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Simplify and Centralize Communications with WAVE PTX and PTX Dispatch

Wave PTX and PTX Dispatch Explained

From Landlines to Smart Phones – Communication Is Ever Changing

When portable two-way radios were invented in 1937, they were the absolute cutting edge of communications technology. Telephones had been invented in the late 1800s, and by the 1920s, construction companies were offering to pre-wire newly built homes. But two-way radios offered a type of instant communication – and wireless freedom – that introduced a completely new era of communications. 

Fast forward nearly 90 years since the invention of the two-way radio, and it’s completely normal for every person you see to be holding a phone in their hand as they go about their daily lives. Instant, constant communication has become a hallmark of our time, and a necessity for just about every industry you can imagine.

However, in industries where instant communication is imperative and multiple individuals may need to be included in the conversation, two-way radios have long remained the standard.

What Is Motorola WAVE PTX?

Motorola WAVE PTX is a subscription-based group service that instantly connects your team across different devices, networks, and locations.

The service is available across multiple formats: rugged Motorola two-way radio devices, the Evolve LTE handheld, and the WAVE PTX Mobile App, which turns any smartphone into a PTT device.

PTT Radio mode emulates the simple, uncomplicated experience of traditional two-way radio, while Standard Mode offers a full suite of client flexibility and features.

Key Features

Some of the key features of Motorola WAVE PTX include:

  • Group and Private PTT calls
  • Real-time presence
  • Do not disturb
  • Priority talkgroup scan
  • Background calling
  • Voice message fallback
  • Text messaging
  • Video, photo, and file sharing
  • Location, mapping, and tracking
  • Geofencing

What Is Motorola WAVE PTX Dispatch?

Motorola WAVE PTX Dispatch allows organizations to streamline and simplify their day-to-day operations. By securely signing into WAVE PTX Dispatch from anywhere with an internet connection and a standard web browser, you can keep in touch with your team and field-based personnel while enjoying freedom from maintenance and manual software updates.

The web-based platform allows dispatchers to monitor communication traffic and instantly connect with groups at the touch of a button. Integrated messaging ensures that your team has all of the information they need – from texts and photos to videos and files – all in a familiar message thread format. You can also easily search for and share location details, including specific addresses and points of interest, to improve coordination and planning.

Key Features

Some of the key features of Motorola WAVE PTX Dispatch include:

  • Monitor up to 20 talkgroups
  • Group and individual calls
  • Broadcast call
  • Supervisory override
  • Logging and recording
  • Message threads
  • Text, video, photo, and file sharing
  • Location and mapping
  • Geofencing
  • In-map communication

Industry Use Cases

Two-way radios are very commonly used across a wide variety of industries, including education, manufacturing, hospitality, recreation and entertainment, and construction – among many others.


Increase student and staff safety with WAVE PTX by facilitating instant communication across campus without the need for a separate radio infrastructure deployment. 

Teachers, administrators, and volunteers can use the Wave PTX app to turn their smartphone into a PTT device and coordinate and monitor regular student activities, such as arrival and dismissal procedures, operations during sporting events and extra-curricular activities, or increase awareness and communication during emergency situations. 

Since two-way radios and PTT are typically permitted for use while driving, bus drivers are able to efficiently communicate with each other and with dispatch while en route.


From the assembly line to the shipping dock, keep your entire team connected. The WAVE PTX Dispatch console will allow you to monitor and coordinate logistics, while WAVE PTX affords instant communication across your entire facility and team.


Creating an enjoyable, seamless experience for your guests becomes much easier when your entire team is able to communicate instantly. In the event of guest dissatisfaction, your front-of-house personnel can immediately coordinate with the back-of-house teammate who can address the problem. In the event of an emergency, security teams will be able to communicate with each other and with other facility staff members to ensure the safety of everyone on site.


Whether your venue is hosting a youth sports team, a professional sporting event, or the boy band of the moment, your teams will be able to communicate efficiently across the entire facility with WAVE PTX. Everyone from the ticket booth to security will be able to stay in the loop with the goings on of the event, and can instantly connect to address any situation that may arise.

Wave PTX for Construction


Construction crews often use PTT to communicate, although it’s not always necessary to provide every person on the crew with a two-way radio. With WAVE PTX every smartphone has the ability to connect to the WAVE PTX service and become an instant PTT device.

Additionally, the WAVE PTX service means that there’s no need to set up a dedicated two-way radio network at large sites.

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