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Manufacturing Alert And Notification Solutions

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Mass Notification Solutions for Production Facilities

Manufacturing and production facilities need to be able to quickly alert line and supervisory teams any time an emergency event occurs. Facilities without the proper solutions in place to deploy mass notifications, activate sirens, and turn on lighting systems put workers at risk. They need systens capable of deploying alerts to everyone across their entire facilities, if and when the need arises. With our help, these systems can be installed quickly and cost-effectively.

Business Overview | Improving Facility Safety with Alerting Systems

Ensuring the safety of employees is the highest priority for any manufacturing or production facility, regardless of plant size or location. To that end, facility managers need to install the best mass notification hardware and software possible to help keep everyone safe. No matter the situation, supervisory teams must be able to provide instant audio-visual alerts facility-wide in order to best deploy the teams suited to help avert disaster while keeping everyone else out of harm’s way. MCA can provide you solutions that help ensure the safest facilities possible.

Current Challenge | Disparate Systems and Missing Devices

Unfortunately, the nature of manufacturing and production enivronments is that they are full of threats to employee safety. Without expertly installed and configured mass notification systems, coordinating alerts and response activities facility-wide can be extremely difficult. All manufacturing plants must be able to immediately alert global or targetted groups of people depending upon the event occuring and the preplanned response actions it requires. Security breaches, weather developments, equipment breakdowns, accidents on the production floor, and more all require a different set of notifications to trigger your internal procedures. Properly configured mass notification systems serve as an immediate guide as to what actions your teams need take, and fast.

Many facilities have a myriad of systems already in place, such as PA speakers, light beacons, outdoor/indoor sirens, two-way radios, digital message boards, and more — each triggered manually and independently. In those cases, your facilities require a unified system that can combine all the devices you have, add those you still need, and key activations across all devices and systems at once to streamline emergency responses.

Solution Overview | RapidWarn Software and Whelen Sirens

Production managers and safety supervisors need the most efficient and effective ways to warn their teams regarding events such as injuries, equipment failures, unsafe conditions, and even inclement weather. Our alerting and notification systems provide fast and effective alerts and warnings by issuing tones, sirens, and clear, intelligible voice instructions for your people to follow. Along with Whelen’s three-step approach, A.I.D.™ (ALERT, INFORM & DIRECT), we help eliminate confusion, restore order, and, most importantly, save lives. And with the RapidWarn® application, you can activate over a dozen of types of warning devices via several methods.

Our Team | Solution Engineering, Installation, and Support

Are you prepared to instantly alert your teams? The quickest way to notify your people about an emergency is with audio, text, and voice alerts that can be seen and heard by all. Our systems alert, inform, and direct your staff to perform actions that keep them and others safe. MCA has an end-to-end suite of solutions engineered to improve safety and security. MCA enables you to work with a single source to optimize your internal alerting systems.

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