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What is Mission-Critical IoT?

Utilizing Data to Protect Machine and Human Resources

Mission-Critical IoT is about the collection, analysis, and sharing of data. But, it is much more than that: MCA’s mission-critical IoT solutions empower organizations to deploy the data they accumulate from their smart devices and systems to save valuable assets, and even more importantly—to save lives.

With our help, early warning smart siren systems can be automated to alert the public of disasters on the horizon and M2M communication sensors in gas pipelines can detect leaks without the need for manual monitoring. Motorola’s Mission-Critical IoT (MC-IoT) solutions, available from MCA, are providing businesses and organizations across the country with the increased security, resilience, and reliability that comes with connected devices and machines on networks built for such applications.

Raise Your Organization’s Barricades with Mission-Critical IoT

Whether you’re monitoring your municipality’s drinking water or protecting our power grid, the wellbeing of your employees, customers, and the public is in your hands. MCA is here to help. Service is embedded in our DNA, and with our MC-IoT solutions, we can ensure that your organization will always be online and in control.

More productive. More accountable. More automated. Exceeding the requirements of functional mission-critical IoT for your industry demands MCA’s best-in-class approach to engineering, design, installation, and maintenance.

MC-IoT Alerting and Automation Solutions

MCA MC-IoT with Optiwarn

Early Warning Smart Sirens

Prevent the loss of life and property with a smart siren control management system from MCA. With OptiWarn from Motorola, MCA has a solution for activating, deactivating, and managing your sirens and alerting systems at the touch of a button.

Our early warning siren systems enable you to not only alert your people, but coordinate an effective response to emergency events and critical incidents. Your sirens need to “speak” to each other and your emergency managers.

Reliable SCADA Systems

Gathering real-time data from machine sensors and empowering M2M communication allows operators and field managers to take decisive action in mission-critical operations without having to manually visit each and every device in the field.

MCA offers rugged cellular routers for M2M connectivity and the remote terminal units (RTUs) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLUs) for sensor monitoring and control that serve as the backbone of SCADA systems in utility and manufacturing environments.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Our Industrial IoT solutions are extremely adaptable allowing them to be used in applications you may have never even considered.

Examples include: monitoring the opening and closing of doors and garage bays within public safety entities (e.g. fire station alerting and automation) and private commercial facilities as well as the control and management of municipal infrastructure such as highway lights, street lights, highway fast lane direction, and more.

Mission Critical IoT Solutions for Utilities

The Digital Oil Field

The Digital Oil Field describes the digital transformation of the oil and gas industry. With technological innovations—most importantly the Internet of Things—the digital oil field will empower operators to gather real-time intelligence around production and safety.

Oil and gas companies need remote monitoring systems in oil tanks, across long pipelines, and at valves at inaccessible locations. MCA’s SCADA and M2M connectivity devices give the oil and gas industry the solutions they need to revolutionize their infrastructure and drive the American economy into the future.

Oil extractor with secure communications

Electric Utilities and the Smart Grid

In conventional electrical power plants, IoT is used operationally to balance production with the cost and maintenance of equipment. On the other hand, smart grids—the future of power—will be capable of self-repair, creating a network that is able to proactively detect weaknesses and address them before they become an issue.

MCA’s Industrial IoT solutions for electric utilities provide for the remote control and monitoring of substations. Utilizing wireless networking devices (RTUs and M2M devices), we are at the forefront of your plant’s effort to control power at every point in the grid.

Water and Wastewater Utilities

When it comes to automating water quality monitoring systems, MCA’s mission-critical Industrial IoT solutions provide for the immediate detection and resolution of problems in your municipality’s water or wastewater supply. We offer water and wastewater facilities the ability to automatically adjust to maximize delivery.

With our IoT systems and devices, operators are alerted to line breaks, equipment failures, and potential unauthorized water usage, allowing companies to react more effectively in maintaining high levels of productivity and service for this essential and important public utility.

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MCA provides service every step of the way — from testing and preliminary solution design to the continued maintenance and monitoring of your SCADA, MNS, and MC-IoT systems.

Partner with MCA as your turn-key provider of MC-IoT solutions to ensure your facilities mass notification devices, automated machinery, and remote monitoring systems run at optimal efficiency.

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