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Motorola Solutions PremierOne CAD Provides Telecommunicators With Critical Tools

Saving Lives Requires Accurate, Up-To-Date Information

First responders jump into action at a moment’s notice, ready to put their lives on the line to protect and serve the members of their communities. In order to ensure that everyone involved – from the individuals receiving assistance to the police, fire, and EMT personnel on the ground – is as safe as possible, first responders need accurate, up-to-date information. 

Computer-Aided Dispatch systems, such as Motorola Solutions PremierOne CAD, provide emergency telecommunicators with access to all of the tools and information they need to accurately and quickly compile information from incoming calls and relay it back to the team in the field.

PremierOne CAD Provides The Reliable Information that Telecommunicators and First Responders Depend On

When every second counts, your team needs to be able to rely wholeheartedly on the information they have on hand. The features of Motorola Solution’s PremierOne CAD, which integrates seamlessly with PremierOne Mobile, PremierOne Records, and CommandCentral Aware, ensure that the information your telecommunicators are receiving and using to keep the team on the ground informed, is easily accessible, simple to update, and – most importantly – incredibly accurate. 

Resource Management

The PremierOne CAD software provides telecommunicators with access to comprehensive information about every emergency situation, such as the caller’s details, related records, and the location and status of responders. By having access to all the necessary information, your department or agency can ensure a safer and more effective response. The system enhances your team’s ability to respond quickly, allocate resources efficiently, and provide first responders with improved situational awareness by enabling them to gather and analyze critical information in an easy-to-navigate digital environment.

Situational Awareness

The only thing better than having access to information as it happens is to be able to perform one step ahead. With PremierOne CAD, telecommunicators can access a wealth of information, including previous incidents and current information relating to the location, situation, and caller – without disrupting natural dispatch workflow. Telecommunicators can use this information to provide emergency responders with more nuanced information and details, including who they are dealing with and how to prepare and respond for the best results.

Responder Safety 

Telecommunicators can maintain communication with the field while also accessing integrated data that will let them know the precise location of each responder. This not only increases the efficiency of the dispatch workflow but also enhances the safety of responders by allowing telecommunicators to send critical information with in-system CAD-to-radio messaging, request backup from nearby units with emergency button activation, and relay the exact location of the responder in need of assistance.

Data Entry 

Keep responders and civilians safe by providing a seamless flow of essential information into the telecommunicator and out to first responders to minimize points of data entry.

About MCA

Mobile Communications America (MCA) is one of the US’s largest and most trusted Motorola Solutions partners, offering world-class voice, data, and video solutions that enhance the quality, safety, and productivity of customers’ operations and lives. As solution providers of wireless communication technologies, MCA leverages a portfolio of products and experienced engineers, analyzes customer needs, designs and optimizes the best solution, and deploys it on time and on budget while ensuring it performs as specified. MCA provides an unmatched footprint of trusted technical staff that will be there from installation through the solution’s life-cycle.

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