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IoT Networking Solutions for Power Utilities

Smart Grid Solutions from MCA

Built over a century ago, America’s power grid has mostly been operated manually. The Load Break Switchgears (LBS), Circuit Breaker Reclosers (CBR), and municipal substations that have been an integral part of our power grid for decades were not designed for remote management.

But today, many power utilities have come to see the benefits of networking solutions that enable them to operate and control their grid remotely.

At MCA, we sell, configure, install, and maintain devices such as Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) that can be integrated seamlessly with wireless data systems to create an efficient smart grid solution for the utilities. 

Our Industrial IoT (IIoT) networking solutions give utilities the ability to monitor and control power usage and consumption to better serve their customers, quickly identify breakdowns, and prepare for a greener future with renewables.


Smart Grid IoT

Smart grid IoT refers to the gathering of data, M2M learning, communication, and analytics for remote power management. IoT gives power utilities the following capabilities:

  • Data collected in real-time from line sensors, users, and generators can be utilized to enhance control functions. The intelligence that IoT devices in the utilities collects and analyzes can be used to balance power loads, troubleshoot during outages, and manage distribution.
  • IoT facilitates peak shaving. During periods of high demand, grid operators can activate alternative energy supplies from renewables or batteries to supplement their power needs.
  • Power operators can harness a grid with self-repairing properties. Imagine a grid that detects and repairs issues without human intervention. Think of what would be possible if your grid was set up to alert you when it anticipated a possible breakdown.

Smart grids enable remote power management because they “think” intelligently, anticipating and identifying problems before they become an issue. 

When you unlock the potential of your smart grid with robust wireless networking infrastructure from MCA, you provide greater value to your customers and increase your revenue.

Other smart grid solutions such as advanced metering are designed specifically for your customers.

MCA Networking Solutions for Electrical Power

SCADA Systems

SCADA systems allow power operators to collect real-time data from sensors in power lines and at electrical substations. 

When you invest in MCA’s SCADA solutions, your utility can make informed decisions based on intelligence from your grid. SCADA systems allow you to quickly tackle power line repairs during outages, redistribute power remotely from base stations, and enhance your control functions.

RTUs and PLCs

Our RTUs and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) enable connection and communication across and  between your utility’s numerous sensors and IoT devices.

Motorola’s ACE3600 Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) contain powerful processors for your utility’s complex remote operations and functions.

 Customizable to fit any SCADA system, the Motorola ACE3600 RTU will enhance the productivity and safety of your grid.

Cellular Networking

Our cellular networking solutions, provided by USAT, part of MCA’s family of companies, are specifically designed to deliver cellular connectivity to remote substations.

Many government policies call for redundant communication at substations that can be solved by our routers with single or dual-cellular radios.

Our rugged lower power wide area routers, cellular antennas, and custom NEMA enclosures play a pivotal role in reliable long range connectivity to maximize communications redundancies.

Smart Grid Software

With our Smart Grid Application Software, you can transform the functionality and operations of your power grid.

When combined with Motorola ACE3600 RTUs, our smart grid software solutions give you an unprecedented level of intelligence in monitoring and controlling power at remote sites, as well as enhancing the performance of your entire grid.

StarRTU Software for Smart Grid RTU Device Management


In partnership with Star Controls, MCA presents StaRTU – an innovative software offering a simplified approach to configuring your SCADA system.

StaRTU provides tools for deploying, altering, and troubleshooting SCADA field computers (RTUs) throughout their lifecycle, allowing operators to manage the infrastructure autonomously.

Advanced logging capabilities swiftly troubleshoot communication and events, while the powerful, user-friendly interface maximizes the performance, predictability, and reliability of MOTOROLA RTU-based systems.

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MCA provides service every step of the way — from testing and preliminary solution design to the continued maintenance and monitoring of your SCADA, MNS, and MC-IoT systems.

Partner with MCA as your turn-key provider of MC-IoT solutions to ensure your facilities mass notification devices, automated machinery, and remote monitoring systems run at optimal efficiency.

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