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Motorola Solutions’ Spillman Flex CAD Increases Operational Efficiency

When Every Second Counts Telecommunicators Rely On Computer-Aided Dispatch Solutions

Computer-Aided Dispatch systems, like Motorola Solutions’ Spillman Flex CAD, provide emergency telecommunicators with the information, resources, and access they need to quickly and effectively do their jobs. 

When civilians call 9-1-1 in an emergency, they may be panicked, disoriented, and/or scared. The information they provide, if they can provide any, may not be entirely accurate. With computer-aided dispatch solutions, telecommunicators can access critical, potentially life-saving information in real-time.

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Benefits of Spillman Flex CAD 

Customizable, Agency-Specific Screens 

The Motorola Solutions’ Spillman Flex CAD can support multiple public safety answering points, jurisdictions, and disciplines on one shared system. It also allows for customized, agency-specific configurations and reports. 

Dispatch units can add calls and search for data using their keyboard and mouse or operating directly from the CAD command line with prompted cues as they type, saving precious time. 

The system’s key capabilities include the following:

  • Customizable display options
  • Quick CAD commands
  • Visual alerts on the CAD status screen

Integrated System Data 

The tightly integrated system of the Spillman Flex CAD allows emergency telecommunicators to access critical information from a single screen. From the command line, telecommunicators can execute a number of queries, including name, vehicle, property, incident records, and Involvements® within the Law Records module. As dispatchers add information to the record, responding personnel can view it in real time, increasing situational awareness and improving the speed and accuracy of field reporting.  

Jurisdiction Maps Give Pinpoint Accuracy 

Integration between the Flex AVL Mapping module and the Flex police dispatch software allows emergency telecommunicators and responders to view all responding units on the CAD map while also displaying calls on the automatically populated jurisdictional maps. 

Calls can be easily routed to a unit when the dispatcher drags the unit symbol to the appropriate place on the dispatch map or by entering a command into the CAD command line. New calls are automatically centered on the map, allowing dispatchers to access the most pressing situations as quickly as possible. 

Increased Call Taker Efficiency 

A single workstation view and streamlined keystroke commands allow call handling to integrate into the Flex CAD. These simplified, streamlined operations will help to ease the stress of a demanding job, create more efficiencies, reduce errors, and speed response times. 

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