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Arena-Wide Wireless Coverage Enhancements

Carrier-Grade DAS Solutions for Stadiums and Event Centers

Coverage Enhancements for Event Venues 

Stadiums, arenas, concert halls, and other large scale entertainment venues play host to tens of thousands of paying attendees, and dozens of restaurants, shops, food carts, and other cash generating retail opportunities. Depending upon a venues overall occupancy limits, nearness to local cellular towers, and the materials used in its construction, cellular and radio signals may struggle to propagate within their walls. And even when signal strength is strong initially, once attendees start texting, calling, and live streaming, networks can get congested fast. 

Business Overview | Ensuring Seamless Guest Experiences and Vendor Transactions

Major sporting events and concerts can draw in tens to hundreds of thousands of attendees to your stadium or arena. With paid crews live-streaming to media outlets, guests live-streaming to social media platforms, and vendors running thousands of point-of-sale transactions over 5G and LTE networks, network capacity, coverage, and strength is a key part of ensuring maximized revenues and customer satisfaction.

Even when major carriers position cellular towers in close range, there’s no guarantees that they can support the needs that come with a venue at max capacity with dozens of live streams, hundreds of calls, thousands of texts, and countless other activities consuming bandwidth and causing major network congestion.

And even more importantly, your on-site security teams, local police officers, and emergency medical response teams strategically positioned across your facilities need the ability to clearly and effectively communicate over standard and public safety radio channels. Over and above revenues and client satisfaction, ensuring the safety of all those in attendance is the top priority of all event runners and stadium owners.

Current Challenge | Ensuring Adequate Cellular and Radio Coverage

Communications system failures place everyone at unacceptable levels of risk. Because of this, most stadiums, arenas, and event venues require require regular site RF site surveys that test radio and cellular signal strength levels across their entire facilities. This includes bathrooms, stairwells, parking lots, and hallways in addition to primary guest areas. When pockets of poor reception exist, venue owners need to invest in solutions that can boost coverage and capacity to keep safety and satisfaction levels as high as humanly (and technologically) possible. Specialized radio and cellular enhancement systems, when properly configured and installed, work to eliminate dead spots and enhance clarity across public and private radio, LTE, and 5G frequencies. 

Solution Overview | Carrier-Grade DAS Solutions for Arenas 

Distributed Antenna Systems (Cellular and Public Safety Radio DAS) from MCA are specialized signal enhancement systems that give the coverage, capacity, and reliability of radio, cellular, and Wi-Fi networks across your entire facility a significant and measurable increase. First, we configure your emergency responder radio coverage systems (ERRCS) to ensure first responders can effectively communicate over public safety radio channels with PSR DAS.

Then we configure them to boost publicly accessible RF coverage to ensure in-house staff, like security guards and clean-up crews, can easily communicate. Lastly, we configure our DAS solutions to boost and enhance cellular coverage to ensure wired and wireless EPOS systems and client devices never lose connectivity. To learn more about the types of systems and signals our team can enhance within your facilities, please contact us today.

Our Team | Solution Engineering, Installation, and Support 

For over 30 years, the MCA team has provided expertly tailored solutions and top-tier support to organizations within the entertainment industry in need of two-way radios, signal boosting and enhancement systems, Private LTE networks, and more. We can integrate new systems with your existing systems and completely replace and upgrade your systems should they no longer meet your needs or federal safety guidelines.

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