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Technology Solutions for Hospitality

Our Solutions for Guest Safety, Security, and Satisfaction Help Drive Revenues in Hospitality Sector

U.S. consumers are ready to spend their money on entertainment, recreation, and travel in a big way. Following the pandemic, many jumped at the opportunity to visit their favorite amusement parks, attend a concert or sporting event, and enjoy the vacations they missed during lockdown. 

Spending on entertainment and recreation is expected to increase by 9.9% annually through 2026. With increased customer traffic at your hospitality or entertainment venue, you need to make sure you are prepared to handle all this growth.

At MCA we deliver cutting-edge communication solutions so your staff will always be in contact. We provide the best-in-class security solutions to keep your guests and employees safe. We offer data solutions for enhanced wireless connectivity at POS terminals and retail kiosks, as well as cellular networking and enhancement solutions to create The Ultimate Guest Experience.

Make Your Guests Feel at Home with MCA.

Technological Transformations in Hospitality

Providing your guests with the best possible experience means implementing the latest technologies designed specifically for the hospitality industry. 

MCA has 30 years of experience collaborating with the owners and managers of hotels, resorts, casinos, amusement parks, concert halls, state fairs, and much more. Whether it’s making sure that the security staff at your fairgrounds are able to communicate above the noise of rides and games or keeping your hotel guests and staff safe with our industry-leading portfolio of security solutions from surveillance cameras to weapons detection systems, we have you covered.

Today’s hospitality industry needs high-tech, low-touch solutions. You need to ensure that your visitors and guests are safe when they visit your park, attend your concert, or root for their team at your stadium. 

In our post-pandemic world, ensuring that your guests enjoy themselves and want to return to your venue needs to be balanced with safety concerns. With all the money headed in your direction, don’t let poor technology lead to losses in potential revenue. Discover MCA’s solutions for hospitality today.

Radio Solutions

Two-way radio communication continues to be the best option for operations-critical grouptalk for your security staff at hotels, sporting events, concerts, as well as other entertainment venues such as amusement parks and state fairs. When you need to respond quickly to a critical situation, you need a Push-to-Talk (PTT) radio system.



With Motorola’s MOTOTRBO radios from MCA, you can connect instantly across your venue or building with the best two-way radios. For years, Motorola radios from MCA have delivered the loudest and clearest voice signal on the market for thousands of our customers in hospitality.


Motorola’s WAVE OnCloud vastly expands your ability to communicate with your teams across devices and across time zones. With Motorola OnCloud from MCA, you receive the functionality of Push-to-Talk (PTT) combined with the convenience of sending messages to other devices anywhere you have a cell signal.


Motorola WAVE OnCloud can be combined with WAVE PTX DISPATCH to streamline and simplify communications. WAVE dispatching gives you the ability to quickly transmit messages to field maintenance crews and security teams at your sports stadium or facility to quicken response times.


When the worst occurs, you don’t have the luxury to worry about whether first responders have radio access inside your venue or facility. Public safety distributed antenna systems (PSR DAS) are an NFPA fire code requirement (NFPA-72) for the owners of many entertainment and hospitality venues.

Security Solutions

Long gone are the days when event and entertainment venue security were an afterthought. Rowdy behavior from concertgoers or park attendees is one thing. The fear that keeps the chief of your security team up at night these days is the potential intent of individuals or groups to inflict harm on your guests and staff.



When you manage or own a hospitality venue, you need “eyes on the scene” to monitor suspicious activity. MCA’s top-tier surveillance cameras do more than simply record—their advanced AI technology enables your security team to engage in predictive security and proactively respond to potential threats.


Modern weapons detection systems from MCA keep the access points to your hospitality venue open, providing more effective and less intrusive weapons detection than traditional metal detectors and pat-downs. Combined with our cybersecurity solutions, you will be able to assess and act on threats before they occur.


With every recreation and entertainment venue, there are areas that need to be locked to the public. When you have secure locations in your venue, MCA’s access control systems offer options for keeping unauthorized guests out: from keycard systems to advanced biometric analysis, we have the best access control system for you.


In the event that you need to convey an alert or urgent message to all the guests at your hospitality venue or entertainment facility, you need MCA’s mass notification systems (MNS). With digital signs to direct guests to alerting systems that convey critical information by both tone and voice messages, MCA offers premier MNS solutions.

Data Solutions

Providing robust and reliable cellular connectivity from one end of your park, hotel, fairground, or entertainment facility to the other is critical to the productivity and success of your work teams. Cellular coverage you can count on also goes a long way in giving your guests the best experience possible.



Your guests are about to take a photo with your park’s best-known mascot. Your team’s biggest fan is capturing real-time footage of a touchdown to send to their friend. Then, their smart device fails to find a signal. With cellular DAS solutions from MCA, you can provide the bandwidth so your guests need to capture their once-in-a-lifetime moments.


Whether you’re operating a 50-acre state fair or a smaller contained space with lots of guests, you need robust and reliable cellular routers and gateways from MCA. Our ruggedized routers help you keep your critical revenue generators such as POS terminals and kiosks up and running even if your T1 connection goes down.


With private wireless networks such as Motorola Nitro, MCA enables your hospitality venue to keep a clear and secure line open for business-critical communications. If you’re running a large facility, you need to keep your operations-critical communications separate from the public Wi-Fi networks offered to guests.


MCA’s fiber optic networks are built for speed. Compared to traditional copper-line cables, our optical networks give you speeds up to 20x faster. If you’re looking to build brand new structures or expand your existing hospitality venue or facilities, you can trust MCA to deliver the fastest broadband speeds with our optical networking solutions.

Personnel Solutions

Making sure your guests are having the time of their lives means that everything that happens behind the scenes needs to come off without a hitch. MCA’s personnel solutions for the hospitality industry help you keep track of your people, your inventory, and your critical assets.



Effectively managing a critical incident at your hospitality venue requires that you know what happened from beginning to end. MCA has state-of-the-art software solutions for you to streamline the process of end-to-end incident management and reporting for a better, more efficient response.


Many major hospitality venues have begun to apply RFID Wi-Fi tags to their more expensive assets and equipment. When you place a geofence around an important and pricey asset you can set up automatic alerts that let your security team know if that asset has been moved or disappeared from your venue.


Whether you’re dealing with an issue in a guest’s room, a messy lobby, or an amusement ride that is failing to deliver the thrills, you need to make sure that the right orders are arriving at the right department. With MCA’s workforce management software, you gain control of work ticketing and staff management.


With MCA’s access to Panasonic’s complete line of rugged laptops and tablets, you ensure that your staff will be able to communicate and access data under the worst conditions. Our durable laptops and portable computers are made to withstand the wear and tear of an actual circus.

Service Offerings

MCA takes a service-first approach in providing the above solutions to our partners in the hospitality industry. We offer you full support throughout the lifecycle of your specific solution—from installation and testing to our full-service, post-sale maintenance of your equipment.


Professional Services

Our seasoned team of designers and engineers craft painstakingly detailed blueprints for your project. We offer extended maintenance and protection contracts for the entire lifecycle of your solution.


Installation Services

MCA’s expert installers make sure our solution meets your organization’s specific needs and requirements. We have rigorous testing procedures in place to ensure quality control at every stage of your project.

Solution Support

We offer solution support long after we have installed and tested your solution. When it comes to maintenance and upgrades, we enter into a partnership with you dedicated to your long-term success.


Radio Rentals

If you’re holding an event that requires communication for a short period of time, or if you want to test our radios before purchase, MCA’s radio rental program offers best-in-class MOTOTRBO two-way radios.

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For over 30 years now, MCA has implemented the solutions above to increase the revenue and operational efficiency of thousands of businesses in the hospitality sector. Whether you own or manage an amusement park, a casino, or a concert hall, MCA delivers the communication, security, and data solutions that make your venue or facility a success.

We offer the highest quality equipment and devices through our premier channel partners such as Motorola Solutions, Fiplex, Panasonic, Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, and more.

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