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Toughbooks and Rugged Laptops for Fire and Rescue

Fire Departments Across the Country Need Ruggedized Mobile Computing Devices

When a person dials 911, fire and rescue units are typically dispatched to the scene. For fire departments that serve a large number of people or a wide geographic area, answering all of these calls is tough given limited resources. 

When firefighters reach the scene of a call, they need the most relevant and up-to-date information. Responding to an emergency where lives are at stake requires technology to help firefighters administer faster treatments and arrive at safer outcomes for everyone involved.

At MCA, we provision and install Panasonic’s entire line of ruggedized laptops and Toughbooks for fire departments and fire and rescue operations. Panasonic Toughbooks are designed for the most hazardous work environments. For fire and rescue operations, in addition to the hazard of fires themselves, they often have to plan for changing and unpredictable working conditions.

The South Eastern seaboard of the United States down into Florida, where MCA has many locations, is known for its muggy summers and devastating hurricane season. Fire and rescue operations in this region need mobile computers that withstand not only fire and smoke, but torrential rain and wind.

Toughbooks with Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Panasonic Toughbooks are called toughbooks for a reason: with their magnesium alloy casing, they’re impervious to accidental drops and bumps. Their environmental sealing technology prevents dirt, dust, and liquids from breaching your mobile computer.

MCA works with fire departments to outfit them with the right rugged laptops and handhelds for their mobile computing needs. We understand that fire and rescue operations rely on their devices to take control of emergency situations and restore safety and order in their communities. It is our goal to ensure that firefighters, their central command, and others receive the mission-critical voice, video, and data they need to do their life-saving work.

One of the ways we can assist fire departments is by helping them tie their Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems to their fleet of rugged laptops or Toughbooks. Having a streamlined and efficient CAD system is critically important to any public safety agency

When combined with Panasonic Toughbooks, MCA provides fire and rescue operations with CAD-enabled computers that can be easily mounted in any and all of your emergency response vehicles. This allows for the sharing of information between officers in the field and those back at base. 

With this mobile computing solution, fire and rescue operations can learn everything from the status of the patients they rescued to the location of available fire hydrants.

Service Agreements for Panasonic Toughbooks

When it comes to our support and maintenance services for your fleet of Panasonic Toughbooks from MCA, we offer service contracts that extend through the entire lifecycle of your solution.

MCA full-service agreements remove the hassle of equipment upkeep and maintenance for your mobile computing solution. When you hire a technician to work on your mobile computers and other equipment, you want someone with expertise and knowledge of the specific devices and solutions.
Additionally, MCA offers Managed Technology as a Service as part of our rental program. For cost-conscious fire departments who want to take advantage of the latest, best-in-class devices in mobile communication and computing, our equipment and device rentals may be for you.

MCA Toughbooks for Fire and Rescue

As a preferred channel partner of Panasonic, MCA offers fire and rescue departments the computers they need to withstand the most hazardous of environments and working conditions. 

As solutions providers for public safety, MCA has broad experience in devising the best communication, computing, safety, and fleet management solutions for our clients in law enforcement, emergency first responders, as well as fire and rescue departments and operations.

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