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Dispatch Center Equipment

MCA Dispatch Consoles and Equipment Solutions Streamline Your Mission-Critical Communications

When every second counts, you need dispatch center equipment and consoles that give your telecommunicators the ability to make informed decisions in real-time. Effective dispatching is the lifeblood of your public safety agency or business dispatch center. 

Whether you’re managing a transportation fleet, responding to emergency calls, or directing mobile workers to the scene of a critical incident, you need top-tier solutions that assist your telecommunicators in making split-second decisions that save time, money, and lives.

At MCA, we partner with premier channel partners, such as Motorola Solutions, to offer you state-of-the-art dispatch consoles, agile dispatch center furniture, and 911 dispatch solutions to cut down on response times and efficiently handle all the traffic coming into your center.

Choose MCA for Your Dispatch Center Solutions

With decades of experience in selling, installing, and maintaining dispatch center equipment, MCA is your go-to provider of dispatching solutions to meet your organization’s precise and exacting requirements.

Our service-first approach to collaborating with our clients means that you’ll have support in the training of your telecommunicators and employees on how to use our equipment and solutions. We offer ongoing customer support and maintenance throughout the lifecycle of your dispatching solution.

While other businesses may offer similar products, we’re confident that none can match our level of service, expertise, and commitment to our customers. Communication is essential to public safety and operation-critical business responses to emergencies and urgent situations. Reliable communication begins with reliable, real-time dispatching from MCA.

Dispatch Consoles

Our dispatch consoles offer your telecommunicators a fully integrated and intuitive dispatching solution for directing and rerouting emergency first responders, crisis response units, and mobile field personnel.


Avtec Scout

Motorola Solutions Avtec Scout Dispatch Console from MCA delivers superior audio quality, built-in cybersecurity protection, and seemingly infinite configurations for operator usability. Avtec Scout offers a customizable interface and advanced protection against cybercriminals attempting to breach your core network, making it an ideal solution for government agencies and utilities.


Motorola MCC 7500E IP

The Motorola MCC 7500E IP Dispatch Console conforms to Project 25 public safety communications standards. As the perfect console for public safety agencies, the MCC 7500E IP delivers talkgroup voice and text on Astro 25 trunked and conventional radio systems. With its built-in dispatch log, you’ll have a historical record of all dispatches for post-incident insight and training.


CommandCentral Motorola AXS

With Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral AXS from MCA, your telecommunicators can connect across Astro 25 and other radio trunking systems, private LTE, MOTOTRBO systems, and analog systems. Discover the benefits of a dispatch console that offers guaranteed connectivity to first responders and field personnel across a range of systems. Alter your console interface settings for individual telecommunicators.

Wave Push-to-Talk

Motorola WAVE Dispatch

For public safety agencies and businesses that operate over a large geographic area, Motorola WAVE enables you to stay in touch with your team from anywhere nationwide on any device. WAVE PTT dispatch gives you the immediacy of Push-to-Talk radio technology for mission-critical communications with the convenience of connecting your two-way radios to smartphones and other electronic devices.

Dispatch Center Furniture

At MCA, our expert designers and installers have decades of experience in the architectural construction of dispatch and 911 centers. As an integrator, MCA works with many console furniture manufacturers to provide optimum dispatch center furniture.  From ergonomic chairs and desks to video walls, we will lay out your dispatch center for optimal efficiency.


Dispatch Center Accessories

Enhance your dispatch center and console with accessories that fit the style and functional needs of every organization from police departments to utility companies. With our range of headsets and ruggedized foot pedals, your telecommunicators will have everything they need to respond quickly and expertly during a crisis.

Office compturs

Dispatch Console Furniture

One of the more important elements of your dispatch center furniture is your workspace. MCA carries dispatch center furniture that meets ANSI-HFES standards in ergonomic design so your operators will enjoy all-day comfort whether they prefer to sit or stand. We have corner, straight, dual- and single-surface desks to meet your organization’s exact needs.  Optimizing your space and furniture layout is critical and MCA will work with you throughout the design process.


Dispatch Center Lighting

Ambient lighting is a critical component of your dispatch center furniture and layout. Studies have shown that lower, focused lighting makes telecommunicators more effective. MCA provisions and installs dispatch center lighting to create a comfortable and secure environment for your telecommunicators.

DAS Cellular Enhancement Systems


The chairs used by your 911 and business dispatch telecommunicators play a key role in how well they are able to focus and manage incoming calls. We offer durable, comfortable, ergonomic chairs that keep your telecommunicators focused throughout their shifts, improving their overall efficiency.


Video Walls

Installing a video wall with audio capabilities from MCA makes for more than simply an exciting showpiece for your dispatch center. MCA has extensive experience implementing dispatch center video walls that are multi-purpose and functional tools to aid in mission-critical operations through real-time data sharing.

Emergency Dispatch Software

Public safety agencies rely on immediate access to the most up-to-date information at all times. Implementing the right emergency dispatch software enables your telecommunicators to make the right decisions at the most critical times.

Policeman using Panasonic Toughbook

CommandCentral CAD

CommandCentral CAD (Computer-Aided Dispatch) empowers telecommunicators with real-time data sharing of mission-critical information, saving time and lives. Its cloud-based platform offers an extra layer of security against cyberattacks while giving your team the best in automated workflow by combing all data on a single stream.

Ally Incident Management

Sifting through data from multiple locations is a tremendous waste of time and resources. Motorola Solutions’ Ally is a single software system that allows you to capture real-time incident information across multiple platforms and devices, providing insight to proactively respond to critical incidents.


PremierOne CAD

Motorola Solutions’ PremierOne from MCA integrates your organization’s dispatch consoles and other systems directly into its Computer-Aided Dispatch, enhancing and simplifying workflows. PremierOne CAD enables you to collaborate with other agencies for advanced interoperability. The integration between 911 Call Handling equipment, Dispatch Consoles, and CAD systems is critical for optimizing emergency incident response.



CALLWORKS is emergency dispatch software that converges Next-Gen 911 Call Taking, CAD Incident Management, and Mapping Systems. Streamline the process of getting the right call to the right place at the right time with CALLWORKS from Motorola Solutions offered by MCA.



VESTA 911 Call Taking helps public safety answering points (PSAPs) respond more effectively and efficiently to calls as an integrated, multimedia emergency dispatch solution. With VESTA 911, your public safety agency can verify caller information, monitor calls in real-time, and store call transcripts for future reference.


Spillman Flex CAD

Spillman Flex CAD from Motorola Solutions is an integrated CAD, Records, Mobile, and Jail solution that operates as emergency dispatch software inside of CommandCentral. As part of CommandCentral’s software suite, Spillman Flex delivers more than 60 off-the-shelf modules for a fully synced mission-critical dispatching solution.

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