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Improving Production Efficiency With SCADA

SCADA Solutions for Manufacturing Facilities

Implementing SCADA systems within your manufacturing facilities boosts their efficiency by equipping operators and managers with critical insights into current production processes. The information gathered and alerts generated by SCADA systems expedite data-driven decisions, leading to increased output, reduced costs, and unparalleled process control. In today’s day and age, facilities without these systems suffer inefficiencies their competitors facilities do not.

Business Needs | Efficient Process Automation and Control 

Whether you have a leaking hose, jammed dispenser, or faulty power breaker several yards or hundreds of miles away from your central control center, you need to know about it as quickly as possible. The sooner you are notified that systems aren’t functioning as intended, the faster you can deploy your engineers to resolve every issue that arises — leading to the reduction and elimination of damaging consequences. Quality SCADA systems and reliable communications networks make those real-time notifications possible. 

Current Challenge | Costs of Communications and Automation Infrastructure 

With costs continuing to be a major challenge to vital infrastructure upgrades, manufacturing facilities need technologies that can create gains in efficiency and productivity that offset those costs to increase revenues and net profits. Manufacturing plants must be able to access secure, cost-effective connectivity to keep all their systems communicating at optimal levels. 

Solution Overview | Rugged Routers and RTUs with Motorola NitroTM 

We can provide your facility lightning-fast, enterprise-grade connectivity to keep data flowing reliably and securely across every level of your manufacturing campus with Motorola NitroTM. Nitro delivers enterprise-grade PLTE that outperforms Wi-Fi and provides unmatched simplicity, penetration, and control — while eliminating the need for costly monthly data plans. 

ACE3600 Remote Terminal Units, available from MCA, improve the speed and accuracy of your operations by securely automating production processes. They help you to further expand your control by integrating with your two-way radio systems, public cellular networks, or private LTE networks like Motorola Nitro

And our rugged AirLink RV55 routers from Sierra Wireless can be connected directly or wireless with your process sensors and RTUs to provide reliable connectivity. And with their specialized CBRS models, we can easily connect them to your internal Motorola Nitro network. 

Our Team | Solution Engineering, Installation, and Support 

Our SCADA and PLTE solutions help you reduce operational downtime, optimize the efficiency of your infrastructure, and help keep your personnel out of potentially dangerous situations — maximizing the productivity, safety and profitability of your business. 

For over 30 years, MCA has provided solutions to manufacturing and production facilities in need of reliable communication and automation systems. We provide top-tier support for all aspects of your business-critical infrastructure projects. Our technicians and installation teams assess your needs, engineer customized solutions, and install hardware and software that fits your exacting requirements. 

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