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MCA Fleet Equipment and Upfitting Services

Vehicle Upfitting in 13+ States and 80+ Cities

MCA’s expert vehicle upfitting installation teams are located in more than 13 U.S. states and over 80 locations. We boast the experience and skill to outfit your fleet with in-vehicle communications systems for better radio, cellular, video, data, and voice.

Whether you’re a public safety agency that needs improved in-car radio coverage to keep your personnel and the public safe, or the manager of a carrier fleet who wants in-vehicle video to assess your drivers’ on-road performance, MCA has the solutions to fit any budget.

The benefits of going with MCA to upfit your fleet are our cost-effective and complete customizable options and highly skilled installation teams.

Vehicle Technology Installations for Any Size Vehicle Fleet

When it comes to the communications technology in your vehicles, you need a reliable contractor with turn-key solutions like MCA.  Check out our vehicle upfitting solutions.

Vehicle Mounts and Console Systems

MCA partners with top manufacturers like Havis to supply your organization with the most rugged and durable vehicle mounts. They include products like:

Dash & Pedestal Mounts

Our dash and pedestal mounts with extension arms are adjustable for optimal viewing and to provide ample space to move within your mobile workspace. 

Center Console Systems

For police vehicles and other fleets that need multiple communication equipment in easy reach of the driver, Center Console Systems house your entire in-vehicle communications.

In-Vehicle Storage Boxes

Purpose-built steel mobile storage boxes are ideal for utility and other field service vehicles that house critical equipment that requires additional protection.

Rugged Dashboard and Mounted Laptops for In-Vehicle Computing

Panasonic TOUGHBOOKs are engineered to operate under the harshest conditions and endure the roughest of handling. Equally useful for the police cruiser and your city’s passenger buses, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK laptops deliver unrivaled computing power, durability, and longevity. 

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK laptops mounted in your vehicles:

  • Come in a magnesium-alloy, scratch-resistant shell for the ultimate protection for all the bumps in the road
  • Are equipped with environmental seals that protect against any liquid damage, grease, and dirt
  • Feature a screen optimized for in-vehicle use under any light conditions

Best-in-Class Lights and Sirens

MCA carries a full inventory of light bars, sirens, and speaker systems for public safety (police, fire, EMS) vehicles, tow trucks, utility field service vehicles from top manufacturers like Whelen.

In addition, we have expertise in the installation of the following upfit lighting for your fleet:


Our compact lightheads are designed for a number of applications with versatile mounting capabilities. From compartment lights to those outside the vehicle, our lightheads come in a range of illuminations and colors.

Interior Lights

With lighting solutions for the dash, deck, and visor of your vehicles, MCA offers subtle warning lights with flexible mounting. Our dash and visor lights are built for easy transport, and illumination options to fit your vehicle’s application.

Sirens and Speakers

We install compact speakers that deliver powerful traffic clearing capability, and sirens that issue deep tones capable of penetrating other vehicles, alerting drivers and pedestrians of your approach so they can clear the way.

Mobile Dash Radios for Instant Communication

Mobile dash radios from MCA’s channel partner Motorola enable you to communicate efficiently and effectively between vehicles and with central command. For the safety and security of your personnel and the public, choose MCA as your go-to supplier and installer of vehicle-mounted, two-way radios.

APX 6500 Radio

The APX 6500 Single-Band P25 Mobile Radio doesn’t sacrifice workspace for connection. Integrated with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and SmartConnect, the APX 6500 maximizes your options for staying in consistent contact.

APX™ Dual Radio

The ideal mobile dash radio for first responders. With the APX Dual Radio, public safety officers will gain complete interoperability from this radio’s single O7 control head.

APX 4500 Radio

A powerful and crystal clear radio signal at a price that any organization can afford. The APX 4500 is the original mobile radio from Motorola and has been at the scene at countless critical moments.

Vehicle Mounted Antennas and Cellular Routers

Ruggedized cellular devices are becoming a necessity for fleet managers. As data needs increase year after year, the vehicle routers have become faster, more rugged, and more technologically advanced to support mobile data, video, and critical communications.

Mobile Antenna Systems

MCA sells a number of antennas that can be quickly mounted on car windows, vehicle roofs or elsewhere.

Easy to install and replace, our mobile antenna systems have been used for the following applications:

  • Law Enforcement Vehicle Connectivity
  • Wifi Connections on Buses
  • Vehicle Tracking and Telemetry
  • Countless Other Applications

Vehicle Wifi Routers

MCA’s catalog of high-performance vehicle Wifi routers offer secure, always-on, mission-critical connectivity for industries such as public safety and transportation.

Gain access to real-time video, voice, and data with our best-in-class vehicle routers.

  • FirstNet-Ready Routers for Public Safety Vehicles
  • Vehicle Routers with Multi-Network Connectivity Capabilities
  • Routers with 5G Connectivity

Vehicle Cameras for Your Fleet

Fleet managers benefit from the enterprise-grade vehicle cameras MCA offers. When it comes to protecting your people, your assets, and the general public, our complete vehicle camera systems enable you to monitor footage in real-time, ensuring the safety of your passengers and personnel.

Automated video cloud storage makes for excellent evidence collection, reduces insurance premiums, and offers fleet managers the opportunity to play back footage in the case of an incident or to determine the cause of an accident.

Ensure that your drivers remain on their best behavior and reduce the likelihood of fraudulent claims against your people and organization with our best-in-class cameras.

Dash and Body Cameras

With MCA’s durable, purpose-built dash and body cams, your organization will enjoy high-resolution video streams from your mobile personnel directly to central command. 

Our vehicle cameras feature:

  • Multiple Camera Angles for the Bigger Picture
  • 128GB of Storage to Go Beyond the 12-Hour Shift
  • Dash and Body Cam Integration Capabilities
  • Built In Wi-Fi and GPS Tracking

License Plate Readers

We can provide automated license plate readers (ALPRs) that draw information from a database of more than 10 billion license plates to provide officers real-time, actionable intelligence.

Our ALPR systems:

  • Scan and Detect – So Your Can Act
  • Increase Officer Safety
  • Proactively Interrupt Crimes
  • Help Solve More Cases

Industry-Based Applications for MCA Custom Vehicle Upfitting

Utilities Field Service Vehicle Networking


Your field service vehicles require in-car communication capabilities. For those in the utilities (oil and gas, water and wastewater, and power), making sure you stay in contact with your drivers protects them and your critical assets. Mobile dash radios and in-vehicle cameras give you better information to address any issue that may arise over the entirety of your operation.

trbomax MCA Transportation Solutions


As the manager or owner of a commercial transportation fleet, you need to remain in contact with your drivers on the road. You also need to monitor driver performance and assess vehicle health with telematics. With MCA’s vehicle upfitting solutions, including in-car cellular connectivity, you will have a better understanding of your fleet’s performance and protect your bottom line.

Fire Fighter In-Vehicle Communications

Public Safety

Law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and emergency first responders benefit from the enhanced features of MCA’s in-vehicle outfitting solutions. From ALPR technology and durable mounts for police cruisers to the most sophisticated dash radios for EMS, public safety agencies need the best of in-vehicle technology. Save lives and protect your public safety officers with our fleet communication and lighting upgrades.

Public bus


As the manager of public or private buses, you need in-vehicle cameras for the safety of drivers and passengers. You also need to stay in contact with drivers over a vehicle mounted two-way radio system. MCA has the solutions to keep your buses connected to central dispatch, providing voice, video, and data to ensure that your transportation system is in top form.

School Bus Wi-Fi Solutions


When MCA worked with the Orangeburg School District in South Carolina, we helped them to outfit their school buses with mobile dash radios. Assisting school systems to upgrade their buses for the safety of their students and staff is central to the mission of MCA. Enabling them to do this economically is one way that we can support education in all the states where we are located.

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MCA is a specialty provider of vehicle upfitting, networking, connectivity, and communication solutions.

With over 80 strategically placed offices across 13 states, we can rapidly deploy our skilled technicians and engineers to configure and install radio and cellular communications devices as well as vehicle computers, lights, sirens, camera systems, and more.

Partner with MCA to be your turn-key provider for fleet management solutions. Contact us today to request a free consultation to discuss your vehicle management needs.

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