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Technology Solutions for Safer Hospitals

Communication, Security, Fleet, and Personnel Solutions Modern Healthcare Organizations Need

When you’re operating a hospital or healthcare facility, you need communication and technology solutions built for the nonstop and unpredictable flow of patients, visitors, and staff. At MCA, we understand your need for a safer healthcare environment with better response times and improved outcomes for patients.

With the right technologies in place, you can ensure doctors, nurses, and staff stay connected from anywhere in your facility or on your hospital campus. Our security solutions and cellular connectivity systems empower you to save lives and protect your people.

Nurture your hospital with technology solutions from MCA.

covid solutions

COVID-19 Healthcare Solutions

Ensuring a safe and efficient healthcare environment is a top priority, especially now with the increased health and safety precautions being implemented due to COVID-19. MCA is here to provide healthcare facilities critical safety and security solutions. Whether you are in need of temporary or long-term solutions MCA can provide immediate deployment with a no hassle, turn-key solution that fits your unique needs.

The Technologies Transforming Healthcare

From portable monitors that track patients’ vital signs to automated IV pumps, we are undergoing a revolution in patient care. All the new intelligent devices and equipment that increase the chances of patient survival and recovery are built on a foundation of enhanced communication and connectivity. Every innovation at your healthcare facility requires robust, intelligent networking from the time your ambulance races to a call to when patients leave your facility.

At the same time, with all the gadgets entering the healthcare field, it’s easy to overlook the obvious: protecting your patients and staff from assault remains a major concern in healthcare. According to OSHA, more than 75% of workplace assaults occur in a healthcare setting. Hospital and healthcare security is an ongoing issue that won’t disappear anytime soon.

Safe Hospitals

Your Healthcare Technology Experts

MCA’s solutions for modern healthcare facilities and hospitals include communication systems for connecting doctors in the event of an emergency, advanced video surveillance to protect your staff, private wireless networks for the secure transmission of sensitive patient data, and much more.

Implementing solutions that make your healthcare facility safer and better equipped to manage your environment is our top priority.

The Stakes Are Higher Than Ever Before


Of workplace assaults occur in healthcare settings.

– Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)


Of assaults against healthcare workers are attributed to patients or customers.

– Journal of Healthcare Protection Management


Of hospitals planned to invest in video surveillance solutions in 2018.

– Campus Safety Hospital Security Survey


Of hospitals conduct annual risk assessments.

– IAHSS Hospital Security Survey

Radio Solutions

Two-way radio communication remains the top choice for operations-critical group talk in a variety of industries including healthcare. Discover MCA’s solutions for keeping your people connected across your facility or hospital campus.



Connect instantly across your healthcare facility or campus with Motorola’s best-in-class MOTOTRBO radios from MCA. If a natural disaster knocks out your hospital’s power and internet service, radios serve as important backup communications.



Motorola Solutions’ WAVE PTX enables you to connect your radios with other communication devices such as cell phones and computers for the widest coverage available. Connect your people across town or across the country.


Complement your healthcare facility’s WAVE OnCloud System with Push-to-Talk dispatching. Send voice, video, texts, and files to select groups or individuals on your healthcare teams through WAVE’s intuitive single-pane interface.


MCA’s Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems (PSR DAS) give you the security of knowing that first responders will have access to your healthcare facilities during an emergency. Protect what’s important with Public Safety DAS.

Security Solutions

93% of assaults against healthcare workers are committed by patients or visitors of your hospital or facility. In order to effectively protect your doctors, nurses, and staff, you need to implement the proper security measures and technologies.


MCA carries video surveillance systems from industry-leading manufacturers. Our cameras come equipped with advanced AI and self-learning capabilities to help you identify threats before they become a serious problem.


Our best-in-class detection systems alert you to break-ins, concealed weapons on your premises, and other threats. We offer non-intrusive detection systems designed to keep your healthcare facility secure without disrupting service.


Hospitals and healthcare facilities need to control who can gain access to sensitive areas such as pharmacies. Protect your patients and staff from unwanted visitors and trespassers with our state-of-the-art access control systems.


With Orchestrate from Motorola Solutions, you can integrate and automate your entire security ecosystem from one simple intuitive pane. If your security systems are disconnected, MCA has your all-in-one security integration solution.

Data Solutions

Your internet-enabled medical devices and equipment are only as strong as the cellular networks that support them. With MCA data solutions, you can build a reliable and secure network for both your healthcare staff and patients.



Does your hospital or healthcare facility have dead zones? Are you having issues with cellular coverage? Expand and enhance your cellular coverage with an in-building distributed antenna system (DAS) from MCA.


Your staff often needs to transmit sensitive patient data and medical records. How do you keep this information secure? With a private wireless network from MCA, you will enjoy faster broadband speeds while controlling your data.



Always-on connectivity is critically important for healthcare. Losing coverage can be dangerous to your patients. MCA delivers cellular gateways and routers for failover in the event of your losing public broadband.



Does your hospital or healthcare facility still rely on outdated copper lines for broadband coverage? Fiber optic networks deliver internet speeds up to 20x faster than older, antiquated copper cabling.

Fleet Solutions

Health care does not start and stop at your hospital or facility. Your ambulances and fire rescue vehicles that convey patients to your facility during emergency medical calls are the frontline of your life-saving work.



MCA’s purpose-built in-vehicle routers and gateways allow your EMTs and personnel to keep in contact with medical command centers as they convey patients in critical condition to your hospital for care.



Keeping your fleet of emergency medical vehicles in top shape is literally a matter of life and death. Our vehicle routers allow you to assess the health of your ambulances and monitor driver behavior.



We carry an extensive portfolio of light bars, sirens, and speaker systems to upfit your emergency medical service vehicles. We have a number of locations across the country to outfit your entire fleet.



With vehicle video systems from top manufacturers, MCA provides POV streaming of emergencies for command center support and proactive supervision. Historical footage from emergencies can be used in training new personnel.

Personnel Solutions

The medical staff at your hospital or healthcare facility is the lifeblood of your organization. With personnel solutions from MCA, you can ensure that they have the technologies they need to successfully perform their life-saving work.



With Ally Incident Management System from Motorola Solutions, your hospital or healthcare facility can streamline and manage incidents with end-to-end reporting and keep a  record of critical events.



At MCA, we collaborate with healthcare facilities and hospitals across the country to implement the latest in emergency duress and panic buttons to ensure that your hospital staff is kept informed during a critical incident.



Are members of your medical staff where they need to be? Do they know what is expected of them at any given time? With workforce tracking software from MCA, you can notify staff and send them where they’re most needed.



Ruggedized laptops from our channel partners at Panasonic are the perfect computers for hospitals. Constructed to withstand chemical spills in medical settings, our portable Toughbooks are ideal for those in the medical field.

Service Offerings

MCA is committed to a service-first approach for all of the above solutions for our partners in healthcare. We offer full support from installation and testing to post-installation service and maintenance.


Professional Services

Our engineers and designers will devise and create the most detailed plans for your healthcare technology project. Our team delivers unparalleled support throughout the lifecycle of your solution.


Installation Services

MCA’s world-class installers not only make sure your solution is up and running smoothly, but offers in-person staff training so they become the experts. Our rigorous testing procedures are second to none.

Solution Support

When you partner with MCA, you gain a trusted partner and advisor for the life of your solution. We are not a one-and-done organization, but provide ongoing maintenance and support as you require it.

Radio Rentals

For hospitals and healthcare facilities that want to test our radio and communications systems before they buy, we offer radio rentals as a cost-conscious solution for medical organizations who desire it.

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For 25 years, MCA has installed the above solutions in thousands of hospitals and healthcare facilities across the United States. Our top-tier equipment and service-first approach are custom-designed to serve those in the healthcare industry.

We offer the highest quality equipment, devices, and systems through our premier channel partners such as Motorola Solutions, Panasonic, Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, and more.

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