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Optical Networking Solutions

How Do Optical Networks Work?

Optical internet networks use light signals to transmit information between two or more points. Compared to traditional broadband networks that rely on metal cables, optical transport runs along fiber-optic cables. Optical networking is fiber-optical networking.

Infinity Technology Solutions, a key part of the data solutions team at MCA, designs, installs, and maintains optical networking solutions for our clients. We supply the necessary devices and infrastructure for the system of “pipes”—the fiber optic cables—that enable point-to-point and point-to-multipoint optical transmission.

Our system solutions and devices (optical networking terminals, DWDMs, and P-OTN solutions) are developed to carry large loads of information from node to node, and ensure that this information reaches its final destination quickly and seamlessly.

Mobile Communications Support and Maintenance Services

What Are the Benefits of Optical Networks

For organizations that require greater bandwidth for faster internet speeds, need to improve transmission distance, and want a more reliable and secure network with lower latency, optical transport networks are the way to go. At MCA, we help enterprises transform the construction, control, and operation of their networks.

The benefits of optical networking are immense. In partnering with MCA, your organization can build a programmable, responsive, and reliable network that increases productivity and improves your bottom line.

The most recent trends in optical networking have moved away from developing distinct and separate networks toward an integrated approach that takes advantage of unique synergies between IP routing and optical transmission.

Due to Infinity’s close partnership with Nokia, we provide our customers optical and IP integration, creating a more flexible and stronger network that reduces your TCO.

Industries MCA Serves in Optical Networking Solutions

Collaborating with our clients to create better, more agile networks with the best-in-class ONTs, DWDM optical multiplexing technologies, and P-OTN solutions is what sets MCA apart from other optical networking companies.

Our veteran team of engineers, project managers, designers, installation experts, and maintenance professionals will design, stage, and install your optical networking solutions.

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Service Providers

For service providers, embracing fiber-optic networking architecture has proven essential for the delivery of broadband internet to customers outside of defined coverage areas. In particular, PON technology, which allows for a single line to transmit signal to multiple endpoints, has played a key role in internet access, equity, and customer satisfaction.

MCA is committed to assisting ISPs, WISPs, and Telcomms in adopting optical networking solutions for last-mile connectivity. We have the solutions for ISPs to connect to all of their customers.

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For utility companies, it is important that they invest in intelligent and flexible networking solutions to meet increased customer demand for their services. Optical networking solutions from MCA allow oil, gas and other utilities to transport data, voice, and video at a high-capacity with greater security and lower latencies.

Our DWDM (dense wavelength-division) multiplexing technologies enables your utility company to increase the bandwidth of your existing fiber networks by combining multiple data streams into one for faster transmission.


Public Safety Solutions

Public Safety

Public safety agencies rely on multiple wired and wireless networks for firefighters, law enforcement, and first responders to do their job in protecting the public. In addition to traditional Wifi and DAS, MCA recognizes the importance of optical networks, particularly passive optical networks (PON), in assisting public safety agencies.

Optical networking technologies give our people in public safety the flexibility and reliability they need to stay connected and receive mission-critical data in the course of their live-saving work.



Over the past several years, LANs (local area networks) powered by fiber-optic technology have become the standard for communication for the train and rail industry. Passenger entertainment and internet access, video monitoring, and modern control systems have led the rail industry to adopt optical networking terminals to transmit and receive on-board signals.

MCA appreciates your need for greater bandwidth on your trains and rail systems. Our optical networking devices and infrastructure deliver optimal performance for your passengers’ comfort and system’s needs.

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With the rapid growth in e-learning and e-education, technology experts in the education sector envision the opportunity to build an open IP-based optical network that will enable the easy deployment of the communication systems and internet services necessary to make e-learning accessible to all students.

MCA is encouraged by the many school districts across the country embracing the technology to put internet into the homes of their students. Optical networks offer one possible solution for this endeavor.

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