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Secure and Reliable Communications For A Safe Journey

As the number of daily transit passengers in the United States continues to grow, the transportation industry needs reliable, secure solutions to keep passengers and staff safe, fleets maintained and running, resources connected and available, and routes and services on time. MCA solutions will help your team meet demanding schedules, track fleet assets, and maintain elevated security and customer service with our purpose-built and carefully curated communications product and service offerings.

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Solutions for Transportation

Designed to drive productivity by opening clear lines of communication, MCA’s various radio, networking, and surveillance selections are guaranteed to provide your transit agency with the right fit.

We work with transportation agencies to ensure that their drivers, staff, and passengers are connected and secure throughout every inch of their journey. Our AI and Video Analytics ecosystems will help you detect, verify, and respond to critical incidents in real-time, while cutting-edge video management software provides unmatched situational awareness. Your entire fleet of ground vehicles, trains, planes, and other transportation vehicles can have reliable, secure internet and network connectivity with our robust mobile networking solutions.

Radio Solutions

For an industry on the go, two-way push-to-talk (PTT) is the best option for operations-critical communications. Customizable two-way radio solutions ensure that your workforce is constantly and reliably connected with just a touch of a button.



MOTOTRBO radios from Motorola Solutions allow your drivers and team to connect instantly from dispatch to transit vehicles with radios ranging from entry-tier solutions for simple communications to customizable systems designed to meet your specific needs.



With Motorola WAVE OnCloud from MCA, you can connect teams at the push of a button across different networks and devices, including phones, tablets, computers, and two-way radios. OnCloud enables you to communicate with workers near and far, connecting you over WiFi.



WAVE PTX, OnCloud’s dispatching solution, leverages computer-aided dispatch (CAD), geographic information system (GIS), and automatic vehicle location (AVL) to help you deploy, monitor, and locate your fleet with pinpoint accuracy.

Security Solutions

The security systems at your transportation terminals and depots must facilitate the safe management of your people, fleet, and critical assets throughout their entire journey. MCA’s best-in-class advanced video surveillance systems and detection offer security solutions purpose-built to your precise needs.



With MCA’s robust surveillance offering, your fleet and facilities are never left unattended. Protect your team and vehicles with video cameras and advanced AI search capabilities.



MCA’s detection systems protect and monitor your facilities and vehicles for break-ins, trespassers, access to restricted areas, and concealed weapons.



Control who has access to your facilities and fleet with MCA’s state-of-the-art access control systems with card readers, RFID scanners, and more to keep your vehicle yards and equipment safe.



Pull all of your systems together seamlessly with Orchestrate. Create a single pane of glass view to integrate all of your security and radio systems for easy operation.

Data Solutions

Powered by Motorola Nitro™ PLTE from MCA, your team can transmit and receive communications privately and securely throughout your entire facility with an infrastructure.



With Nokia IP-MPLS Routing from MCA, you can ensure your rail, aviation, and motor vehicle passengers and team are always connected while keeping operating and improvement costs down and increasing network availability and connectivity.



Enjoy increased network capacity and speeds and greater flexibility, for a modernized communication system across extensive railway systems over a wide geographic area with outdoor microwave backhaul solutions from our partners at Infinity.



High-performance 4G and 5G cellular routers and gateways capable of operation on public networks ensure your toll collections, traffic systems, digital signage, and ALPR cameras are always connected and online.



MCA will build the infrastructure your transportation agency needs to transmit and receive private and secure voice, data, and video communications throughout airports and other transit hubs with Motorola Nitro™.

Fleet Solutions

MCA has networking solutions for your fleet, whether it travels by land or sea. For buses, trucks, cargo vehicles, railways, and marine vessels, MCA provides the best in-vehicle and mobile networking solutions to keep your drivers connected, improving safety and operational efficiency.



MCA’s purpose-built 5G vehicle routers enable real-time communication between personnel and ensure connectivity for GPS, CAD, AVL, PTC, Video Surveillance, and more through extended Wi-Fi.



Smart cameras and analytics systems from MCA will provide safety, security, and a second set of eyes for monitoring behavior and counting passengers.



MCA can help you create separate mobile Wi-Fi networks within your transit vehicles – private for ticketing and video offload systems and public for passenger usage.



With secure, reliable, and connected mobile radio systems from MCA you can ensure that your drivers and onboard staff can communicate with each other and with their home base anytime, anywhere.

Service Offering

MCA does more than sell hardware and software. We help you with a myriad of services from initial consultation and installation down to post-sale maintenance and support. Learn more below.



Our seasoned team of designers and engineers create detailed blueprints and plans for your transportation solution. Enjoy our continued support throughout the entire lifecycle of your project.


MCA’s expert installers ensure that our solutions meet your exact requirements through rigorous testing protocols and standards. We also train your employees so that they understand how to use your new solution.

and Support

After your solution has been designed, installed, and tested, we continue to offer support when it comes to maintenance and upgrades. When you work with MCA, you gain a lifelong partner dedicated to your success.

Radio Rentals

Many of our products are available via customer-friendly short and long-term rental programs. Our easy-to-use and personalized rental service meet your changing communications and technology requirements.

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With years of experience collaborating with our partners in the utility industry to provision, install, and maintain communication and security systems for voice, video, and data, at MCA we provide ourselves on our service-first approach.

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