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Vehicle Area Networking Solutions

What is Vehicle Area Networking?

A vehicle area network (VAN) provides local vehicle Wi-Fi, enabling you to manage a large number of vehicles over a wide geographic area. VAN connectivity solutions from MCA allow your organization’s dispatchers, IT professionals, and vehicles to communicate with each other over broadband. Handheld radios and other devices critical to the success of mass transit systems, rapid connectivity for public safety agencies and first responders, and service fleet database management and access rely on MCA’s VAN communication solutions.

Vehicle area networks are changing how organizations stay connected with their mobile teams. USAT, a key part of the data solutions team at MCA, offers its clients access to secure LTE networks, cloud management applications, and rugged vehicle routers for vehicle area networking.

Vehicle Connectivity Solutions from MCA

Vehicle Wifi for Public and Private Organizations

MCA offers vehicle Wifi solutions for private businesses and public agencies. With our extended vehicle area networking applications and devices, we provide Wifi inside vehicles that can extend up to 300 feet outside for handheld device connectivity. By connecting your vehicles with our wireless routers, you have the full capability of our unique vehicle telemetry solutions.

Police Officer vehicle network
GPS in vehicle

GPS and Vehicle Telemetry

Precision GPS and telematics from MCA enable you to find vehicles with Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), track assets by setting up a geofence, and evaluate vehicle performance through I/O data. Real-time information delivered securely over the cloud gives fleet and field managers actionable data, informing decisions that improve safety while also saving your enterprise time and money.

Video Monitoring

With Wi-Fi enabled video camera systems installed in VAN equipped vehicles and body worn cameras on drivers, fleet managers can ensure the safety of both personnel and passengers in real-time. Footage can also be stored in the cloud, and utilized as evidence for insurance claims, legal cases, and in other instances in which access to a video record proves necessary.

Vehicle dashboard camera
Vehicle gas warning light

Vehicle Health

Advanced telematics with IO sensors empowers monitoring for the entire health of your fleet. You can track intake valves, service indicators, tire pressure, fuel consumption, and other important data. With cellular routers capable of connecting to native and custom IO sensors, MCA makes sure your organization knows what vehicles in your fleet are road ready and which may require additional maintenance.

Safety Assessments

In-vehicle telematics facilitate vehicle safety monitoring and real-time driver’s scorecards. Your fleet managers receive data about driver’s speeds, breaking frequency and duration, seat-belt usage, accidents, airbag deployments, and more. For anyone with a fleet of vehicles, MCA has the devices and in-vehicle networking solutions that make advanced safety monitoring possible.

Vehicle network solutions

VAN Communication Products from MCA

5G Vehicle Routers

We sell high-performance mobile routers, like the rugged 5G Cradlepoint R1900, designed especially for mission-critical vehicle networking in public safety, transportation, and field fleet management.

Rugged Antennas

Our antennas are engineered with exceptional radiation patterns and gain. Developed to provide superior MIMO performance across Wifi and cellular bands, MCA’s advanced antennas are perfect for your vehicle upfitting needs.

Marine Antennas

For those managing a boat fleet, MCA’s marine antennas demonstrate superlative pattern control over your entire frequency range. Higher frequencies are not compromised, giving you the best in maritime communications.

In-Vehicle Computers

Many industries and agencies today need to outfit their officers and personnel with computers built to operate inside their vehicles. For example, in-vehicle computers help fire and rescue crews communicate vital information as they race to the scene of an emergency. They also assist those in utilities assess the health of critical infrastructure.

Most organizations need vehicle computers with plenty of CPUs and tough enough to last even in the most dangerous and hazardous environments. As a preferred channel partner of Panasonic, we carry their entire catalog of TOUGHBOOKs for your in-car computing needs.

Features of the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK

Panasonic Toughbook Durable


With its IP-rated magnesium alloy casing and scratch-resistant outer shell, Panasonic TOUGHBOOKs are built to sustain accidental drops and bumps as you enter or exit your vehicles.

Toughbook Long Lasting

Lasting Protection

Environmental seals, dampers, and flexible connectors offer protection from spills, dust, and natural elements. When you invest in a rugged laptop from Panasonic, you don’t need to worry about spilling your coffee on your computer during a shift.

Toughbook LCD User friendly


Panasonic TOUGHBOOKs come equipped with an LCD screen, which gives you picture-perfect clarity even in poor lighting conditions. Extended lifecycle support maximizes your ROI.

Panasonic Toughbook G2

Panasonic’s Toughbook G2 is a groundbreaking computer that offers 36 distinct combinations. With its optional keyboard, 18.5-hour battery life, and infrared camera, it delivers the ultimate computing experience for those in rugged industries.

Policeman using Panasonic Toughbook

Industries Our In-Vehicle Networking Solutions Serve

Utilities Field Service Vehicle Networking


With VAN connectivity solutions from MCA, field vehicles used in the utilities industry share network resources (such as in-vehicle cameras and remote system accessibility), allowing personnel to interact with each other more efficiently. In-vehicle networking for your field utility fleet also includes GPS locating and vehicle data collection.

Fire Fighter In-Vehicle Communications

Public Safety

Supporting communication between law enforcement officers, as well as real-time streaming from dash and body cams, in-vehicle networking plays an integral role in connecting public safety vehicles. We have the rugged devices and public safety networks first responders rushing to the scene of an emergency need to maintain always-on connectivity in the field.

School Bus Wi-Fi Solutions


Equip your school bus fleet with Wifi connectivity. With vehicle antennas and mobile routers from MCA, your students can complete homework assignments on their school bus. Buses not in use can also be used as mobile hotspots, supplying Wifi coverage to students lacking reliable broadband when parked outside of apartment buildings and in nearby neighborhoods.

Public bus


For public and private transportation systems—bus and rail—vehicle area networks ensure that both drivers and passengers remain safe through live video monitoring. Additionally, VAN connections can give your passengers access to high-speed Wi-Fi separate from the Wi-Fi networks that connect your fleet.

trbomax MCA Transportation Solutions

Ground Logistics

Managers of commercial fleets and vessels rely on vehicle area networks for a number of important functions. From IO sensors that provide invaluable information on driver performance to your vehicles’ road-readiness, MCA’s in-vehicle networking solutions give you the diagnostic tools you need to manage your fleet.

Shipping freighter

Ocean Freight

Designed to operate under the harshest conditions, MCA’s ruggedized routers and purpose-built marine antennas are perfect for maritime logistical communication made to withstand extreme UV, water, heat, and wind levels. The high cost of satellite communications and unpredictable weather make LTE networks ideal for near shore communications. 

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