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Wireless Backhaul with High-Capacity
Networks with Low Latency

What is Wireless Backhaul?

Wireless backhaul is the communication and network infrastructure that transports voice, video, and data, to and from end users to your primary network.

Think of it as your all-important intermediary, connecting smaller networks to your primary network to solve issues such as a lagging fiber optic broadband connection, providing redundant coverage for outdated POTS lines, and acting as a backup that can connect to other cellular carriers and networks.

Wireless backhaul solutions rely on microwave, cellular, and satellite transmission. To achieve a failproof and integrated wireless network, backhaul technology transports data from sites via microwave, cellular signals, and radio waves to your primary carrier network.

For example, the data from sites includes both residential and commercial Internet and telephone communications. When you place a call or go online, this data travels to your Tier 1 (T1) broadband or telephone service provider.

How Can MCA Help With My Wireless Backhaul Needs?

At MCA, we design, build, install, and maintain wireless backhaul point-to-point networks, wireless point-to-multipoint networks, and cellular networks that utilize edge routers to ensure that your customers or business has access to always-on, high-capacity networks with low latency.

What Wireless Backhaul Solutions Does MCA Offer?

Cellular Backhaul for Business Continuity


Too many organizations rely solely on a single modem and router with a wired internet connection from their primary carrier. If your business depends on uninterrupted internet coverage, you should prioritize a wireless cellular backhaul solution.

Whether it’s the result of a storm, faulty construction, or simply spotty service, when your business loses internet coverage, operations come to a screeching halt. Interrupted internet service translates into a loss of revenue—plain and simple.

USAT, a key part of MCA’s data solutions team, offers primary and back-up cellular backhaul solutions to keep your business up and running:

  • Multi-WAN Failover Capabilities
  • Routers with Failover Cellular Rate Plans
  • High-Gain Antennas
Large router
Internet for farmers

Microwave Backhaul Transport

Microwave Transmission for Last-Mile Coverage

For businesses and residences in out-of-the-way locations, microwave backhaul offers one of the most effective ways to transport voice, video, and data between sites. With our fully-integrated indoor and outdoor microwave backhaul networks, you never need to worry about losing signal again.

With the rollout of 5G, increased capacity requirements will put stress on SPs to deliver service to their customers. MCA’s innovations in microwave transmission technologies are here to meet the coverage challenges of tomorrow.

Our microwave backhaul capabilities have the following features that enable higher-capacity and lower-latency coverage:

  • Frequency Bands of 60 and 80 GHz
  • QAM Modulation Rates Up to 4096
  • 100% Carrier Aggregation

Private LTE Networks

Become Your Own Primary Carrier

Private wireless networks offer a distinct advantage over relying on a public cellular networks for industries with business-critical operations. Public networks can experience congestion interrupting your connected IoT devices, machine sensors, and communication systems.

But with a PLTE network, securely broadcast over specified radio waves on the CBRS spectrum, your organization’s internal operations don’t have to depend on public carriers for wireless connectivity. With PLTE, your security cameras, wireless IoT sensors, and other connected devices can leverage your existing T1 line to cut out the need for expensive data plans and the overage charges public cellular customers regularly face.

With Motorola Nitro, MCA’s private wireless platform will benefit from:

  • Reliable connectivity for your wireless business-critical operations
  • Lightning-fast, high-capacity speeds on a low latency network
  • A completely secure connection that allows you to control your data
Security camera on construction site

Industries Served By MCA’s Wireless Backhaul Solutions

Safe utility worker


Today’s utilities cannot afford downtime. The IoT sensors, machines, and devices that make up the modern utility require failover to not only protect their assets and profits, but most importantly, their workers. If the sensor in a pressure gauge at an oil refinery fails to give a correct reading due to an internet outage, this jeopardizes the entire operation and could lead to an industrial accident.

Office compturs


Having a wireless backhaul solution in place in your commercial or governmental office prevents you from losing money and important data. According to some estimates, the average cost of 1 minute of internet downtime is $5,600. That’s more than $300,000 per hour. The truth is: your office cannot afford to rely on fixed broadband as your only option when it comes to coverage.

Policeman using Panasonic Toughbook

Public Safety

Losing money is one thing. Losing lives because of poor connectivity and coverage introduces a whole new dimension to the issue of internet downtime. A slow response to an emergency situation or critical incident because your police cars, ambulances, and firetrucks do not have a reliable high-capacity backhaul network in place is not an outcome anyone should accept.

Shipping freighter


Running a warehouse or port means keeping consistent track of inventory. Especially today, the economy cannot afford logjams in shipping that prevent goods from reaching their destination on time. When the internet fails at your logistics enterprise, you need a solution in the form of a wireless backhaul to continue to scan packages and crates, keeping operations running smoothly.

Girl in safe school


For the IT departments at educational institutions, especially large universities, any Internet downtime wreaks havoc on teachers’ ability to educate their students. The modern classroom relies entirely on technology—from digital whiteboards to the personal computers where students take their notes. Given the recent growth in e-learning, universities need wireless backhaul to ensure seamless delivery of educational services.

POS system


When your Electronic Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals lose internet connection, your retail organization’s payment processing ability comes to an abrupt halt. With more than 75% of your retail customers using credit and debit cards, downtime produces a loss in revenue that’s hard to recoup. With MCA’s wireless backhaul solutions, you protect against lost profits, while also ensuring customer safety.

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