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MOTOTRBO R7 Provides Hospitals With Communications Clarity

In Healthcare, Every Second Counts – Make Sure You’re Heard

Seamless, Reliable Healthcare Communications Keep Operations Running Smoothly

Healthcare providers are cool, calm, and collected in the face of extraordinary circumstances. However, healing patients and saving lives relies greatly on their ability to hear their colleagues and first responders clearly and immediately. It’s no secret that emergency situations – whether indoors or out – can become very loud, very quickly.

Hospitals are also prone to hot tempers, emotional family members, and overwhelmed employees. When security needs to get involved, they need to be made aware immediately so that they can respond quickly. 

And, of course, sanitation teams are required to be at the ready to handle biowaste, chemical mishaps, or run-of-the-mill housekeeping issues to ensure the health and safety of patients and staff alike.

When every second counts, seamless and reliable communication is absolutely critical. In an emergency situation, being uncertain or – even worse – uninformed can have major consequences.

Sharp, Clear Audio For Your Hospital

By the bedside, healthcare providers must be able to communicate with their patients and their families in a collected, informed manner. That responsibility doesn’t end when they leave the bedside. They also need to be able to communicate quickly and clearly with colleagues, security personnel, and other first responders across the entire hospital facility.

Unfortunately, the layout and construction of healthcare facilities can deeply impede connectivity. With Motorola’s MOTOTRBO R7, the size of the facility is no longer a factor. Their large-capacity system and broadband Push-To-Talk and Land Mobile Radio portfolio offers communication without boundaries.

The MOTOTRBO R7 provides hospital personnel across all departments with game-changing audio capabilities in a rugged device. 

  • Advanced audio ensures that all communications are heard loud and clear.
  • The rugged construction protects the device in whatever hectic situation it may find itself in.
  •  Noise cancellation and volume capabilities mean that what you’re saying gets heard, and what you’re hearing is clear.

Constant Connection, Instant Alerts, Minimal Downtime

Unified communications streamline messaging and responsiveness when it matters most. The MOTOTRBO is built to work on Motorola’s unified voice, data, and analytics platform, allowing teams to work together seamlessly and collaboratively. 

In the event a team needs to communicate regarding an escalating or emergent situation, their communications system should work flawlessly. 

With automated workflows, your teams can improve efficiency, response times, and – most importantly – safety. Motorola’s integrated awareness tool, Orchestrate, allows pre-defined user groups to be configured so messages go out to necessary personnel quickly. Group messaging increases collaboration and minimizes intrusion for those who don’t need to be involved. 

The units also have a number of important security and functionality features, including:

  • Being easy to use, which decreases delays during an emergency situation
  • Security to prevent unauthorized access
  • Independent calibration for quick connectivity
  • The longest battery life possible

About MCA

MCA provides the solutions and services to provide a robust, end-to-end portfolio for healthcare organizations. With the right technologies, you can help keep your facilities safe, improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Motorola Solutions has developed the first and only technology ecosystem that unifies voice, video, data, and analytics in a single platform, enabling all teams to work together in more powerful ways. We call it Safety Reimagined. MOTOTRBO R7 is built into this ecosystem, so you can keep your team connected and streamline critical communications while collaborating with video security systems, sensors, and more.

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