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MotoTRBO Radios Help Streamline Work Order Management Across All Industries

Robust Work Order Ticketing Systems and MotoTRBO Integration Keep Business Running Smoothly

Whether it’s a piece of equipment that needs to be fixed in a manufacturing facility, a leaky faucet in a hotel room, or an alarm that needs to be investigated in a school, facilities and maintenance team leaders must have reliable, up-to-date, actionable information.

With Work Order Management Ticketing Systems, dispatchers can capture the pertinent information related to the ticket and then ensure that the appropriate individuals are notified and that the correct team member is sent out on the job. Once on the job, the team member can update the ticket with details and attach video or image files to provide additional context. Most importantly, they can update the ticket status so the team leader can quickly see what’s in progress, what’s been completed, and what may be flagged for additional time or resources.

MotoTRBO Radios Help Make Work Order Management More Efficient

In busy facilities, from manufacturing to hospitality, teams often work on several projects at once, spread out across a large area. MotoTRBO radios make it easy for teams to communicate via voice, text, and data while on the go. And with Work Order Management integrations supported by MotoTRBO Radios, teams can become even more efficient in their delivery of services.

With MotoTRBO integration, workers can receive new ticket alerts, take notes, and update statuses on the go rather than traveling back to the main office to get their new assignments. Compact yet durable radios mean there’s less equipment to carry around, and ruggedized designs ensure they can withstand even the harshest environments and most brutal treatment.

Below, look at three Work Order Management solutions that can help you streamline your operations, simplify your communications, and integrate with Motorola Solutions MotoTRBO radios for quicker, more efficient dispatch and response times.


Teldio’s Work Ticketing System (WTS) provides organizations with a web-based, all-in-one solution that can be deployed quickly with only an IP network connection and/or radio network. To streamline operations, dispatchers create tickets which are then immediately sent to the intended recipient. When the recipient responds, the dispatcher is notified. It can also be integrated into a number of other systems, including Tedio’s Alarm Management System and Tedio’s Smart Tickets.

Tedio’s Alarm Management System (AMS) can integrate into various inputs and outputs. Integrating with many inputs, such as building management and machinery alarms, allows AMS to be a compatible solution for many organizations. Offering outputs such as MOTOTRBO text, audio alerts, emails, and more ensure all employees can receive notifications on their different devices. 

Smart Tickets, meanwhile, updates ticket statuses across all devices in real-time, so that all users and dispatchers have full awareness of initiatives.


Designed for hotels, apartments, casinos, and other environments requiring rapid response to community service requests, DAPage Hospitality enables Motorola MOTOTRBO radios to send and receive service requests directly from Property and Computerized management solutions (PMS/CMS) and with other intelligent devices utilized by your organization. 

This cloud-based solution offers quick plug-and-play installation with no additional technology infrastructure that’s incredibly easy to scale as your team grows. It also features:

  • Full MOTOTRBO support for all display/data radios
  • A diverse interface
  • Safety capabilities, including man down, lone worker, and emergency call functions
  • Support for LRRP (GPS), SCADA, IoT, and custom protocols for alarm and control systems
  • Proactive monitoring and alerting capabilities
  • Transaction logging and reporting


With the Amadeus HotSOS experience, hospitality property operators can now optimize operational workflows with real-time dashboards, scheduled equipment, preventative maintenance orders, and scalable inspections to ensure work is appropriately executed per property standards. 

Operational efficiencies can be improved by:

  • Automating tasks 
  • Providing digital checklists for maintenance and housekeeping staff
  • Quickly scheduling maintenance requests and updating tickets
  • Including procedural step-by-step actions on work orders
  • Scheduling routine health checks on equipment
  • Integrating the HotSOS platform with other building technologies 

HotSOS also integrates with Teldio so that the entire team can receive real-time alerts on ticket creation and status updates.

Sprite™ TW255

Compatible with Motorola MOTOTRBO™ portable and mobile radios, Sprite TW255, from Tallymatics, allows users to collect in-field data for various industries. Some examples are school bus time and attendance, utility operations, aircraft refueling, hospitality supply requests, and more. Additionally, Sprite TW255 allows users to complete forms directly from their MOTOTRBO devices and send the information directly to a workforce management system. Users can also interact with the tickets from their MOTOTRBO devices, accepting, declining, or updating job statuses on the go. Features of TW255 include:

  • Form builders
  • Timestamping and GPS location tracking
  • Simple integration with other systems
  • Activity reporting

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