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Construction Solutions from Mobile Communications America (MCA)

MCA’s extensive portfolio offers a number of communication and security solutions for the construction industry. Our communication technology and devices are designed to withstand the rugged conditions of the job site, while our surveillance solutions are uniquely engineered to protect construction site employees and assets.

We work closely with those:

  • In industrial, commercial, and residential construction.
  • On infrastructure projects such as roads, highways, bridges, and tunnels.
  • Workers in electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and HVAC services.

Tools to Support Your Construction Team

Two way radio rentals for construction sites

Radio Rentals for
Construction Sites

MCA radio rentals boost worker productivity and efficiency by providing reliable communication both on and off site. Renting radios enables contractors and construction companies to reduce their capital costs.

Nationwide Radio Coverage

MCA’s WAVE OnCloud offers seamless, cloud-managed radio communication across a range of devices (smartphones, tablets, two-way radios, laptops) by combining the best in Push-to-Talk (PTT) radio communication with the coverage of a nationwide cellular network.

Construction Rugged Laptops and Tablets

Rugged Laptops and Tablets

For workers in the most demanding conditions, MCA is the principal channel partner for Panasonic’s line of rugged Toughbooks, laptops and tablets that provide state-of-the-art technology with unmatched durability.

In-Vehicle Networks
for Construction

If you manage a host of vehicles across a geographic range, in-fleet communication devices and networks enable drivers to communicate with each other and supervisors at all times.

MCA Portable Networks

Portable Networks for Construction Sites

In addition to in-vehicle networking, MCA offers communication solutions for construction projects, such connected construction trailers and portable internet connectivity devices.

Hire MCA as the Subcontractor for Your New Building Construction

MCA provides best-in-class solutions for those constructing new buildings and for your new building’s end users. From outfitting surveillance cameras and access control systems in your new construction to providing enhanced in-building cellular coverage, MCA works with general contractors and construction companies as a communication and security solutions’ subcontractor.

Two way radio use for construction sites

Two-Way Radios for Construction Sites

As the principal channel partner for Motorola Two-Way Radios, MCA carries a vast inventory of digital and analog two-way radios for your construction team.

We also sell two-way radios and engineer radio systems for your building’s end users (security teams, staff, and other building personnel).

In-Building Wireless Coverage

In-Building Wireless Coverage

From cellular enhancement networks that rely on small cell deployments to keep your building’s employees and customers connected to public safety radio systems, MCA provides myriad solutions to eliminating dead zones and poor connection speeds in your building.

Construction Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance for Construction Sites

MCA security systems feature the most advanced and durable security cameras, AI video analytics software, and video monitoring storage in the cloud. Protect your employees from harm, and your equipment from theft and vandalism.

Construction Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security and Protection
for Construction Sites

From thermal cameras that detect unusual activity across the perimeter of your job site to bollards, MCA has a number of perimeter security and protection solutions to manage the area surrounding your new building.

Construction Services

FCC Licensing

Professional Services

MCA offers engineering services, project managers, system managers, and FCC Licensing to provide you with a full-service team for the successful design, deployment, and lifecycle support of your project.

Installation Services

Installation Services

From radio site development, staging and testing, and system development to installing after market and OEM equipment to fleet vehicles MCA has a devoted certified technical staff to meet your needs.

24 hour to support

Solution Support

MCA offers full-service maintenance, repair, and managed solutions services. Our dedicated support staff can manage your custom communication solution allowing you more time to focus on your business.

Equipment Rentals

Rental Services

MCA’s products are now available through our customer friendly short-term and long-term rental program. We offer an easy to use personalized rental service to meet your changing communications needs.

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