spotty and inconsistent Wifi again. PLTE networks can support all the devices at your branch locations, while providing unmatched security and privacy. MCA offers Motorola Nitro as our preferred PLTE network for your organization’s connectivity needs.

POTS Replacement Solutions

As telecom companies continue to retire their POTS lines, maintaining this older infrastructure is becoming more and more expensive to maintain. You may have noticed that your network providers are raising prices to encourage you to embrace newer modes of digital transport. MCA has cost-effective network solutions for you to achieve greater connectivity across the scope of your operations. Learn more about our solutions from our partners at USAT below.

MCA POTS Replacement Solutions

Branch Networking Solutions by Industry

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Retail and Restaurant Chains

Branch locations of the retail enterprise need to be more connected than ever before. Reliant upon always-on connectivity for their EPOS terminals to maintain business continuity and provide customers consistent Wi-Fi for the best shopping experience, MCA has internet failover solutions to keep your branch up and running when traditional Wi-Fi doesn’t deliver.

Bank Branch connectivity

Bank Branch Network

Your banking customers expect access to their money from your bank’s ATMs 24/7. Customers demand full service without delay, which includes the ability to modify or cancel any transactions in seconds. As expert SD-WAN vendors for bank branch networks, MCA will help your bank enterprise securely route traffic to any location from a single centralized platform.

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Public Safety Agencies

Today’s public safety agencies require secure, continuous connectivity for mission-critical applications at multiple locations. From headquarters, dispatch centers, and the scenes of accidents, your police cars, emergency vehicles, and firetrucks need modern WANs to maintain voice and video communications wherever they may roam. At MCA, we build responsive, always-on networks for public safety.

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Healthcare organizations and hospitals are facing challenges beyond simply providing excellent care to patients. The ability to access medical records from hospital branch locations, and process transactions between customers, care facilities, and insurance companies have sparked a revolution in the healthcare industry. At MCA, our WAN diversity solutions will help your healthcare organization keep pace.

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The utility enterprise needs to connect machines, sensors, and workers to monitor performance, increase productivity and efficiency, and maintain security on one central platform for operational control. With solutions such as Wifi as WAN and edge computing, MCA enables utilities to connect from their main buildings to the outermost edge of their field of operations.

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Educational institutions across the country need to keep their networks running at peak performance without the risk of unforeseen outages and data loss. With the growth in online learning, connecting every student on one platform has become a necessity. With WAN connectivity solutions from MCA, schools have more flexibility in using educational applications with ever larger bandwidths.

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