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Fire Station Automation and Control

Automation and Notification Solutions for Fire Stations 

When fire stations get “the call”, teams of firefighters mobilize as quickly as possible. They drop whatever they are doing, suit up, and ride out to perform their vital life and asset saving duties. Every single step they take from receiving the first alert, to arriving on scene, adds to their teams response times. Fire departments are deploying SCADA and MNS solutions to reduce response times by improving alerting systems and automating tasks that can result in delays. 

Business Overview | Reducing Fire Department Response Times 

When the call comes in firefighters spring into action. Depending on when the call comes, they could be sleeping in bunks, cooking in the kitchen, exercising in the gym, or performing some other activity when the sirens start blaring. Because of this, it’s vital that station alerting systems are as audible and visible as possible across the entire station. But visual and audio queues are just part of the picture.

Do team members leave the stoves, ovens, and microwaves running in the kitchens? Do they leave the music on in the gym? Do they stumble in the intermittent dark of strobing lights?

All these small activities — turning off dangerous appliances, flipping light switches, and turning off entertainment systems — can take time to perform. The time spent performing these actions can seem insignificant, but those seconds make a difference. 

Current Challenge | Manual Tasks Slow Down Operations

Have you ever fumbled in the dark looking for the light switch? Ever needed to run out the door when there was a casserole in the oven? Tried listening to an important broadcast over the TV or stereo playing? Jumping up to turn on the lights, turn off the stove, switch off the TV, and other tasks like opening the bay doors all take time. Time that people in distress can’t afford for their firefighters to take every time they get a call.

Solution Overview | SCADA and Mass Notification Systems 

When hearing about SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Systems, many think of applications within public utilities or manufacturing facilities. But it can also apply to any system that acquires data and then performs actions based on the data acquired.

MCA’s complete fire station alerting solutions encompass more than just lights and sirens, they help get fire teams out the door in record time. Our team can engineer and install custom enclosures to house and integrate audio amplifiers, PA systems, sirens, MP3 players, mounted lighting fixtures, two-way radios, automated building controls, and more. 

When a call comes in, our systems can automatically turn on lights, sirens, and PA’s while also turning off non-vital equipment. Our systems can cut the power to the TV, the stereo, the oven, and any other appliance that could interfere with a firefighters ability to get on-scene quickly. They can automatically send text and SMS alerts to team members on shift, and in reserve, open bay doors, display live messaging on indoor signage, and more.

Our Team | Solution Engineering, Installation, and Support 

For over 30 years, MCA has provided expert solutions to public and private agencies in need of two-way radios and signal enhancement systems. We provide top-tier support for all aspects of your critical communications projects. Our techs and install teams assess your needs, engineer customized solutions, and install hardware and software that fit your requirements.

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