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Education Solutions

Safe Schools

In K-12 institutions across the country, educators, school officials and parents are searching for comprehensive solutions to preserve student and staff safety. Tragic events such as school shootings – while still far too frequent – are relatively rare. However, K-12 schools also face everyday emergencies that require instant, coordinated responses from multiple teams, including local public safety officers. 

For those districts fortunate enough to receive increased funding for school safety improvements, choosing among the wide variety of different solutions available is a challenge. For districts without additional funding – but with increased scrutiny from parents and the community – applying their budget for maximum safety benefit is even more critical.

covid solutions

COVID-19 Education Solutions

Ensuring a safe and efficient work environment is, now more than ever, a top priority. Mobile Communications America is here to provide campuses critical solutions. Whether in need of temporary or long-term solutions, MCA can provide immediate deployment with no hassle, turn-key solutions that will fit your unique needs.

Top Trends in School Safety

Safety is Top of Mind

Creating a safer, secure environment continues to be a top concern, yet only 42% meet requirements.

education security reliable communications

Reliable Communications

Responders use more than one mode, but two-way radio continues to be the primary form of communication.

Education Security Communication Needs


Almost 3/4 of schools expressed the need for additional two-way radios.

Education Security Funding Challenge

Funding Challenge

Insufficient funding was the leading challenge to cover communication needs; ~1/4 primarily rely on grants.

Solutions for Education

Now, more than ever, innovation matters. See how we are using technology to help support and sustain the educational community, and ensure Safe Schools for all.

The CARES Act Funds can be applied to MCA Education Solutions:

• Education Security Solutions

• Two-Way Radio Promotions

• Managed Services


Cares Act Education Stabilization Fund

Under the new Education Stabilization Fund, more than $30 billion has been made available to schools across the country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These grants are intended to support efforts by state, schools, and institutions of higher education to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus.

Funding Highlights

The CARES Act encompasses three grants under the Education Stabilization Fund:

Esser Fund

Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund – State Education Agencies (SEAs) can apply and must allocate 90% as subgrants to Local Education Agencies (LEAs), including school districts and charter schools.

Geer Fund

Governon’r Emergency Relief (GEER) Fund – Governors can apply and make subgrants to most the significantly impacted LEAs and IHEs in their state.

Heer Fund

Higher Education Emergency Relief (HEER) Fund – Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) can apply for this grant.

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