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Telematics for Fleet and Field Asset Monitoring

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Fleet managers in public safety, transportation, and logistics rely on telematics to track vehicle performance, assess vehicle health, and monitor driver behavior. At MCA, we provide cost-effective vehicle networking solutions that power your vehicle telemetry systems.

There are multiple benefits to vehicle monitoring through telematics. 

Fleet managers have come to depend on the sensors and devices in their vehicles to deliver real-time intelligence on location, weather, and driving conditions. In order to protect the lives of their drivers, passengers, and those in other vehicles, they utilize important information from the connected vehicle sensors in their fleet.  

Field Asset Tracking with CompassComm Solutions

Vehicle telemetry also protects your organization’s bottom line.

The connected vehicle sensors in your fleet offer data regarding driver speed, braking distance, and seat-belt usage. If you’re concerned about rising insurance premiums and protecting your fleet assets, you likely need more accurate vehicle telematics.

Asset telemetry helps safeguard your field workforce.

Outside of vehicle telemetry, MCA also helps our customers to track and collect telemetry data from their mobile connected assets. Field teams utilize mobile and handheld two-way radios as well as laptops, smart devices, and cellular routers. Solutions from MCA allow organizations to turn all those devices into traceable and trackable assets providing real-time GPS and telemetry data on those assets, and the people utilizing them, all from one unified management platform.

MCA has the vehicle networking expertise for your organization to achieve an automated and high-end telemetry system for your fleet and field assets.

Mobile Networking for Vehicle Telematics

In order to have a responsive vehicle telemetry system for your fleet, you need always-on in-vehicle cellular connectivity. 

For location-based features such as Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), asset tracking with geo-fencing, along with data on driver and vehicle performance, MCA sells a number of purpose-built in-vehicle cellular routers and antennas.

MCA offers in-vehicle cellular routers with the following features:

  • FirstNet-Ready Mobile Routers for Public Safety Agencies
  • Cellular Vehicle Routers with Ultra-Low Latency
  • Multi-Network Connectivity Capable Mobile Routers
  • 5G-Capable and 5G-Ready Mobile Routers

IO Sensors: Fleet Maintenance and More

Fleet management telemetry can be as simple or complex as your organization needs it to be. At its most basic, telemetry allows you to engage GPS tracking for any vehicle in your fleet. 

It’s critical to know where your drivers are at any given moment. You have a schedule to maintain, and assets that need to be counted.

Beyond simple GPS tracking, telematics technology enables fleet managers to pull crash vehicle telemetry data in the unfortunate case of an accident, as well as monitor the health of your entire fleet.

IO sensor communications in your vehicles allows you to monitor such things in your vehicles as:

  • Intake Valves
  • Service Lights
  • Tire Pressure
  • Fuel Consumption
  • And Much More

The data collected from IO sensors pertaining to the health of your fleet ensures that all your vehicles are road-ready at all times. This information helps maintain the viability and vitality of your vehicle-assets, as well as protecting your drivers and passengers.

The future of vehicle telemetry revolves around IO sensor technology. It has a wide number of industry uses and applications.

For instance, law enforcement agencies can outfit their vehicles with IO sensors to determine if a trunk has been opened or a shotgun engaged from its in-car holder. Such information provides central command with actionable intelligence.

Data Collection for Driver Scorecards

When you need to know how your driver’s are performing, driver scorecards offer an excellent solution. Measured by GPS fleet tracking and vehicle telematics, driver scorecards assess performance based on the criteria you input – speeding, aggressive behavior, etc.

Fleet managers and safety personnel use these scorecards to track risky driving habits. They can be used as a recommendation for promoting or acknowledging certain drivers in your organization, and providing additional training to others. 

You can always adjust your criteria depending on the issue you need to solve. 

For instance, if you’re the manager of a bus fleet, it’s unlikely that you’ll measure after-hours vehicle use. On the other hand, you’ll most likely want to know vehicle start times.

Whatever you want your driver scorecards to measure, MCA can help your organization achieve a more productive, safe, and healthy fleet.

Field Asset Tracking and Telematics

Your drivers don’t stay in their vehicles, especially in field service applications for utilities, and public safety applications for police, fire, and EMS. Locating a vehicle is key, but keeping tabs on your people once they leave each vehicle to perform their services and duties is equally important.

Solutions that help you track the assets your people utilize on the job add an additional level of safety monitoring over and above basic fleet telematics. 

Partners like CompassCom, allow MCA to offer a unified telematics platform that allows field managers to see all connected assets inside and outside of vehicles, in your facilities, and out in the field.

Commpass Trac Enterprise Connects Things Like:

  • Panasonic Toughbooks and Toughpads
  • Sierra Wireless and Cradlepoint Vehicle Routers
  • Motorola P25 APX Series Radios
  • Motorola TRBO DMR Radios
  • IOS Phones and More….

MCA Vehicle Telemetry Solutions by Industry

Public Safety

When an emergency occurs, law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders cannot afford to waste precious seconds with vehicles that are not fully functional. With vehicle telematics, public safety fleet managers can automate data pertaining to the health of their fleet, enabling agencies to devote more resources to protecting the public and their personnel.

Passenger Transit

The management of public and private bus fleets requires assessing bus driver performance. With a vehicle telemetry system, bus fleet managers can easily implement a process of driver scorecards to reward good driving behavior and pinpoint potential problems. Telematics-enabled driver scorecards also empower managers to keep track of driver schedules.


Protecting our most precious cargo is central to vehicle telemetry. As a safety-first technology, telematics has been deployed on school buses across the country for real-time vehicle diagnostics and monitoring. School safety personnel need to ensure that their students are not only safe and secure when they’re on school property, but also on their voyage to and from school.


As a fleet manager in commercial transportation, GPS and vehicle telematics help you ensure that your drivers remain on schedule and your shipments arrive on time. Tracking your fleet is essential to maintaining a thriving commercial transportation enterprise, and with vehicle telemetry solutions from MCA, you never have to worry about a missed delivery. 


Field service vehicles in the utilities industry equipped with IO sensors deliver important data to managers and field supervisors. IO sensors in vehicles in gas and oil, water and wastewater, and power, gives you the ability to address any potential issues that may arise from driver or vehicle performance, saving your utility enterprise valuable time and money.

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