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System Implementation Services

MCA has a comprehensive process, with numerous checks and testing, to ensure that your integrated security, radio, and/or data management system, runs efficiently and securely. Below is an outline of our steps from start to finish.

System Implementation:
Phase 1

The entire process is monitored by MCA project managers and completed by specific select team members. At the onset of Phase Three, we have a kickoff meeting to review the project scope, plans and specifications, budget, timeline, materials and equipment needs, etc. Following kickoff, project managers coordinate with team members to generate progress reports, tackle any issues that may arise, and provide necessary information to keep the project on track.

System Programming

System Programming:
Phase 2

MCA’s technical teams perform system programming both locally and remotely, taking into account what is most convenient for our clients. We perform complete system programming or specific programming as needed. Custom script writing and custom reports can be created to meet unique client requests.

Commissioning and Testing

Commissioning & Testing:
Phase 3

System commissioning occurs near the end of a project. Once everything has been installed, programmed, and tested for functionality and performance, we will ensure that everything meets operational requirements.

Phase 4

After all equipment and systems have been tested for their quality and functionality, MCA provides end-user training to ensure that our clients fully understand the system’s protocols, capabilities, and administrative basics.

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