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Water System Monitoring Services Solutions

Leak Detection Systems and More...


Every day in the United States, an incredible 6 billion gallons of treated water is lost because of leaking pipes at water utilities. At the same time, contaminants from aging pipes across our water supply infrastructure are entering our drinking water, putting millions of consumers at risk of illness.

Because of those reasons, and others, water and wastewater facilities have begun to implement IoT technology. Water leak detection equipment with smart sensors collects data in real-time, alerting managers to breakdowns and contaminants in pipes.

By 2025, water shortages will adversely affect 66% of the world’s global population.

What can you as the manager or operator of a water or wastewater facility do to help?

Picture the ability to monitor and control every process and operation at your water or wastewater facility. What would the best water monitoring system do? At MCA, we want to enable water management utilities to promptly diagnose and detect any issue that may arise in your water system. Our Mission-Critical Internet of Things (MC-IoT) solutions make it possible for your water treatment facility to take care of your municipality, county or city’s water supply.

Industrial IoT Solutions for Water Management

At MCA, our Industrial IoT solutions provide water and wastewater facilities the ability to monitor and control their water supplies. With our systems, well pumping can be automated to manage water quality and energy consumption.

Industrial IoT allows you to oversee reservoir volumes and adjust pressure levels to maximize the efficiency of delivery. We help operators react to line breaks and equipment failures more expertly and efficiently, maintaining the highest levels of service and safety for your customers.

Water Quality Monitoring Systems

SCADA from MCA offers water and wastewater system operators the ability to monitor water quality without having to manually check every pipe for leakage or contaminants. For instance, if the IoT sensors in your water facility detect a high PH level in your community’s water supply, with SCADA, you would immediately receive an alert. For water and wastewater treatment facilities, SCADA enables operators to:
  • Monitor water reservoir levels for public safety
  • Receive immediate alerts whenever there’s a leak in your water lines
  • Stay in consistent contact with your workgroups and teams to address issues as they arise
Water treatment IoT Technician

Wireless Remote Control Water Valve

Remote Operated Valve Control

Make sure your operators are always ready to respond to water quality issues and leaks in real-time by leveraging your digital radio network for M2M data services and communication. Motorola’s ACE3600 RTU’s and MC-EDGE Intelligent Gateways from MCA transmits data from machines in your water utility across your land mobile radio (LMR) system.

With this modem, you can:

  • Have an always-on reliable network to respond to issues
  • Build on your existing LMR network for reduced cost
  • Avoid downtime and inconsistent coverage from your primary carrier network

Private LTE for Water and Wastewater Plants and Treatment Facilities

With Motorola Nitro from MCA, your capabilities to build a reliable, secure, always-on Industrial IoT ecosystem greatly expand. Connecting across the CBRS radio spectrum, our private wireless networking solutions give water and wastewater the network infrastructure they require. With PLTE networks, you can:
  • Grow the number of devices and M2M communication in your system
  • Control your data and guard against the threat of cyberattack
  • Reduce spotty Wifi coverage and internet downtime
Water treatment plant

Pipeline Leak Detection

Software for Unified Water System Management

MCA, via Star Controls, offers Asel-Tech’s cutting-edge Pipeline Leak Detection Systems (LDS) for water utilities. This remote LDS achieves unmatched speed, reliability, and accuracy, incorporating advanced acoustic and mass balance technologies defined by API-1130.

Asel-Tech’s LDS uses artificial intelligence (AI), neural networks, and spurious noise filtering to ensure that:

  • False alarms are eliminated
  • Small leaks can be detected with an accuracy of 100 meters
  • Water utilities experience unparalleled performance in both leak detection and location identification

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