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Safety Reimagined Solutions

It’s time to reimagine what safety can do for your organization. MCA offers the first technology ecosystem that unifies voice, video, data, and analytics on a single platform.

Now safety, efficiency, and productivity are deeply connected with technologies that DETECTANALYZECOMMUNICATE and RESPOND

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Combining these solutions together, Safety Reimagined, along with Orchestrate, offers a powerful cloud-based solution to automate your security systems in one platform. 


How do you know who’s really supposed to be at your workplace? How can we ensure everyone leaves when they are supposed to?

The ability to DETECT unusual behavior such as cars that should not be in the parking lot and restricted areas being accessed,  all the way to recognizing individual staff, or visitor faces that should not be at your workplace is available. Integrated video security can improve situational awareness and help increase early risk detection.

Detection Solutions

video surveillance

Video Security

Ensure a safe and secure environment with specialized cameras for all settings such as offices, parking lots, hallways and building entrances – by capturing details and enhancing visibility.

License Plate Recognition

Monitor all roads approaching and surrounding your facility and automatically alert security and law enforcement when threat-identified vehicles enter facility grounds.


Watchlist Alerting

Accelerate response times by identifying individuals of interest on company using a secure, controlled watch list created and maintained by authorized users on staff.



Ensure fully anonymous, confidential tip submissions using a web-based form, enabling the community to report suspicious activities at any time from their smartphone.


It’s extremely hard to monitor all suspicious activity around your workplace. Scouring through hours of collected data with hundreds of moving bodies makes it difficult to identify specific incidents, but with the help of video analytics visitors and staff can begin to feel safer knowing tools are in place providing real-time insights into on property movements.

The ability to ANALYZE data in real-time while exploring multiple streams of video data can locate staff and visitors based on physical descriptions, allow easy identification, as well as unusual motion detection which allows proactive monitoring and management across your workplace.

Analytics Solutions

appearance search

Appearance Search

Quickly find and track individuals of interest with video footage searches, using both specific physical descriptions and facial characteristic analytics.

Identity Search

Quickly search for a person using access control credentials and map movement throughout your entire premises via scanned door badge activity.

Motion Detection

Useful Motion Detection

Detect unusual events with artificial intelligence that “learns” typical campus activities in a scene, to automatically reveal and flag unusual motion.

ai analytics

Self Learning Analytics

Monitor campus properties 24/7 with video software that detects abnormal or concerning activity sending real-time notifications when an action is flagged.


The ability to connect and COMMUNICATE in real-time with staff and public safety personnel ensures workplace incidents won’t become tragedies. Clear communications, sent quickly and easily, can improve the safety of your workplace: a radio alert to the front office or a text alert to staff or mass notification to local community contacts.

Communication Solutions

Communication Solution Radio


Two-way radios instantly connect security, staff and first responders with clear and timely communication to keep your team connected and informed.

Team Communications

Team Communications

Broadband PTT extends the customers reach by enabling voice and data information to be shared across devices with speed and simplicity.

Private LTE (CBRS)

Connect business-critical voice and share multi-media and data across your facility using a private LTE data network managed through a cloud based portal.

Dispatch Management

Dispatch Management

Simplify workflows with streamline dashboard views and instant communications across different devices, networks and locations. 


The ability to RESPOND to emergency situations and then connect seamlessly to local law enforcement or emergency response teams, by sharing real-time intelligence through alerts and live video feeds, provides eyes on the scene. The best actions can be taken to meet the needs of the situation on hand, whether being an employee with a medical emergency or an intruder on campus, connecting with the right people and receiving a rapid response helps all parties involved.

Responds Solutions

Incident Management

Simplify and standardize the dispatch process and workflow with streamlined dashboard views and instant interconnectivity across devices, networks and locations.

Critical Connect

Critical Connect

Ensure seamless coordination and connectivity between personnel and local law enforcement, regardless of the situation with interoperability with P25 two-way radios.

Mass Notification

Notify your teams instantly via text alert of inclement weather, threats, and drills among countless other situations. A simple interface provides a quick path to initiating an alert.

Access Control

Manage staff and visitor access to buildings or restricted areas at your workplace using a role-based system with instant detection of individuals at access points.

Safety Reimagined with Orchestrate

As a Safety Reimagined partner, MCA combines your security into one automated solution – Orchestrate. This cloud-based platform lets you create your own automated workflows so you can respond quickly and efficiently to any incidents that arise.

Orchestrate offers:

  • Enterprise cloud-based platform
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Analytics-driven logic
  • Automated security workflows

Define, optimize, and manage your workflows across all your systems to deliver consistent results with MCA and Orchestrate. 

Safety Reimagined and Orchestrate Solutions

Safety Reimagined Solutions in Industry

Safe Hospitals

Safe Hospitals

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Safe Schools

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Safe Manufacturing

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Safe Utilities

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