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Mass Notification Systems for Coastal Communities

Emergency Mass Notification Systems Keep Residents and Tourists in Coastal Cities and Communities Safe

During the summer months, the coastal cities and communities along the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf promise tourists and residents alike good times and fun in the sun. The summer months are also the height of hurricane and tropical storm season for these regions.

Mass Notification Systems (MNS) broadcast critical messages to these communities to alert them of possible emergency conditions that may arise throughout the year, but especially during the summer months in the midst of hurricane season.

At MCA, we sell, install, and maintain MNS designed with coastal communities in mind. MCA’s Community Alerting Solutions allow you to broadcast clear voice and tone alerts far and wide. When you need to protect your residents and the tourists visiting your coastal city, MCA is your mass notification expert.

Partnering with Whelen Engineering to deliver the best in mass notification, MCA’s mass notification systems possesses the following features that make it ideal for coastal applications:

  • Speakers designed to withstand wind, salt, and precipitation better than our competitors
  • Electronics cabinets made from special materials that rust less rapidly with heavy flooding
  • An omni-directional design that makes sure your messages are heard in high wind conditions
Whelen Coastal Alerting Solutions from MCA

Most think that having a mass notification system in place protects residents and visitors from emergencies alone. While many city councils and local governments decide to install MNS for natural disasters such as hurricanes, extreme flooding, storms and man-made emergencies such as active shooter situations, they serve important day-to-day purposes as well.

Protecting Tourists and Permanent Residents

For instance, if you live in a coastal city and have tourists during the year, they can sign up to receive important information while on vacation. 

Our mass notification systems can be set up so that tourists can receive information about road closures and other non-life-threatening alerts during their stay. (This feature is also available to local residents.)

While making the stay of tourists to your city or community pleasant is important—especially if you live in a place that relies on tourism for your local businesses and economy—the primary purpose of your mass notification system is to protect the public.

Coastal Alerting and Notification Solutions

Mass notification systems from MCA offer community leaders the most robust way to inform the public of a potential emergency. When it comes to your coastal emergency management operations, our mass notification systems issue a loud tone followed by a clear and concise voice message.

This is critical in eliminating confusion, restoring order, and ultimately saving lives during emergencies such as tropical storms and hurricanes.

MCA is a Leader in Mass Notification Solutions

As we pointed out above, our partnership with Whelen allows us to deliver siren and speaker systems that are purpose-built for local governments and public safety agencies in coastal communities.

We understand that living on the coast and protecting residents and tourists in your community requires a solution that takes into account the specific climate and environment of coastal communities in the United States.

In other words, mass notification systems that work for those living in the middle of the country will not be as effective for communities on the Atlantic coast and Gulf in the midst of hurricane season. The design process of our mass notification systems and the materials Whelen deploys in manufacturing make us the best choice for coastal communities’ MNS.

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