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Portable Mass Notification Systems for Temporary Applications

Organizations Rely On Mass Notification Systems To Save Lives

Most public safety agencies are familiar with Mass Notification Systems (MNS), which deliver essential safety and evacuation information to the community during emergencies caused by human activities or natural disasters. Usually, these systems are used in permanent locations with fixed set-ups. However, mobile solutions are available for temporary facilities, events, and disaster recovery sites that can hugely benefit public safety agencies, municipal governments, and private enterprises as they initiate their emergency and disaster response protocols or while conducting large-scale entertainment or recreational events.

While they’re most well known as part of a robust public safety plan, MNS are also an ideal solution for any situation where there are large groups of individuals gathered who need to be provided with information to optimize their experience and improve their safety. For example, individuals attending a concert may need to know that a parking area will have restricted access or will be closing at a specific time – a temporary MNS can be set up so that periodic announcements are made to the crowd while digital signage can provide clear information and instructions.

What Are Mass Notification Systems?

The primary function of mass notification systems is to deliver urgent alerts promptly. Mass notification systems quickly transmit essential information to a wide audience, whether a natural disaster, security breach, hazardous event, or any other emergency. They can also be used to provide information to large groups about changing – but non-emergent – situations, such as parking directions at a stadium or operational instructions during military training. By reaching people through various communication channels such as sirens, speakers, lighting beacons, and digital signage, mass notification systems ensure that individuals receive important updates regardless of their location and in a way that they can understand.

In addition to delivering real-time alerts, mass notification systems serve as a comprehensive solution for providing detailed instructions and guidance. During emergencies or situations where there are large groups of people who need to receive information simultaneously, clear communication and immediate action are crucial. These systems provide:

  • Explicit directions on how to respond.
  • Ensuring that individuals are well-informed about evacuation procedures.
  • Shelter locations.
  • Safety protocols.
  • Any other necessary steps to mitigate risks and minimize harm.

For hard-of-hearing individuals, flashing lights and digital signage can alert them to an emergency and ensure they are looking for further instruction. In contrast, for vision-impaired individuals, sirens and prerecorded messages with evacuation instructions can help them get to safety.

Organizations leveraging mass notification systems – from schools and corporate buildings to large stadiums or mines and quarries – can enhance their emergency preparedness and response capabilities and operational and organizational functions with large crowds in non-emergent settings. These systems save valuable time by alerting individuals to the unfolding situation and provide reliable and consistent communication during emergent situations.

What Is A Portable Mass Notification System?

A portable mass notification system usually includes the essential components for alerting large groups of people – regardless of location – such as speakers, amplifiers, communication devices, power sources, and control interfaces. These systems are designed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to set up, enabling quick deployment in different scenarios.

The mobility of portable mass notification systems makes them valuable in emergencies, public events, outdoor gatherings, construction sites, temporary workspaces, disaster response efforts, and other environments. They can be utilized by emergency responders, public safety officials, event organizers, and organizations requiring temporary communication capabilities.

When deployed, a portable mass notification system – like a fixed or stationary system – can transmit alerts and instructions through various channels, including voice announcements, pre-recorded messages, sirens, or even visual displays.

The advantages of a portable mass notification system lie in its versatility and adaptability. It enables rapid communication when immediate alerts and instructions are crucial, even in locations without infrastructure. These systems can be quickly relocated, allowing for effective communication and emergency management in ever-changing environments.

MCA Partners With Whelen and ATCS For Modular, Reliable, Portable Mass Notification Systems

Through MCA’s partnerships with Whelen and ATCS, we can offer modular, dependable, and resilient mass notification trailers and portable siren towers. These trailers have been specifically designed to enhance the safety and security of individuals, including both citizens and personnel, who are located in temporary usage areas. Public safety agencies can easily connect their mobile MNS tower to a suitable truck or tractor-trailer, allowing it to be swiftly relocated to its strategic position. By doing so, public safety officials can effectively keep people informed during emergency situations.

Lattice Series Mobile Tower

The Lattice Series mobile tower results from a decade-long commitment to design excellence and rigorous testing. It is the most resilient and dependable mobile tower platform available today, boasting a comprehensive range of standard safety features to safeguard your deployment.

The mechanical design offers an added layer of protection for both the lift and tilt winches. By minimizing stress on the gearboxes and motors, the longevity of the mechanisms is extended, contributing to a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership.

Portable Mass Notification Systems Can Be Used In A Wide Variety Of Settings

For the most part, portable mass notification systems can play an essential role in the emergency preparedness and response of almost any setting or industry with no fixed or stationary system.

Construction Sites

Construction worker on radio

Day in and day out, construction workers are exposed to physically demanding and sometimes dangerous working conditions and the elements. Hazardous materials, safety incidents, and unpredictable weather scenarios could all lead to instances where a portable mass notification system could be used to provide valuable and potentially life-saving information to crew members. In an incoming and fast-moving storm, workers can be alerted to take shelter. If an accident happens and first responders are en route, crews can be told to stop working, clear the area of machinery and materials, and enact emergency protocols.

Emergency Services

During a first responder situation, fire, medical, and law enforcement personnel can use portable mass notification systems to provide nearby individuals with critical information, such as a shelter-in-place order or an evacuation mandate.

Military Operations

The military can use portable mass notification systems in field operations, training exercises, and during deployments to communicate with troops and provide situational awareness at base camps, training facilities, and forward operating bases.

Temporary Events

speaker at event

Safety must be a top priority for event organizers and local first responders whenever a large crowd gathers. Portable mass notification systems can be used for temporary events, such as concerts, festivals, and parades, to make announcements and provide safety information and directions to attendees during an emergency. They can also be used in non-emergent situations, such as directing attendees to leave a venue upon completion of the event or making announcements about general information or reminders.

Disaster Response

During natural disasters, individuals affected- or in the path of an incoming storm – often rely on portable mass notification systems to follow orders from local public safety officials as they provide instructions on evacuation and safety procedures.


trbomax MCA Transportation Solutions

The system can be used in transportation systems, such as airports, train stations, and bus terminals, to make announcements, provide safety information, and direct passengers during emergencies. They are especially useful during transit hub construction projects where fixed MNS systems are pending installation, especially when project timelines can extend months or even years.

Oil and Gas Industry

Motorola Digital Oilfield Solutions

Workers at remote drilling and exploration sites are often put in precarious situations, risking their lives doing dangerous jobs. A portable mass notification system can ensure that personnel can enact their safety protocols and evacuation procedures in an on-site emergency as necessary. Using such systems allows O&G enterprises to quickly deploy MNS infrastructure while more permanent infrastructure is under development.

Mining and Quarrying

Mining and excavation sites are dangerous settings where workers are often exposed to emergency situations. Portable mass notification systems can alert workers to emergent situations so that they can evacuate quickly and safely. Since there may be different safety protocols and procedures depending on the specific situation, the portable mass notification system will let the workers know which protocols to follow.

Campus Safety

Portable MNS systems can be used on college and university campuses during events and for temporary infrastructure to alert students and staff of emergencies and provide instructions on how to stay safe. Festivals, sporting events, and other temporary events and activities benefit the most as installing permanent infrastructure isn’t cost-effective or necessary.

Agricultural Operations

Agricultural workers are often spread across many acres, working in fields, greenhouses, barns, and even office buildings depending on the time of year and the specific farm tasks needed. In an emergency – whether it’s an incoming storm system or a fire in a greenhouse – workers need to know where to go and what to do to keep themselves safe, and portable mass notification systems make that possible. Rather than having multiple fixed systems throughout the entire farm property, a portable mass notification system can be situated in the area of the property where workers will be working during that season and then moved as necessary throughout the year following crop rotations and other personnel movements as needed.

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