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What is the Digital Oilfield?

The Digital Oilfield and Digital Rig

From the ocean rig to the oilfield, MCA’s Mission-Critical IoT Solutions for Oil and Gas have you covered.

The Digital Oilfield and Digital Oil Rig combines process management with digital technologies (i.e. IoT in oil and gas) to automate workflows. It relies on standard items such as oil pressure gauges and oil control valves equipped with IoT sensors to maximize productivity, reduce costs, and lower the risks associated with the extraction of oil and gas.

By embracing the Digital Oilfield, MCA hopes that our partners in the oil and gas industry will reap the benefits of these technological improvements, especially as it concerns worker safety.

Mission-Critical IoT for Oil and Gas

Oil production is not expected to decline anytime soon. In fact, by 2035, experts predict that we will need to produce 33% more oil than we do today.

But the troubling fact remains: working on an oil rig or in an oilfield can be a dangerous occupation. When a disaster strikes, the digital oil rig or oilfield enables managers to make decisions faster and more efficiently. Effective wireless voice and data communications enable oil workers offshore and on to communicate with the right person at the right time.

Oil and gas companies need remote and automated control at wellheads, along pipelines, and at valves and gauges in hard-to-reach locations. In order to prevent leaks and fires, operators rely on MCA’s SCADA, M2M, Siren Alerting, and Communication solutions.

Oil and Gas IoT Solutions from MCA

SCADA Systems

SCADA systems collect real-time data from machines, enabling operators and field supervisors in the oil and gas sector to make decisions based on intelligent machine learning and communication. For enterprise oil and gas, SCADA also allows operators to:
  • Shut down machines in the case of an emergency
  • Log incidents in the case of a manmade or natural disaster
  • Anticipate potential issues in equipment before they occur
Motorola Digital Oilfield Solutions

Smart Sirens with Early Warning Detection

You have likely heard the cliche that the best offense is a good defense. Smart sirens from MCA play great defense in protecting your frontline workers in oil and gas. With OptiWarn from Motorola, MCA has a solution for alerting your entire team of a critical incident at the push of a button.

With our sirens, your workers and managers will not only be alerted to emergency situations, but they will have a more effective, coordinated response.

Communication Solutions for Oil and Gas

With Motorola WAVE, MCA offers a cloud-managed Push-to-Talk (PTT) platform that keeps your team connected across devices, networks, and locations. WAVE connects to cellular networks, making it easy to reach your people wherever they may be: from the middle of an oilfield to an offshore rig.

WAVE two-way radio communication is simple and easy to use. Everything you need to begin communicating with personnel across your oil and gas operation is available and ready to deploy out-of-the-box.

Oil and Gas Pipeline Leak Detection

Unified Oil + Gas Leak Detection

MCA, in partnership with Star Controls, presents Asel-Tech’s state-of-the-art Pipeline Leak Detection Systems (LDS), tailored for the oil and gas industry. This remote LDS revolutionizes leak detection with unparalleled speed, reliability, and accuracy, seamlessly integrating advanced acoustic and mass balance technologies specified by API-1130.

Asel-Tech’s LDS harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI), neural networks, and spurious noise filtering to deliver:

  • Elimination of false alarms
  • Detection of small leaks with pinpoint accuracy up to 100 meters
  • Unmatched performance for the oil and gas industry in both leak detection and precise location identification.

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