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Security Alerting and Notification Solutions

Mass Notification Solutions for Security Applications

Mass notification systems (MNS) simultaneously broadcast real-time alerts and information to large numbers of individuals. The primary function of mass notification systems is to quickly alert people to potential threats or emergency situations and direct their responses to those situations. When tied together with advanced security systems like video cameras, perimeter protectors, access controls, and intrusion detectors, mass notification systems provide a truly comprehensive system for alerts that can be triggered manually or automatically based on the event or alert type. 

Business Overview | Ensuring The Security of Your Facilities

Mass notification systems enable your security teams to communicate with one another, those they protect, and third-party public safety agencies when necessary. These solutions are mission-critical in helping facilities and safety executives address an array of threats and emergencies that can occur at any moment. As time flows on, the need for more comprehensive levels of protection, improved communications, and the ability to mitigate, prepare, respond, and recover from incidents continues to grow. When your facilities house dangerous chemicals, invaluable assets, or key data systems, your security needs are substantial. Whether you are protecting your facilities and people from intruders, accidents, weather developments, or other hazardous events, time-tested security and notification systems are key to their ongoing safety.

Current Challenge | Comprehensive Security and Alerting Systems 

Security teams at your facilities must be able to issue immediate alerts to targeted groups of people depending upon the event or incident occurring to trigger the series of pre-planned emergency response actions that each requires.

MNS for Private Security Integrators

Whether the need for an alert is related to suspicious activities triggered by perimeter detectors, intruders identified by IP-video cameras, weather notifications provided by the National Weather Service, or accidents involving staff that caused them to push duress buttons, each event requires a different set of notifications to varied sets of people to trigger effective mitigation efforts. Without these vital system components, and others from our complete portfolio, effectively responding to natural and manmade events can be extremely difficult.

Solution Overview | Cameras, Sensors, Sirens, Software, and More 

Facility managers and safety supervisors need an efficient and effective way to alert and warn their teams regarding new, ongoing, and impending events like accidents, injuries, equipment failures, intruders, weather developments, and more. But more than that, they need security and monitoring systems capable of letting them know, in real-time, whether an alert should be triggered, and to which individuals or teams that alert should be sent.

With the RapidWarn® application, available from MCA, you can activate over a dozen types of warning devices via several methods — triggering internal and external notification systems to issue tones, sirens, text messages, and clear, intelligible voice instructions for your people to follow in order to help eliminate confusion, restore order, and, most importantly, save lives. And with our additional systems like Access Controls, Avigilon Video Cameras, Intrusion Detection Systems, Gate Controls, and Perimeter Monitors, we can help ensure the highest security levels possible.

Our Team | Solution Engineering, Installation, and Support 

We can install, configure, and service reliable, cost-efficient mass notification and security systems that work across all environments, using integrated, multi-layered technologies, like voice-enabled fire alarm systems, loudspeakers, duress stations, digital display boards, text messages, and more. The devices and softwares we utilize are designed to deliver scalable protection, capable of adapting to your organization’s ever evolving needs.

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