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OptiWarn Siren Control Solutions from MCA

Why use a siren control management system?

For large-scale smart siren control management, OptiWarn provides the foundation for the activation of all warning sirens for your organization. With its intuitive interface, OptiWarn vastly improves the speed and coordination of responses to emergency events. MCA’s mission-critical IoT (MC-IoT) solutions offer our customers the devices, wireless communications infrastructure, and networks that keep your people and facilities safe, accelerating response times to incidents. Coupling OptiWarn with Motorola’s ASTRO 25 platform gives users a mission-critical IoT siren activation system that delivers event-specific critical communications to targeted audiences. OptiWarn sends smarter, more efficient, and proactive alarm notifications to the right people at the right time.

Industry Targeted Applications for OptiWarn

Emergency Management Agencies

In order to successfully facilitate the broadcast of messages to large groups of people, emergency management and public safety services need to control what sirens are activated and when. With OptiWarn’s Activation Control Point, emergency and public safety managers can monitor remote sirens across the scope of their operations on an easy-to-use interface. Capture a general overview of the status of all alarms in your emergency system and check the status of individual sirens.

Government Agencies

One of the major issues confronting state and local governments when it comes to mass notification systems is whether or not they are integrated. Keeping your citizens informed during an emergency means ensuring that they are in close proximity to working emergency alert sirens. An essential component of any emergency warning system are Field Interface Units (FIU)—also known as remote terminal units—which function as communication gateways to sirens, ensuring that the system functions as a whole.

Military Bases

When emergencies strike at your military base or installation, it is imperative to deliver the exact and precise information to the appropriate military personnel. With OptiWarn’s Giant Voice System, you can coordinate responses that minimize the impact to military structures and bases. Grant administrative access to select military personnel to perform siren site diagnostics, ensuring that your siren system is not jeopardized by unauthorized users. Additionally, with OptiWarn you can perform search queries on individual sirens with specific dates and times to create intelligence reports.

Manufacturing Facilities

Adding smart siren control systems to your manufacturing plant or facilities ensures that your organization can respond quickly and efficiently to any accidents or incidents that occur in the course of normal operations. Event-specific sirens alert your employees to machine breakdowns, hazardous spills, severe weather alerts, and more. With an OptiWarn smart siren system you can alert workers to evacuate your building, and deploy designated teams to specific locations in your facilities to troubleshoot issues as they arise, or assist distressed coworkers.

Public and Private Utilities

Mission critical IoT is especially important to the utilities industry. With OptiWarn, you can create a siren communication system for your utility that connects to your existing SCADA system for increased operational efficiency. In addition, the utility sector, as a whole, has the highest incidence of injuries and fatalities. In the oil and gas industry, for example, having a functional and integrated siren system is essential to warn workers in the unfortunate event of an explosion or other accident. 

OptiWarn Siren Control Features

Siren Map Screen

View general siren status, check the status of individual sirens, and scroll through current alarm notices.

Systems Manager Access

Differentiate operators from system managers. Add, remove, and modify users’ access.

Single-Site Status

Receive detailed information on specific sirens such as their number, name, address, and GPS coordinates.

Siren Functional Testing

Conduct silent amplifier tests for electronic sirens, as well as short growl tests or non-audible rotation tests for mechanical sirens.

Adjustable Site List

Change existing siren information and add sirens to the system.

Polygon Activation

Group sirens to test and activate. Make adjustments to select sirens prior to activation.

Siren Command Logger

Access the last 100 siren system activations and check status logs.

Alarm and Event Logging

Provide enhanced alarm and event logging with advanced grouping, prioritization, sorting, and logging.

Reporting Events

Capture and share essential forensic information from activations and monthly tests.

Adjustable Names

View and adjust Siren Command Logger. Change the names of command sequences.

Automated Scheduler

Schedule automated activations from the control center.

Manager Zoom

Make changes to the siren number, name, location, and GPS coordinates.

Role-Based User Interface

Filter the OptiWarn interface based on user role to provide a common operating picture.

Mass Notification

Send alerts and updates to select audiences via text message and email.

Zone Configuration

Reconfigure zones by moving sites in and out through the manager zoom screen.

External Interface

Access external alerting systems for weather, your organization’s SCADA system and more.

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