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Construction Industry

Mission-Critical Communications and Security Solutions for Architects, Builders, and Contractors

On the modern construction site, you need an expert in communications, data technology, and security to see your project through from start to finish. At MCA, we partner with industrial, commercial, and residential construction companies to ensure that your project goes off without a hitch.

Public works departments, architects, contractors, electrical engineers, plumbers, and HVAC technicians rely on our technology solutions to improve operational safety, security, and efficiency.

Choose a better way to build with MCA.

Remaking the Construction Industry Through Technology

In any given year, roughly 20% of workplace fatalities occur in the construction industry. Construction companies know that worker safety is important to protect employees, ensure OSHA compliance, and remain vital as a business. They acknowledge the significance of not only protecting their workers, but also the need to protect their critical assets at construction sites and improve operational success.

In order to become safer and more productive, the construction industry requires always-on connectivity across the job site. They need durable and reliable communications equipment to achieve an enhanced view of their operations and security solutions that protect their workers and infrastructure.

Your Construction Industry Technology Expert

MCA’s solutions for the construction industry feature the best-in-class ruggedized radio, security, and networking devices purpose-built to withstand the harsh conditions found at most job sites. Our two-way radios and dispatch consoles keep everyone on the job site connected, while our surveillance technologies keep your workers and assets safe. With our data communications solutions, your employees, vehicles, jobsites, and central offices can proactively respond to real-time information. Building a safer, more connected, and more efficient job site is our top priority.

Radio Solutions

MCA’s communication solutions for the construction industry include rugged two-way radios, dispatch consoles, and communication networks designed to keep personnel connected across the job site.



MOTOTRBO Two-Way Radios from MCA offer you the clearest, loudest, and most reliable way to communicate on the construction site. Ask about our radio rental program for your project-specific communication needs.


Motorola WAVE OnCloud from MCA is a PTT communications platform that operates across numerous devices and networks. Connect with radio users from your cell phone and vice versa on our nationwide system for voice communication.



WAVE PTX Dispatch, compatible with OnCloud, allows you to effectively manage communications and respond to critical incidents on the job site. Benefit from a dispatch system that works from anywhere with a viable internet connection.



During the construction phase of any new building or facility, you need to make sure you comply with Emergency Radio Responder Coverage (ERRC) codes. Learn more about installing public safety DAS in your new construction from MCA.

Security Solutions

Protecting your construction sites, employees, and critical assets and infrastructure is essential to your business’s safety and efficiency. MCA’s portfolio of security solutions includes everything from video surveillance to mass notification systems.



When it comes to video surveillance for construction companies, MCA offers cost-effective portable systems that can be moved from job site to job site. We also design and install fixed surveillance systems.



Our key cards, biometric locking systems with AI capabilities, and other automated access control systems deter unauthorized access to your job site. We can also install these as fixed solutions in new buildings.



Monitor your job sites for trespassers, suspicious activities and persons, as well as downed workers to remain compliant with OSHA standards. MCA detection systems offer unparalleled security and safety.



Alert, inform, and direct your workers and personnel to safety in the event of an emergency or critical incident. Mass notification systems from MCA feature loud tone alerts that can be heard above the noise of the job site.

Data Solutions

For new buildings and facilities, construction companies and architectural firms need to include broadband access plans for the building’s inhabitants and future users. MCA offers connectivity solutions for both the job site and construction project itself.



As cellular IoT-enabled devices continue to proliferate, new buildings and facilities will need to expand in-building cellular coverage. With distributed antenna systems from MCA, you can give your new constructions the cellular coverage they need.



Internet connectivity on the job site has become essential to the construction industry. MCA has temporary and portable trailers equipped with private cellular networks to help you get and stay connected from the first day onsite.



For commercial buildings and residential communities that require greater bandwidth and faster speeds, MCA optical networking solutions deliver unmatched broadband access, which is essential to the planning of construction companies.



Local codes and laws dictate how much noise and seismic activity construction companies and public works projects can generate. With MCA’s remote monitoring IoT solutions, you can ensure that your company remains in compliance with construction codes.

Fleet and Personnel Solutions

On the job site, you need to keep track of assets, manage your fleet of construction vehicles, and provide your worksite supervisors with the information they need. MCA’s fleet management and personnel solutions are designed to enhance operational efficiency.



Equipping your vehicles with 4G/5G routers and antennas offers numerous benefits on the job site. From mobile computing to automatic vehicle location, you can expand your cellular connectivity while also protecting vehicular assets.



With Wi-Fi asset tags from MCA, you can keep close tabs on your most critical and expensive assets on the job site. Set up geo-fences to track your valuable equipment as it moves around the job site to protect against property loss.



Assess the performance of the construction vehicles in your fleet, diagnose their health, monitor driver behavior, and find the location of your vehicles with telematics enabled by MCA in-vehicle networking solutions.



Ensure that your supervisors, foremen, and team leaders have the information they need with our rugged laptops and tablets. Our rugged laptops are purpose-built to withstand the harsh and hazardous environment of the job site.

Service Offerings

MCA does much more than sell your construction enterprise the above solutions. As a company that takes a service-first approach in providing you job site solutions, we offer full service from initial consultation and installation to post-sale maintenance and support.


Professional Services

MCA’s engineers and designers create detailed plans for your construction technology project. Our team offers  ongoing support throughout the lifecycle of your solution.


Installation Services

MCA’s installers not only implement your solution, but train your workers and personnel on how to utilize it. Additionally, we maintain rigorous testing protocols for all our solutions once implemented.


Solution Support

Partnering with MCA means more than a one time solution for your construction technology project. When you collaborate with us you gain a lifelong network of support for your solution.

Radio Rentals for Construction Sites

Radio Rentals

For those in the construction industry, renting radios for a specific project can make a good deal of sense. We offer the same best-in-class MOTOTRBO radios for rental as we do to sell.

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MCA does much more than sell your construction enterprise the above solutions. As a company that takes a service-first approach in providing you job site solutions, we offer full service from initial consultation and installation to post-sale maintenance and support.

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