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Life Safety Systems from MCA

What is a Life Safety System?

A life safety system at your business or organization can help you prevent the loss of life if there’s a tragic situation on your property. Although you can’t anticipate every crisis, you can put systems in place when there is one.

Schools and workplaces use mass notification systems and fire alarm systems customized and installed by Mobile Communications America (MCA). Health care organizations rely on nurse call systems, and security personnel and others use mobile and body-worn cameras as part of their life safety systems.

Implementing a life safety system is a serious matter. As your security systems integrator, MCA can integrate a life safety system with your existing security systems to help you prevent loss of life.

Life Safety Solutions

Mass Notification Systems

Use a mass notification system to send alert notifications during an emergency. You can set up who receives the notifications and the times the notifications will be sent. MCA can customize a mass notification system to enhance your life safety system. We can even integrate a mass notification system with your current security system.

Fire Alarm Systems

A commercial fire alarm system can help prevent your business or organization from a catastrophe caused by fire. MCA provides life safety fire and security solutions that help prevent fire by detecting smoke. Trust MCA to integrate a fire alarm system installation to meet your needs.

Mobile & Body-Worn Cameras

A wearable camera for each member of your security team can help improve their safety and the security at your business or organization. Police body cameras and personal body cameras are an integral part of a life safety system.

Industries Our Life Safety Systems Serve

Student talking on cell phone


Life safety systems from MCA are designed to help keep students and school personnel safe. Our mass notification systems provide real-time communication so that everyone on campus or school grounds knows about an emergency. Our fire alarm systems notify first responders and appropriate personnel if there is a fire at your school. As your security systems integrator, we can fully integrate a life safety system with your existing security systems.

Factory machinery


Factories, mills, and plants are especially susceptible to fire risks because of the chemicals and equipment that may be present at the facilities. MCA can help protect your employees by installing and configuring a fire alarm or other life-saving system in your facility.

Safe utility worker


Employees at utility plants and those living around the sites are at a significant fire and safety risk. MCA’s life safety systems can help protect the lives of those in and around the sites from the first signs of smoke, fire, or gas leaks.

Security on two way radio


Life safety systems from MCA help public and private security agencies and facilities protect employees and building occupants from crises caused by smoke, fire, and gas. Our systems complement the security you provide by notifying first responders, employees, and building occupants of an emergency so that appropriate action can be taken. We can integrate a life safety system with your existing security systems.   

Public Safety Solutions

Public Safety

Smoke, fire, and gas leaks can lead to public unrest if they’re not detected or if the public isn’t notified of them in a timely manner. Fully integrated life safety systems from MCA can detect emergencies from the outset and alert first responders and those who are most directly affected. Our solutions help public safety managers keep the public informed while those who are affected by the emergencies get the help they need. 

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