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Panasonic Toughbooks for Police

Police Count on Toughbooks to Deliver the Technology They Need to Serve Residents

Panasonic began manufacturing its celebrated line of Toughbooks in 1997. 25 years later, they continue to improve their ruggedized laptops, tablets, handhelds, and 2-1s—each version in this iconic line seems more durable than the one that came before.

At MCA, we are proud to be able to offer police departments across the country these Toughbooks. We know that a large number of these ultra-durable portable computers serve law enforcement agencies that recognize the quality craftsmanship and resilience of the Panasonic brand. 

In discussing the strength of the Panasonic Toughbook, and why it has become the go-to police computer, we should begin with its casing. Its magnesium alloy exterior makes the Toughbook 20x stronger than the typical plastic casing on your everyday laptop. With its sealed ports, the Panasonic Toughbook is impenetrable to dust, spills, and debris.

Panasonic Handhelds for Police Officers

Sheathed in its armored shell, Panasonic Toughbooks are perfect for police work. Despite its rugged exterior, the Toughbook 55—Panasonic’s latest model—is surprisingly light. Officers in the field can easily transport these laptops from their police cruisers and carry them on their person during investigations.

When customized by MCA with software solutions such as Street Smart, which gives officers access to real-time intelligence in the form of breaking crime bulletins, your law enforcement agency’s portable laptops become the newest member of your force. 

Importantly, despite their durability, Panasonic Toughbooks do not sacrifice computing power for ruggedness. Constructed with state-of-art technology, Toughbook 55 gives police officers unrivaled speech recognition, one the longest batteries on the market, and a color-selectable backlit keyboard and Night-mode for your officers on any shift.

How Tough Is the Panasonic Toughbook?

Although we are discussing rugged laptops for your police department, Panasonic Toughbooks offer military-grade durability. The second largest purchaser of Panasonic’s best-in-class ruggedized laptops is, in fact, the military.

But exactly how tough are Panasonic Toughbooks? Numerous consumer studies have demonstrated that the Panasonic Toughbook is built to withstand torrential rains, freezing conditions, and tremendous pressure without breaking.

We really didn’t need consumer advocates to prove that the Panasonic Toughbook was built to last. YouTube offers a number of Toughbook proponents demonstrating the strength of these laptops.

One amateur product tester strapped his Panasonic Toughbook 19 to his snowmobile, dragging it for more than half a mile. When he booted up his computer, it worked like it was fresh out of the box. Yet another YouTuber decided to run over his Toughbook 30 with his SUV. Despite being run over by a vehicle that applied 3,000 pounds of pressure, his computer remained in perfect working order.

If Panasonic Toughbooks can withstand this type of abuse, your police officers will have a really difficult time damaging these laptops.

Use Cases for the Panasonic Toughbook for Police

Now that we’ve established that the Panasonic is durable and rugged enough to withstand anything thrown your officers’ way, we need to answer a bigger question: why do police officers need portable laptop computers in the first place?

Think about the alternative to laptop computers for your police officers. We have already mentioned software designed to assist your officers in the field with real-time intelligence about breaking crimes and suspicious activity. So, what’s the other option?

Before mobile computing became a staple of law enforcement, police officers had to call in reports to their local station, which was a time-consuming and time-wasting process. Even when in-vehicle computers became a common feature in law enforcement, officers still had to manually enter information inside their police cruisers, which confined them to their vehicles.

Because Panasonic Toughbooks possess simple dock connections and collapsible pins, and are so lightweight, officers can easily remove their laptops from their vehicle docking stations to enter information somewhere safe and comfortable—at the seat of their favorite restaurant or even from the comfort of their homes.

Panasonic Toughbooks for Police Vehicles

Inside the squad car, Panasonic Toughbooks gives police officers a HUD (Heads Up Display) with a situational awareness map that provides a graphical view of offenders and recent crimes in the area.

Your law enforcement agency’s Toughbooks also gives your officers the ability to communicate with other responding public safety agencies such as fire departments and EMS. Additionally, during investigations officers can conduct suspect lineups without having to travel back and forth to the station.

And, finally, in an age when body cameras have become a critical part of protecting your officers from accusations of malfeasance, laptop computers have become critical to the management and analysis of historical video content.

The above use cases do not fully exhaust how integral a role Panasonic Toughbooks will be for your police department, but they do paint a clear enough picture of why you would want to outfit your officers with these durable portable computers.

Save Money with Panasonic Toughbooks

Ultimately, the biggest reason to go with Panasonic Toughbooks for your police force is that they are a long-term investment. At MCA, we only sell top-tier products to our partners in law enforcement.


Because we know that opting for a cheaper, less durable laptop is not in your department’s best interest in the long term. Panasonic Toughbooks provide a level of quality for the money you spend that simply can’t be matched by other laptop computers for law enforcement.

Many police departments spend thousands upon thousands of dollars each year replacing less durable and resilient computers broken in the line of duty. Panasonic Toughbooks will last for 5 years or more—often law enforcement agencies decide to replace their Toughbooks simply because they want a newer model with more bells and whistles.

With tighter budgets for police departments, you don’t want to spend precious resources buying new computers for your officers every six months. And with Panasonic Toughbooks, you don’t have to. With warranties that cover both incidental and accidental damage for up to five years, Panasonic stands behind its product.

With this type of protection, purchasing Toughbooks from MCA for your officers is a no-brainer.

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