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Targeted Solutions for Education

Voice, Security, and Data Technologies for Student and Campus Safety

Within K-12 schools and college campuses across the country, school administrators, public safety officers, and teachers are becoming more and more concerned with their safety. More so, the safety of the students under their care is paramount.

For decades, MCA has served as an important ally of education, bringing them the tools and technology solutions they need to better protect and connect their students. Along with our safety solutions for education, we provide a host of solutions that provide connectivity to your campuses, and your students – both on and off school grounds.

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Changing Education through Technology Solutions

Those in education have understood for some time that it is absolutely vital to protect our students. Having the tools and resources in place to protect your facilities, faculty, and student population from potential catastrophes is necessary. Alerting students when manmade or natural events occur – such as active shooter situations and hazardous weather conditions – requires comprehensive solutions such as intelligent surveillance and mass notification systems.

But your educational institution likely requires an even greater set of solutions. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, many public and private school districts across the country realized they were years behind in implementing the networking solutions that would make distance and elearning a reality. MCA was glad to help schools across the country utilize grants and other forms of funding to deliver internet connectivity to students in need district-wide.

IT Directors in the education sector have a lot to consider in terms of technology solutions. What is the right communication solution for campus security guards? How can we better track and monitor our school buses and transportation vehicles?  What solutions will keep my students safest?

There are a near endless number of questions – the experts at MCA are here to help provide you with answers.

Radio Solutions

Communication between school administrators, school public safety officers, and teachers play a vital role in protecting your students. Our communication solutions for education are designed to keep your people connected and your students safe.



Seen as the gold standard in two-way radio communication, MCA offers Motorola’s entire inventory of MOTOTRBO two-way radios at various price points. We also offer radio rentals to meet your changing technology needs.



With Wave OnCloud from Motorola Solutions, your school or university will have a system that pushes the boundaries of communication. Give your school bus drivers PTT two-way radios and stay connected with them over your smartphone.


The WAVE PTX Dispatch System allows you to better control, route, and reroute your school bus fleet, with greater visibility enabled by integrations with Geographic Information and Automated Vehicle Location Systems.


Should an unfortunate event occur at your school that requires an immediate emergency response,  first responders arriving on scene must be able to communicate clearly. Our Public Safety DAS systems ensure they can.

Security Solutions

From your basic surveillance camera for a school hallway or corridor to advanced vape and gun particulate detectors, MCA has the right solution to meet your school or campus’s complete security needs.



MCA helps schools monitor, store, and analyze important video data that can save lives. With advanced features like self-learning AI, the surveillance systems available from MCA provide educational institutions with unparalleled levels of security.



With MCA’s physical and digital intrusion detection systems you can have 24/7 live monitoring of your campus or school and its networks. We also offer many other detection solutions, including hands-free, pass-through weapon detectors.


Our access control systems help you admit and deny who can gain access to your school or campus. In the case of locking down certain rooms or sensitive areas, MCA will help you grant selective access with card readers, RFID scanners, and biometrics.


Your school’s security system should help you respond to threats and incidents more efficiently and effectively. With Motorola Orchestrate, you can manage your schools monitoring, detection, and control systems security from a single platform.

Data Solutions

As we learned during the Covid-19 pandemic, access to the internet for our students is not a given. Protecting your students and bridging the digital divide in education is the purpose of MCA Data Solutions for Education.



With MCA’s expansive portfolio of CIPA-compliant routers and gateways, you can begin to build the digital bridge to your student’s educational futures. Connecting the classroom to the home is now more important than ever.



Having MCA build a private LTE network for your campus or community increases connectivity and protects your institution’s sensitive data. Discover what the safe transmission of voice, video, and data truly means.


If your campus or school is suffers from spotty cellular reception, our expertly installed Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) help achieve complete coverage by boosting cellular signals throughout your buildings.


Whether it’s hazardous weather or a dangerous individual headed your way, it’s critical to keep students and teachers informed. Our Mass Notification Systems issue voice, tone, and text alerts, that help keep everyone safe.

Fleet Solutions

When it comes to embracing education technology solutions, you need to think about the transport of students to and from school. Having a safe, well-managed school bus fleet is as important as having safe, well-managed classrooms.



With our vehicle area networking solutions (VAN), your schools’ transit directors can manage extensive fleets of school buses spread across wide geographic areas with data from GPS, AVL, Navigation systems, and more.



With visibility into vehicle telematics and I/O data enabled by our vehicle area networks, your school district can receive maintenance alerts regarding vehicle health and assess driver performance in real-time.


On the way to and from school, you can provide your students the ability to complete online homework assignments by providing CIPA-compliant internet access to their smart devices via school bus Wi-Fi.


To monitor and assess student and driver behavior on school buses, our mobile video systems provide a second set of eyes that promote school bus safety and store video data in the cloud for easy playback to address incidents.

Service Offerings

With a service-first mentality infused in the way we collaborate with all of our clients, MCA has especially enjoyed working with public and private school districts from Michigan to Florida. Discover our unparalleled services from design plans through installation to post-sale maintenance.


Professional Services

MCA’s design and engineering teams create detailed plans for your education technology projects and offer complete support throughout your solutions lifecycle.


Installation Services

MCA’s installation technicians  follow a thorough testing procedure that ensures quality control throughout the implementation and installation of your technology solutions.

Solution Support

Utilizing equipment service agreements from MCA’s provides your educational institution with an ongoing ally for the success of your technology deployments with ongoing support and maintenance.

Radio Rentals

Renting radios for administrators and security teams to communicate is a great option for school districts that want an alternative to ownership or a chance to try equipment before buying.

Request a Free Consultation

MCA has provided technology solutions for public and private schools, entire school districts, and major college campuses nationwide. We pride ourselves on the quality of the amazing professional and personal relationships we have among school administrators, superintendents, and IT professionals.

We continue to deliver the highest-quality products and solutions through our premier channel partners such as Motorola Solutions, Panasonic, Sierra Wireless, Cradlepoint, and more.

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