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Security Automation with Orchestrate

Unify your communications ecosystem with Orchestrate

Motorola’s Orchestrate provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution that brings security automation to a whole new level. Administrators and users now have the ability to automate workflows and devise security automation responses through one integrated system without the need for technical support.

With automated workflows, your team can improve response times, effectiveness, and most importantly safety. Voice, data, video, and software analytics are all unified through Orchestrate’s security automation and orchestration system. When seconds make all the difference, Orchestrate steps in to provide a safe, efficient, and productive solution.


Integrate Technology and Communications

Respond quickly by automating your workflows

MCA Orchestrate An Integrated Technology Ecosystem

Instant voice communications

Save time by alerting the correct staff immediately after an incident occurs with automated workflows.

Video analytics technologies

Evaluate real-time data across widespread areas to quickly analyze and detect threats.

Advanced software and security

Optimize workflows and provide consistent responses a secure cloud-based platform that can be accessed anywhere and any time.

Support services

Backed by Motorola's certified experts, you can ensure a rapid response and a quick resolution to all your questions.


Focus on What Matters the Most
Automate the Rest

As a Safety Reimagined Partner, MCA is able  to provide your business with the best solution to combine your security systems in one place making automation and workflows more accessible. 

Visual and Intuitive Interface
Orchestrate offers a simple, graphical interface that enables administrators and security teams to control workflow and incident response.

Security Incident Response
Leverage analytics with a conditional logic that instantly triggers alerts for a response. Generate post-incident activity reports to gain further insight into the cause of breaches.

Workflow Made Easy
From simple, machine-assisted decision making to sophisticated workgroup action in event management, drag and drop workflows make Orchestrate a simple and effective tool.

Security Automation for Your Business

Secure Solutions • Effective Results • Fast Response

MCA provides solutions for the following industries and organizations:

DAS Solutions for Stadiums and Event Arenas

Stadiums & Entertainment

Give concert-goers and sports fans the ultimate entertainment experience by connecting your event workgroups and security teams with Orchestrate. Whether your customers are rocking out or cheering on their favorite team, MCA has you covered.

DAS Solutions for Hotels and Casinos


Provide your guests optimal service and the best in accommodations by coordinating your incident response team with the workflow of staff members who interact with guests.

DAS Solutions for Schools and Universities


Create a seamless communications ecosystem connecting school personnel, public safety first responders, and other relevant parties. Keep your school campus safe and give law enforcement the upper hand in confronting threats.

DAS Solutions for Airports and Public Venues

Public Venue

Orchestrate provides end-to-end security automation coverage, sending radio alerts to teams both onsite and off. From airport security to art galleries, Orchestrate will automatically alert you of all security breaches.

DAS Solutions for Hospitals and Medical Centers


Integrate smart, AI camera technology with radio communications over Orchestrate’s cloud-based platform across large, healthcare complexes to protect caregivers, patients, and visitors alike.

DAS Solutions for Malls and Retail Centers


Increase gains in productivity by managing workflows across multiple teams, cutting down on labor redundancies. Integrate the processes between your various teams and operations.

Why Do I Need Orchestrate?

The Problem

Opertational Inefficiencies

Of time used to perform manual tasks is transfer time.


Manual responses to incidents consume too much time. This is especially true of a security incident response process, which needs to be fast to protect the lives of your customers, clients, and workers. Automating operational functions within your business or organization allows you to focus on what matters most.

Catch-As-You-Can Automation

Of businesses and organizations reported that their strategies for automation was done on an ad-hoc basis.

Considerable organizational resources are devoted to patching up and papering over workflow and incident response issues as they arise, rather than having the processes and systems in place to optimize workplace and incident response.

Knowledge Gap

Of businesses and organizations report that they simply lack the skill to automate.

We know that there exists an unrelenting pressure for businesses and organizations to do more with less. Automating workflows and connecting teams across departments and divisions is a real problem for today’s enterprise.

The Solution

Partnering with MCA in implementing Orchestrate optimizes your organization’s ecosystem by automatizing workflow and providing an instantaneous incident response. Scalable to the most complex organizations, Orchestrate’s self-service, cloud-based platform has an intuitive functionality designed for users to easily respond to challenges through a drag-and-drop interface.

Furthermore, Orchestrate is compatible with AVIGILON Video Security, AVIGILON Access Control, MOTOTRBO, and the Ally product line.

Security automation means devising a security incident response plan: Orchestrate is that plan. Whether you need to boost productivity or connect workgroups, Orchestrate is the solution for the 21st -century organization.

Automate Your Security Today with Orchestrate!

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