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Sirens for Emergency Mass Notification Systems

Protect Your People with the Best-in-Class Sirens from MCA

Sound the Alarm

Providing an early warning to your workforce during an emergency reduces panic and prevents loss of life. As a private business, you need mass notification sirens and PA systems that offer clear and continuous communication during critical, and potentially life-threatening, events. The most effective way to inform your workforce of a potential emergency is with sirens that offer clear and intelligible voice instructions and easily recognizable tone alerts. Our siren solutions aim to keep your employees and clients as safe as possible by providing the latest in voice and tone siren and PA technologies. We carry a vast inventory of both voice mass notification speakers and sirens, for both commercial and public safety applications.

Community Alerting Siren Solutions from MCA

Emergency Management Agencies

Extreme weather is becoming more common—tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, and earthquakes are upending communities across the United States. Combined with the threat of terrorism and other manmade disasters, it is critical that you protect the public  with the best mass notification systems and sirens on the market.

MCA’s Community Alerting Siren Solutions give you the ability to spread your public safety messages far and wide. Clear and decisive communication is necessary to keep your customers and community safe when natural and manmade disasters appear on the horizon. With our voice and tone notification systems, we make that possible.

Our close partnership with Whelen Sirens gives MCA expertise in designing, installing, and maintaining the best sirens for emergency management and industrial applications.

Whelen Sirens for Mass Notification Systems

Whelen logo

MCA is a preferred vendor of Whelen Sirens. Whelen has been a global leader in the manufacture of sirens for alerting systems since 1952. They design and produce warning lights, white illumination, lighting, sirens, speakers, controllers, and other powerful emergency mass notification system solutions.

Types of Sirens

WPS 2900 Siren series

WPS-2900 Series

The Battery-Operated WPS-2900 Series siren systems from our partners at Whelen provide omni-directional voice capabilities for loud and direct communication. With its speaker assembly, pole-mounted bracket, and electronics cabinet, MCA offers our clients 10 distinct models from the WPS2900 Series. 

Vortex siren

Vortex Series

For an economical alternative in  high-quality tone communication, MCA presents Whelen’s Battery Operated Vortex Series rotating siren system. The Vortex Series offers your enterprise six standard public warning tones—Wail, Whoop, Attack, Hi-Lo, Alert, and Airhorn—for different urgent situations.

Omni series emergency siren

Omni-Alert Series

Consisting of a speaker assembly and electronics cabinet, the Battery Operated Omni-Alert Series siren system offers a cost-friendly siren solution of uncompromising tone quality. With local control buttons, this siren from our partners at Whelen comes in four distinct models.

IPS Siren System

IPS Series

Whelen’s IPS Series – All Hazard In-Plant Personnel Warning System delivers clear, loud voice and tone warnings that can be heard over the noise of machinery or other ambient sounds. With this siren system, your enterprise can eliminate any panic that might ensue during an emergency.

HORNET emergency siren


When your organization needs to replace outdated electro-mechanical sirens, the Battery Operated HORNET offers a cost-effective solution. With its speaker array, electronics cabinet, and 50’ cabling assembled and tested prior to shipping, the HORNET is your best plug-and-go siren option.

Firehouse series notification siren

Firehouse Series

With its field-serviceable 400-watt EZ-PULL speaker drivers, the Battery Operated Firehouse Series siren system from MCA’s partners at Whelen projects a powerful tone. The Firehouse Series provides an omni-directional warning of uncompromised quality and strength.

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MCA provides top-of-the-line sirens, speakers, alerting beacons, and lighting systems from industry leading manufacturers like Whelen.

Partner with MCA as your turn-key provider of mass notification solutions to ensure staff, visitors, and other key stakeholders receive clear and concise emergency alerts in real-time.

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