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Detection Systems

What is a Detection System?

A detection system is a vital component of any business or organization’s security system. A robust DS can detect trespassers on your property and on your network. 

MCA specializes in physical detection and cyber detection. We’ve customized DS installations for manufacturing facilities, schools, utilities, and more. 

More than a commercial alarm monitoring company, MCA can be your trusted advisor to keep your business or organization safe. We can fully integrate a detection system that works with your existing security systems.

Detection Solutions

Alarm Monitoring Services - Live Monitoring Service

Commercial alarm monitoring can help protect your business from unwanted visitors. MCA can implement an alarm monitoring service that you and your security team can easily manage.

Security Alarm Systems - Hardware

Motion sensor alarms and door alarm sensors are only two examples of hardware that make up a robust detection system. Trust MCA to customize and integrate a commercial alarm system installation service to enhance your detection system.

UL 2050 Certified SCIF

When you partner with MCA, you can rest assured you’re working with professionals who are experts in security. MCA technicians are UL 2050-certified installers and are available to customize and install a detection system for your business.

Security camera with AI

Weapon Detection

Weapon detection technology from MCA uses artificial intelligence (AI) and sensor technology to help prevent loss of life. Our weapon detection solutions offer benefits that surpass traditional weapon screening.

Industries Our Access Control Systems Serve

Girl in safe school


MCA’s detection systems come with customizable programming options designed to help keep schools safe. Permission settings are based on users’ roles within the school, and areas throughout the school can be programmed to be secured or unsecured based on the time of day. A fully integrated DS from MCA can also log activity to monitor sensitive network information. 

Factory machinery


Factories, mills, and plants are often subject to theft, trespassing, and vandalism. Because manufacturing facilities have multiple entrance points and are easily accessible, a detection system is a vital part of protecting your facility. A DS from MCA can help make sure your facility functions effectively while also protecting your employees and your property. We can integrate a detection system that works with the security system your manufacturing operation needs.  

Safe utility worker


Utility companies are often the target of cyber attacks. And utility sites are constantly subjected to attack, theft, and vandalism. A detection system from MCA can monitor network traffic for suspicious activity and protect your site so that you can run more efficiently and meet security regulations. 


With cyber attacks and incidents of attack, theft, and vandalism on the rise, a detection system from MCA can complement the security measures offered by public and private security agencies and facilities. An integrated DS from MCA can help you identify anomalies and prevent attacks to help increase the security you provide.

Public Safety

Assessing and deterring threats rapidly is even more crucial when the general public is involved. When emergency managers and public safety managers use a detection system from MCA, they can rely on being able to assess and deter threats rapidly so that the incident can be investigated quickly.

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